What is the Importance of Stretching and Warm up?

Posted on Updated on 14 November, 2018

People are increasingly recognizing the importance of exercise in their lives. But the problem is that many of them start exercising instantly, without any warm up.

Most of you would not realize the importance of stretching and warm up, but that is absolutely necessary. Having done the warm up properly, the blood will start flowing to your muscles in the right amount and will prepare your body with the upcoming exercise routine.

Warm Ups

People generally go with exercises of a few body parts each day. But that does not mean you have to warm up for that body part alone.

Warm up and stretching generally means preparing your whole body for a workout. And there are many exercises which you can carry out for your stretching and warm up.

These are not all. The above exercises are generic exercises which you should do. But other than these, you can also replicate some exercises from your routine, but at a much slower rate. More often, you work on stretching the muscles which you are going to stress.

For example, if you are carrying out dumbbell deadlift, then you must warm up your back muscles by doing squats. The overall aim of warm up is to relax your body of the stiffness and prepare it for work out. It relaxes your mind as well and let the blood flow smoothly in your body.

Importance of Stretching

Now why do you think stretching is important? Few of the reasons I have already listed above.

  • Regulating the blood flow
  • Preparing your mind for exercise

But besides these, there are many more advantages which makes it important to warm up your body before the exercise.

Increases Muscle Temperature

If you warm up your muscles properly, you will be able to contract them efficiently during your exercise or work out. And they would also be able to relax fastly after contracting. And warmer the muscles, better the strength and speed of your body. Moreover, the cramps that you experience after working out, will also reduce if the muscles are heated up properly before exercising.

Along with stretching, it is also important to eat the right kind of food. Some dishes like spaghetti squash, oatmeal, banana, etc. help a lot while you are trying to improve your health with exercises.

Increases range of motion

When you warm up your body, you will be able to move your body parts properly in full range. Warming up loosens the stiffness of your body parts, thereby allowing them to move freely in their complete range of motion.