What Kind of Jobs have a Severe Impact on Stress Levels?

Posted on Updated on 1 January, 2019

When it comes to work, there are very few people who actually enjoy what they are doing. For most of them, the work tends to give severe stress,  leading to many health complications too.

There are multiple kinds of jobs in this world. No matter what you choose, you will always face some or the other kind of stress. Whether you are doing your own business, or working under someone, at some or the other point, you tend to take some stress.

Here, we will list down some of the jobs which happen to give maximum stress out of other such jobs.

Digital Marketing

Anything you do here will always be less. Digital Marketing is an extremely vast field. And when you start working on this sector, more and more things come to notice and you realize you have to take care of those things as well. All of this accumulates to a lot of stress.

Let’s talk about SEO. This is one part of Digital Marketing. But SEO in itself is an extremely big sector. From on page SEO to off page SEO, back link building and keyword research, there is so much to do here. There are many companies like RankToday, that focus entirely on SEO. But even they cannot keep aside the stress levels.

You have to keep yourself updated with latest SEO trends, and have to continuously work on the betterment of your website if you have to rank well. And when there is so much pressure to outperform, anybody can be stressed.

Deadline based jobs

There is no wonder in assuming that these jobs can give you maximum headache. Let’s say you are working on a major project which requires your 100% attention. The deadline is approaching quickly, but you are still far away from completion. I bet you won’t be able to sleep even.

Private Jobs

Private sector jobs usually don’t bother about the fixed work times. And when you talk about consultancy jobs like BCG, McKinsey, etc. then you can totally forget the peace of mind. Each second of the day, people are worried about how much work is still left and how they will meet their targets.

These private jobs are known to cause a lot of stress, so as to take away the entire sleep from people.