Why Regular Kayaking is a good Workout?

Posted on Updated on 27 April, 2019

Not everyone is a fan of exercising or doing Yoga. But what if we tell you that there are numerous other fun ways to perform a good workout. Kayaking being definitely one of those!

Along with having a fun time while kayaking, you can also shed some extra calories easily. Sounds interesting?

Regular kayaking has become a very good workout for people today. And that is why you would see a lot of people regularly kayaking by purchasing their own inflatable kayaks from companies like oshaun.com. Here is why we believe that it is a great workout for your health.

Arms Strength

When you have to paddle continuously, you are building upon the strength of your arms. And this is one of the best things about Kayaking. You not only strengthen your arms and forearms, the size of your arms also builds. And all of this is done without putting any extra effort or doing conscious exercise.

For kayaking, you have to paddle. So while you are enjoying beautiful waters and the surroundings, you are also subconsciously exercising your arm muscles.

Better grip

To paddle effectively, you need to have a strong grip on the paddle. Then only you would be able to kayak better. With the firm grip of paddle, your hand muscles also strengthen. This, in turn, improves the strength of your grip drastically.

Healthy heart

You might have heard many people say that swimming is the best exercise if you have to maintain a healthy heart. But kayaking is definitely the fun and interesting exercise for the same purpose. When you kayak regularly, you don’t have to perform any other cardio exercise. This itself makes a great cardio to strengthen your whole body, along with your heart.

Increased core strength

A person spends a lot of time in gym to build each and every muscle of the body. And among all the muscles, building core strength is of utmost importance. Kayaking helps you increase that without doing conscious exercises.

While in kayak, you don’t have to perform separate exercises for different muscles. All muscle groups, along with core strength, is worked upon while you are paddling your way in a kayak.

Lower body Strength

Though your legs are often at one place only while you do kayaking, you still build on your lower body strength. Kayaking cannot rely solely on arms and upper body. You have to apply pressure on your legs too, to balance the paddles and the kayak.

This motion that you do with your legs, helps build the lower body strength for you.

So, kayaking has a lot of benefits when it comes to exercising and living a healthy life. With just one simple activity, you are performing numerous exercises on your body. And that makes this activity one of the best workouts possible.