Why you Should not Trust Instagram’s Fitness Images?

Posted on Updated on 11 April, 2019

Instagram is appearing as the most influential social media platform today. More than Facebook, people are getting motivated with images and videos shared on Instagram.

But out of all, there are few images here which you should definitely think twice before following. And that is the fitness images.

People love to flaunt their fitness through Instagram images. But that is not the truth always.

Instagram’s Maximum Fitness Images are Photoshopped

Most of the images regarding fitness that you see on Instagram are the mockup ones. That means, they are photoshopped. Obviously a person is not fat, yet appear to be super fit. But the curves and muscles you see in the images might not be that heightened in real.

Photoshop is a brilliant tool that can create any kind of image you want. Whether you wish to remove some mistakes from the image you captured, or want to create an amazing image by scratch, Photoshop can do all! And same goes for the fitness snaps.

People who capture their fitness poses to share on the web, mostly modify it a little or more to make it appear highly appealing. Once they are satisfied with their work, the image is posted on Instagram and other social media forums.

And that is the truth with maximum images. So, you need to be cautious about this fact next time you decide to follow someone who appears fit.

Qualified or not?

What is the guarantee that the person who is sharing fitness tips on social media is qualified to do so or not? There are people who have no idea how to build that amazing body, but have done that by chance using supplements. That person definitely is not the one you should trust or listen to.

But, you cannot identify such people from the hoards of fitness geeks you meet on Instagram. So it is a better option to consider every person with doubt and cross check the shared facts about fitness yourself.

Fitness is something you should never mess with. Wrong supplements can cause more damage to your body than any good. So beware of what is shared openly, and always do your research before taking any action regarding your health and fitness.