Why is attending a Loved one’s Funeral Good for your Emotional Well being?

Posted on Updated on 20 January, 2019

When you feel depressed, it becomes almost impossible to step out of your comfort zone, much less attend a funeral of your closed one. But, when you attend that, you can really find a relief flowing within you.

Although death is the most horrible part of a person’s life. The one losing life may go happily. But the depression and grieve his near and dear ones have to go through, is unmatchable. That may lead to a lot of reluctance to bid that last farewell to a person in his funeral.

Moreover, apart from the emotional grief, financial troubles also come to the family when they have to deal with the huge costs of cremation or funeral. Those who had taken burial insurance for seniors, might save the trouble. But those with no burial insurance bring a lot of hardships to the family.

Emotional Well Being

But in all senses, attending a funeral can be really helpful for your emotional self.

Though you feel depressed, but giving that last farewell might make you open your heart and speak those words you always wanted to. Moreover, no matter how much you avoid the reality, a funeral brings you close to the real world and you tend to accept things the way they are going. You now become more aware of what is happening and start accepting things.

Coping up with the death is difficult when you have left a lot of emotions inside. But speaking them out as a tribute or in a eulogy might make your heart light.

All of this greatly affects your emotional well being, and you will notice a great relief spread over you. Though the feeling of loss is still there, but you won’t feel like a lot of things are left unsaid.

Attending a funeral, in true sense, is good for your emotional strength. You open your heart and mind here, which had otherwise went into a frenzy stage at the death of your loved one.