Women Body-shape Workouts : Workout Tips for Females

Women Body-shape Workouts : Workout Tips for Females

Every woman has an entirely different body shape as compare to others. First, there is a need of each, and every woman should know about her body shape type. As many of doesn’t acknowledge with that there six types of basic body types which a female body frame carries. So, let’s read ahead and first learn about these kinds of women body shapes that will help you to identify and match to your body type, and along with this, we’re also going to suggest you the workouts that fit according to your body shape types.

female body shape workouts

Take a look at these females’ six basic body types + Suggested Workouts according to their body type:

8 Frame or Hourglass

hourglass body shape

This body shape is considered as perfect body shape. It is also known as hourglass figure. In this, your body shape looks with chest and hips of the same size and waist ten inches smaller, and if you have the same one, then your job is easy as it enables you to do a variety of exercises.

Workout suggestion: If you have an hourglass or 8 frame figure then you should choose both cardio and resistance exercise that will help you to maintain your body weight body. You can try these exercises if you have hourglass body figure that is jumping jack, swimming, bicep curls, shoulder press, slow jogging and stationary biking.

A Frame Body

a body shape

This body type looks thinner on the upper body part and carries most of the body weight in the hips, thighs, and butt. This body shape is not as lucky as the eight frame as this way wants to avoid doing cardio exercises that will increase the muscles size of the lower body. Moreover, you’ll be unable to perform a variety of exercise with your choice.

Workout suggestions: If you’re having A shaped body type and want to get balance weight & beautiful body then you should try aerobics activities that work out your lower body parts and resistance exercise which will build your upper body. This shaped type females should choose lightweight exercise and perform it repetitively. These exercises include- walking, cycling, elliptical training, jumping rope, leg lifts and dips, push ups, chin ups, and shoulder press.

H Frame Body

h body shape

H frame body type has a larger waist and broad shoulders. Female with this body shape concerned about minimizing their size.

Workout suggestions: If you’ re having H frame body and wants to minimize your waist size and weight of your body then you should try a cardio exercises like a treadmill with an incline and stepper. Resistance exercises like squats, leg press, and stiff deadlifts.

V-shaped Body

Real life body shapes V shapeThis body shape has broad shoulders which measuring at least two inches more than the hips. It usually looks bigger on the top and smaller on the bottom. The primary goal for this body type is to build up the lower body in shape.

Workout suggestion: Females who are having V-shaped figure should try a cardio exercise like stepper which is good to burn fat and increasing muscles tone in the legs but attempts to avoid that cardio which slims your legs. On the other hand with H frame, resistance training should focus on the lower body.

Ruler-Shaped Body

ruler body shapeThe ruler-shaped body is equally thin from top to bottom. Females with this body type face the difficulty to add weight and shape. Building muscles on the upper and lower body are the primary motive of this developed type.

Workout suggestions: For ruler shaped body, running is the best exercise. Moreover, some other exercises like a sit-up, stretching, step classes, spinning, walking or jogging are beneficial to strengthen your abs and build up body muscles. Along with this, you can also choose sports and games in your routine like volleyball and basketball.

Oval/ Apple Shaped Body

oval shapped bodyThe Oval/ Apple shaped body looks biggest in the middle, chest, and stomach but arms and legs look little in size. This body type requires cardio that helps to burn fat and build toned legs.

Workout Suggestions: Females who have Apple/Oval shaped body, they should do a cardio exercise like stepper and treadmill to lose weight Moreover building some muscles tone on the legs. Resistance training emphasizes on the lower body and tone up legs muscles. You can do aerobic exercise to slim your body and can also choose these workouts like stair climbing, walking on an incline, run, legs squats, leg press, and dead lifts.

These are the body shapes which helps you to identify your body type and exercise that is required according to your body shape. Some women don’t have anyone these shapes and never fits these categories than on that case they can choose regular basic exercise, light weights or resistance training.