Applicability and Perks of Yogurt – Health, Beauty and Other Benefits

Posted on Updated on 5 November, 2017

Many of you do not share a very lovey-dovey relationship with milk. But skipping it off can cause many deficiencies within you. So if you do not share a friendly term with milk then do not forget many other products belong to the dairy kingdom which can equally transfer some of the natural animal protein in you. One such dairy merchandise is yogurt which is gleaned from milk. Therefore yogurt bottles up about 10 grams of human proteins and other innate supplements like vitamins, calcium, potassium, and magnesium which are some of the capital nutrients that your body needs.

Processing of Yogurt

Lactic Bacteria is used for fermenting the milk to make fresh yogurt. Two types of nutritive bacteria are used to make yogurt from milk. They are

  • Lactobacillus bulgaricus.
  • Streptococcus thermophilus.

These microorganisms are then combined with the calcified, condensed and skimmed milk. The fluid is then nurtured in particular meteorologically condition to enhance the bacterial motion. The milk sugar is suddenly metamorphosed into lactic acid by the bacteria. The milk becomes pudgy and thick in this process and also acquires the zippy and tart-like taste, which is the significant characteristic of yogurt.

Some yogurts subsume bacteria which are suitable for health, known as probiotics. The yogurt is then refrigerated and cooled to serve fresh with fruits or other flavors added to it.

Nutrients in Yogurt

Yogurt not only comes with the animal proteins in it, as it is derived from milk, but it also contains several other nutrients which are very important for you to have a perfect immunity system. Apart from mammal proteins the other nutrients that are traced in yogurt are:

  • Calcium (Ca)
  • Vitamin B-2
  • Vitamin B-12
  • Potassium (K)
  • Magnesium (Mg)

These nutrients in adequate amount make you metabolically strong and inhibit diseases like constipation, bowel disorder, osteoporosis, genital infection in women, etc.

Types of Yogurt Specimens

All of you know what yogurt is more than anything else. It is one of the mandatory items in your meal on a daily basis. But do you know how many types of yogurt are available and what are their differences and specific characteristics? Many of you are not aware of these classifications. So here goes the detail on types of yogurt and their usefulness in your diet.

There are tentatively many varieties of yogurt that comes at hand. Some major of them are:

Low Fat Yogurt: This particular type is composed of only 2 percent of milk. There is another form of yogurt which is known as zero-fat yogurt is also available which contains 0 percent of milk in it. It contains skimmed milk in it.

Non-Dairy Yogurt: This yogurt are extracted not from milk, but it is derived from soy or coconut milk. This yogurt is mainly for those who are having some lactose intolerance and suffer indigestion and acidity after consuming dairy products.

Kefir: This is a watery form of yogurt that means it comes in a liquid state, easy to drink. This particular type contains probiotics in it. You can even get this yogurt made at home. You need to add few kefir grains in the milk and let it stand still for around 24 hrs. Your healthy drink is ready.

Greek Yogurt: This is the most common yogurt variance you can avail everywhere. Greek yogurt is customarily a thicker than any other yogurt-varieties because it has a lot of portion of cream in it. The primary nutrient it contains is protein. It is very rich in protein, but it has less calcium content as the extra liquid whey is trenched out to make it thicker.

Skyr Yogurt: Pronounced as ‘Skeer,’ (1)this is almost like Greek yogurt except it ought to take 4 to 5 times more milk than Greek yogurt. It also contains a full amount of protein in it, in fact, 2 to 3 times more than Greek yogurt. This Skyr yogurt is said to have inherited its style and composition from Iceland.

Frozen Yogurt: This is an alternative grub to ice creams. You can have this in dessert instead of gulping scoops of ice cream if you are a health conscious fellow. But be a little alert, because most of the so-called frozen yogurts come with as much sugar or more than that of ice-cream. Even some frozen yogurts do not contain native cultures as it gets dismantled due to dissipated heating.

Health Benefits and Advantages of Yogurt

You already have sketched the usefulness and health benefits of yogurt by going through this article so far. But now you will get to cognize with the significant health benefits of yogurt if regularly consume along with your other eating items. You all know by now that how nutritious is yogurt. It’s synthesized with a favorable and neat quantity of proteins, calcium, vitamins, potassium, magnesium and Vitamin D. Apart from these, there are other collateral sources of nourishment as well. Some of the health remedies are listed below for your better understanding of its efficiency and practical benefits.

For Strong and Brawny Bones: As yogurt contains a right amount of calcium in it, it is bound to serve as a boon for your bones. Scientifically a bowl of yogurt imparts 350 grams of calcium in your bones which absolutely an adequate amount if you take it regularly.

Proves To Be Quite Unfortunate For Osteoporosis: This is a bone-deforming condition observed principally in women, post-menopause. The bones get weaker in this state as it lacks an adequate amount of calcium and vitamin D in it. It tends to fracture or crack the bones even with the slightest whop in it. The assumption of yogurt reduces the rate of suffering from osteoporosis to a greater extent due to its high calcium content and firm vitamin D foundation. Approximately eight announces of yogurt contains more calcium than that of a glass of milk.

