Why are My Nipples So Hard & How to Get them Back to Normal

Posted on Updated on 29 June, 2018

Nipples that have lactiferous ducts (1) are the small projection on breast’s skin. Nipples help in supplying milk to your baby via breastfeeding. Most of the women sometimes experience hard nipples that may be permanently or temporarily erect. Your nipples become hard when your specific muscles fiber or smooth muscles get the contract.

However, both males and females can face this problem because anyone can have sensitive nipples as they are full of nerves. But, it is incredibly embarrassing for women. Therefore, they always try to deal with such problem without disclosing the matter. It is essential to know the reasons behind the nipple hardness before treating them. Here are some primary factors that make you have hard nipples.

Pregnancy: During pregnancy, a woman experience fluctuations in hormones. This hormonal change in her body leads to having not only nipple hardness but also kicks breast size.

Breastfeeding: It is one of the common reason behind hard nipples. Stimulation makes your nipples hard when your baby feeds. However, nipple hardness is important to breastfeeding as it is easy for your baby to suck them. But, it can be a sign of clogged milk pores that is called mastitis. This condition usually takes place just after the birth of the child.

Piercing: Nowadays, a majority of the women are fond of piercing their nipples. This practice makes their nipple to be less or more sensitive. As a result, they get harder more often and give quicker response to the stimulus (someone’s touch or fabric). Besides, the piercing can make your nipple trapped by infection due to the holes through which bacteria and other micro-organisms can enter that is another cause of nipple hardness.

Sensitivity or allergic reaction: Many times, the products you use for your body such as soap, bathing gel, deodorants, moisturizer, etc. does not suit your body. Hence, they can get nipple harness. If you notice symptoms like itching and redness while having hard nipples, it is an allergic reaction. Also, the lousy quality of fabrics can make your nipples becoming hard.

Temperature: The fluctuations in temperature freezing weather often makes your nipples hard. The particular nerve cells are stimulated due to the drop in the temperature that contributes to nipple hardness.

Arousal: Your nipples feel the tingling sensation that contracts the muscles near the nipples that makes them hard. Alternatively, even the sexually arousing thought can result in nipple erection.

Ovulation: The level of estrogen changes during the process of ovulation. This brings out a lot of changes in the body of a female. The hardness of nipples is the significant change that women experience ever primarily.

Premenstrual or Postmenstrual syndrome: Due to the disturbance in the hormonal system and estrogen, females suffer from a variety of chances and hard nipples is prevalent during these days.

Natural Practice to Get Your Nipples Back to Normal

Majority of the women do not like to discuss their private issues with any other person. Thus, you do not need to worry about it now. Here are some simple and pretty effective treatments that one can try to inhibit the nipple hardness rapidly.


breast massage

One of the superior solutions for hard nipples is to massage them using almond, olive or coconut oil. It inhibits the dryness in the region and makes them soft. It improves the blood circulation to an extraordinary extent. Also, massaging your nipples makes them pump out enough milk and softens them.

How to use: Heat a tablespoon of carrier oil for a while and pour it on your erect nipples. Massage them gently by moving your fingers in circular motion. Keep doing for 10-15 minutes and then wash it off. Be assure if the oil is complete removes.

Warm Compress

hot compress

When you experience hardness in nipples because of cold weather, experts suggest to utilize the warm compress to get rid of the misery. It not only helps in stimulating breast milk but also lessens the risk of inflammation during pumping.

How to use: You can opt for a warm water bottle or a pad to supply the warmth to your nipples. Place it on your nipples for at least 15 minutes in a session. You should try three or four sessions in a day to prevent the discomfort as soon as possible.

Holy Basil


Most of the women suffer from breast infection that makes their nipples hard. To prevent such illness, you can use holy basil that is highly loaded with lots of healing qualities. It inhibits the family of bacteria and other micro-organisms and restricts the infected breasts.

How to use: You can prepare a paste by crushing some leaves of holy basil. Apply this healing paste on your breasts in order to cover all the portion (tits and areola) and keep it as long as possible. In added to, you can boil some fresh leaves of holy basil in a cup of water. You can rinse your nipples with this solution or consume it regularly for additional beneficiary results.



It is quite useful in resolving your problem, but it delivers you short-term or temporary relief from the discomfort of nipple hardness. It helps in cutting down the pain as well as inflammation to a great extent.

How to use: Take a medium-sized piece of ice and wrap it in a soft and cotton cloth. After that, rub it gently on your affected part of the boobs. Another great idea will be using an ice pad mainly when you have hard nipples during pregnancy.

Aloe Vera

aloe vera

It is the natural powerhouse of healing and pain-relieving qualities. Thus, it shortens the duration of your illness and makes you feel better as soon as possible.

How to use: You just have to grab a fresh leaf of Aloe Vera. Then, extract its clear gel and mash it before applying it to your skin. You have to follow this method for few weeks if you want to get permanent healing.