Turn White Hair to Black Permanently in a Week Naturally Using Home Ingredients

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

White hair is frustrating for anyone to bear with as it apparently makes anyone look older than what one really is. But that does not mean black hair has to be a real problem forever. It is not hard for you to get rid of your white hair and make it look its natural color again.

Many ideas can help you get your hair to look natural even when it becomes white. Best of all, these solutions are natural options that will keep your hair looking great and even do well if you naturally have black hair and want to get back to that color.

Many of these focus on things that you can apply to your hair. These are designed to settle into your hair and stick around long enough to create a comfortable feeling that you can enjoy having when washing. You will be impressed at how well your hair will look as you apply these options to it.

Wash With Gooseberries


Gooseberries are small fruits that are loosely related to ribes. These look like grapes, but they come with a series of little seeds in each of their bodies. These are attractive fruits that can be found in many organic groceries, but these are made to be more than just eaten. Gooseberries can also be used as a hair treatment solution to help you restore the natural appearance of your hair to get back to having a nice black look.

To use gooseberries, you would have to mix about two tablespoons of gooseberry paste or the juices that come from the berries with about two tablespoons of lemon juice. Massage it into your scalp and leave it in overnight. After this, use a natural herbal shampoo to wash off your hair.

When you do this twice a week, you will get your hair to look younger and more attractive. It comes as the antioxidants in gooseberries help to clear out excess toxins in your hair follicles. It promotes the development of healthier black hair instead of white hair.

Onion Juice to Turn White Hair to Black

onion juice

Onion juice is interesting for how it offers a strong scent, but it is more than just something your nose would notice instantly. Onion juice is also perfect for keeping premature graying from developing. You can massage onion juice onto your scalp before going to bed.

It allows the antioxidant powers of the onion to work in your scalp. It targets the old cells that have caused your follicles to wear out over time. It offers a good sense of support for your hair to keep it looking and feeling natural again. You should watch for how this juice can be utilized and that you use the organic liquid as it is easier to mix into your scalp and keep healthy without any irritation involved as you use it.

Black Tea to Turn Your Hair Black Naturally

black tea

Black tea can be used in your hair to darken old hair follicles. It creates a natural dye for the hair that overwhelms anything that causes it to become gray. To use black tea in your hair, mix about three to four teaspoons of black tea in water and boil. After allowing it to cool, wash your hair with the tea you have produced. It should be left for about fifteen minutes before washing it out.

This unique process for taking in tea is helpful as it not only darkens the hair but also restores circulation around the scalp. It allows blood to move well enough to allow the follicles to feel naturally restored. As a result, your hair will become darker in its appearance and healthier in its look.

How Can Black Sesame Seeds Help?

black sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are known for producing natural oils that restore smooth textures around one’s skin. One great way how sesame seeds work is by hydrating the scalp, thus keeping the hair that develops in the scalp healthier and stronger in its tone.

Sesame seeds also include omega-6 fatty acids that prevent your hair from prematurely aging. These fatty acids restore the texture of your hair as well.

Black sesame seeds especially do well as they are a little more potent than the more traditional ones you might typically find. To use black sesame seeds, grind them and mix with a healthy carrier oil. Gooseberry oil is a great option to use. Mix the two and apply to your scalp while leaving it in there for about thirty minutes. After washing correctly, clean off with water. It can be used every day for a few weeks to restore your hair’s natural appearance.

You also have the option to consume black sesame seeds daily by mixing it in with yogurt or cereal among other healthy foods in the morning. But using the seeds directly on your scalp is a more efficient solution although both options do work in their own ways.

A Carrot Juice Diet Works Too

carrot juice

All of these options for washing and treating your hair are useful, but it helps to control your diet to ensure it is sturdy and provides you with enough antioxidants to clear out toxins that cause white hair to develop. One idea to consider entails consuming carrot juice.

Carrots are famous for offering antioxidants and for restoring the natural feelings in your body. But carrots are also perfect for helping to improve your nervous system. As your nervous system becomes stronger, it is easier for blood to flow around the brain and scalp. This, in turn, triggers the development of healthy follicles. As a result, you will have more control over how well the hair grows as it becomes a little more natural in its feel.

Each of these options for taking care of your hair will help you to get the beautiful and brilliant black hair that you have been aiming to get. These will do well when used properly and are all safe to handle so give each of these treatment options a shot.