Brings Good Fortune to Teeth: Due to its calcium foundation, yogurt not only is a favorable item for your bone but it is also a very friendly ingredient for your teeth. Calcium strengthens the enamel of the teeth and makes it unbreakable from the root. It prevents any tooth decaying and rotting.

Works as A Weight Losing Agent: Yogurt acts a catalyst to slash down your extra calories and frees you from bulging belly fat. Instead of eating unhealthy, scrap snacks; if you eat a bowl of yogurt, it serves as a miracle to your fitness.

Post Workout Regimen: Greek yogurt is assumed to be the healthiest among other yogurt variants, so if you eat a bowl of Greek yogurt after an hour of your work out session, it will be reactive and energize your muscles as it emancipates aplenty amino acids.

Rehydrates Your System: After you are done with your gym session, feeding on a bowl of yogurt is quite serviceable as it darns your muscle movements. If you consume the yogurt along with a glass of plain water, then it helps the intestines to revamp its water retention. Therefore, protecting you from dehydration.

Bridle the Blood Pressure Rate: Salt is the most significant enemy of your BP. The sodium in the salt increases your blood pressure rate if consumed in a surplus amount. It enhances your many problems like hypertension, kidney dysfunction, etc. Due to the potassium content in yogurt, it slashes down the sodium percentage in your body.

Frames Up Immunity System: The pathogens that are present in yogurt regenerates your resistant power and shield you from many endemics and contagions. Yogurt also constitutes your gut strength.

Reinforce Digestive Well: Being- As yogurt is formed by the bacterial homogenizing of milk, it produces rare bacteria known as probiotics in your gut tracks. It helps in repairing your poor bowel syndrome. The good bacteria fix your digestive malfunctions. Intake of yogurt regulates your digestive system in an efficient rate.

Dwindles Down Yeast Defilement: Yogurt directly truncates yeast infections from your system. As it has probiotics in it, slash down the effect of yeast infection in your body. So those who are liable to get yeast infection they should add up yogurt to their diet chart.

There are other nutrients also present in yogurts like Zinc (Zn) and other essential micro-nutrients that intensify your metabolism in many ways.

Other Benefits of Yogurt

Yogurt not only gives a polished and spanking health but also ushers other beauty remedies to you. It is used as a grooming aesthetic along with health supplement, at the same time.

  • Mix yogurt with honey and rose water and apply the paste to attain healthy and moisturized skin.
  • Yogurt acts an anti-tan remedy on your sunburn areas.
  • It lessens your acne and also helps to prevent premature ageing.
  • Helps to get rid of face discoloration and pigmentation.
  • It nourishes your hair.
  • It is used as an excellent conditioner to soften your rough hair.
  • Yogurt is a very anti-dandruff agent.
  • It strengthens the hair roots thus diminishing hair fall problem.

Yogurt Can Be Hostile and Surly Sometimes

No doubt, yogurt is one of the best dairy products that impart advantageous effects to you, if consumed regularly. But, as you know all good things do have few drawbacks, likewise yogurt too has some shortcomings. While remembering all the suitability of it, you should also be receptive about its adversities, as well.

  • Not every kind of yogurt is genuine and natural.
  • Many yogurts come with over and above additives in it.
  • A lot of sugar is added to make few variants of yogurts.
  • This extra sugar increases a lot of calories which are malicious.
  • Artificial sweetening agents are added to give sweet-taste instead of the original tangy taste.
  • Even yogurts come with synthetic flavors and colors which are quite unhealthy
  • You should always go through the composition chart at the back side of the product before buying it.
  • Make sure you see that the sugar content is less than 15grams.

Everything is not for everyone:

It is very common and practical phase all of you have heard and even experienced in your own life. Also in the case of yogurt consumption, it works accordingly. Regardless of all its functional impacts and health benefits, yogurt is not advised to everyone with certain health indisposition.

Lactose Intolerance: it is a condition when your system lacks lactase. Lactase incites the schism of Lactose which is available in any dairy products. People with lactose intolerance may suffer from abdominal pain, diarrhea if they consume yogurt

Milk Allergy: Some people are very much allergic to milk products. They are susceptible to specific milk proteins like casein and whey. Therefore if you are also sensitive towards these milk proteins, stay away from yogurt. These allergies may lead you to apocalyptic swelling. It can cause anaphylaxis which can even drag you to death.

Inessential Sugar: Many yogurts are manufactured with an excess of sugar in it which can give rise to many dangerous health hazards like obesity, diabetes, etc. Check the nutrients composition label very minutely before choosing your pack of yogurt.

Rudimentary Windup:

Yogurt is indeed a very healthy pasteurized product which quite beneficial to the human being. It has most of the vital and needful nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that your body requires for endurance and sustainability. Yogurt can provide magical remedies for fetching beautiful, smooth skin and thick, shiny hair in conjunction with impeccable fitness. It even feats up with you at the time of your strict and dogmatic dieting and weight management crash courses.

As a substitute of dangerous and unhealthy junk food items, you can have a bowl of yogurt with dry fruits or other fresh fruits in it. It will both smother your hunger and treat your taste buds purely and healthily. Just all you need to be is a little bit observant and play it safe while selecting and buying the type of yogurt that goes up to par with your intrinsic morphology.