Yoga Poses to Improve Sex Life

Posted on Updated on 31 October, 2018

By various studies, it has been known that yoga helps to increase orgasm, improve the arousal and indeed contribute to achieving the overall sexual satisfaction. This is just obtained by increasing the circulation of blood towards the pelvic region. Furthermore, it helps to engage and activate the core area of the body and thus enhances the level of oxygen in the body. Using yoga, you can be prepared and get excited for your sexual journey as it helps you to connect well with your fellow partner. Also, yoga can help you to increase flexibility, maintain your stress level and indeed contribute to increasing the libido further. Now, let us move to the top 8 yoga poses that can help to give a boost to your sexual life:-

1. Garudasana

The Garudasana is also known as the eagle pose. In eagle pose, all you have to do is squeeze the inner thighs together, and you will experience a greater flow of oxygen and fresh blood towards the pelvic region of the body. This will help to boost the sexual desire that you have wanted all your life. Also, this pose can help you to reduce the anxiety and stress and thus help you to lead a thrilling life. Through the aid of Garudasana pose, you also develop a high point of focus which will help you to gain physical as well as emotional control of your body.


How to perform Garudasana:-

  • You can start this yoga pose by standing in a Tadasana position in which your arms are at the side of your body.
  • In the second step, you have to bend your knees and then you would require balancing your right foot as you cross the left thigh over the right thigh. Look at a point that is straight to your eyes and then further stick your left foot behind the calf of your right foot. Hold in this position for one breath.
  • In the next step, you would have to extend both your arms in front of your body and then place the left arm under the right arm with the arms facing the ceiling.
  • In the next step move the belly in and out by placing the hip and the chest towards the front wall.
  • Look at a point that is in front of you and then slowly and smoothly breathe in and out.
  • Hold in this position for 60 seconds and then return to the starting position. Repeat the same situation the other way around.

2. Wheel Pose

This yoga pose can help you to fill your body with energy. Also, Wheel pose involves a lot of stretching of hip flexors which ultimately contribute to creating a very intense feeling that will help you to lead a perfect sexual life. Furthermore, it can help you to reduce stress and tackle mental depression if present.

wheel pose

How to perform wheel pose:-

  • You can start this yoga pose by keeping the arms at your sides and lying on your back. Also, you need to keep your feet parallel to your hips by bending your knees. You can even maintain the heels near to your butt cocks.
  • Move your arms up and then bend the elbow so that both the palms are placed on either side of the head. Also, forearm needs to be kept parallel as you move your finger towards the heel.
  • Lift your hips in the direction of the ceiling by inhaling and then further give support to your lower back by contracting the abdominal muscles, butt cocks, and thighs.
  • Your arms should be realigned so that they are parallel and keep this move in action for a few breaths.
  • In the next step, you need to lift your head up and straighten the arms while you perform exhalation. In addition, you can bring the chest close to the wall that you might be facing.
  • In the next step, you need to spread your shoulders and even lift your chest further towards the wall. Move your thighs slightly inwards and then further hang your head. At last look at a point on the floor through inside of your hands.
  • Hold this position for approx. 20 breaths. You can come back to the starting position by bringing the head back to the mat and then simultaneously bring the whole body back to the position of departure. After this, you can rest your back on the mat and keep yourself in a sleeping position.

3. Upavistha Konasana

If you are having a low libido, then this asana can indeed be beneficial. In this pose, you would experience a great stretch of inner thighs as well as the groin, which would result in better circulation of blood in the region near the pelvis. Furthermore, Upavistha Konsana can help to calm your mind down and further contribute to fighting out stress by keeping your mind relaxed.

Upavistha Konasana

How to perform Upavistha Konsana:-

  • Take a mat and sit at the edge of the mat with both your legs extended in a Dandasana pose.
  • In the second step keep your hands on the floor and slightly bend your torso back. Then, stretch your leg as wide as you can most probably at an angle of 90 degrees. Also, you can bring your butt cock a little forward so that you can stretch your legs even further.
  • In the next step use your thigh muscles to press your leg down towards the floor so that you can reach your heel. Make sure your toes are pointing towards the top of the ceiling.
  • In the next step keep your spine straight and long and try to place your hand in between both your legs.
  • Continue to bend forward so that your hamstring can feel the touch and make sure you round up your spine.
  • Look forward on the mat and place your chin. Also, you would need to extend your arms and touch your toe with the help of your thumb and finger.
  • Hold this position for 3 minutes and then bring your body back to the starting position.