Why is staying Healthy so Complicated?

Posted on Updated on 3 April, 2019

Who doesn’t want to remain healthy? Yes, nobody wants to live a life full of misery. Everyone wants to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy. But due to today’s unorthodox lifestyle, it has become really complicated to stay healthy. Almost every person is following the race mentality and people have become so much addicted to unhealthy things in their live that they need support at every point of their life to remain happy. In this post, we have thrown light on some aspects of today’s lifestyle which explain why staying healthy is so complicated these days.

Preference of Taste over Nutrients

One of the main ingredients that we require to stay healthy is food. Due to lack of awareness, people consider food as a source to satisfy their taste and ignore the motive behind consuming the food. Well, food is a fuel for our body and we should only consume that food which is healthy for us. However, this is not the case today as people are preferring junk food over healthy food which has become a major hurdle in achieving a healthy mind as well as body.

No time for Exercise

People are so busy in spending time online that they don’t consider doing exercise an important part of their day. And even if they go outside to do any sort of physical activity, it is simply out of fashion and show-off to rest of the world. Hence, not able to get the right balance between work and life is another reason why it has been complicated to remain healthy. In the digital world, physical activity has become a luxury and people are becoming highly addicted to newly launched technology gadgets on a daily basis. However, wearable gadgets such as fitbit watches have made some soft of contribution in the lives of people. These types of gadgets use HVAC capacitor, and other similar small components which help people to remain healthy.

Commercialization of Food

Whenever you switch on tv or watch anything online, the advertisement about various types of diets and food products simply attract every person’s attention to buy these. As these ads are campaigned with the presence of celebrities so people switch to buying these product which eventually leads to poor health of people. Hence, due to the commercialization of these products, it has contributed to increase the complicity in remaining healthy.