What is Hemorrhoids? Causes, Symptoms

What is Hemorrhoids? Causes, Symptoms

Hemorrhoids are certain diseases, but they are most certainly easily curable. To cure hemorrhoids effectively, you should rely on a combination of home remedies and prescribed medicine, but moreover, you should understand what hemorrhoids are and what causes them.

Hemorrhoids simply happen when you try to push stool in the case of constipation or when you make a wrong move with your body that affects your rectum in any way. Hemorrhoids can come in two ways, either internal or external. Internal hemorrhoids can be noticed when you spot rectum blood. External hemorrhoids mostly feel more painful.

The best way to avoid hemorrhoids or at least make them come less often is to take few cautionary steps.

Limit Bathroom Time

Limiting your time on the toilet seat can greatly help you avoid hemorrhoids. If your body is refusing to go for some reason, you don’t need to force it to do so. Give it a chance to decide naturally when the time comes, and it usually does unless you have a constipation problem. If you do have a constipation problem, going to a doctor should be your first option before attempting to take care of the problem yourself.

Also, when you are in the bathroom, there are few simple rules that you should follow. Primarily, you should be as gentle as possible when you are using the toilet paper. Unlike your outer skin, the inner skin of your rectum is not built to take massive friction but a one. Which brings us to the second point, not holding your stool inside. To put it simply, the more you hold, the harder it becomes, the more you increase the chance of getting hemorrhoids.

The last bathroom-related point is alternating between positions. If you are having a problem sitting upright, maybe try the squatting position. You’d be surprised at how much such a small change can make a big difference.


Hemorrhoids have many cures, ranging from painkillers and rub on relief to oils and other home remedies. It is advisable to start with home remedies if you have mild hemorrhoids. If it gets more intense, you should consult a physician for prescribed medicine. Some natural remedies can have immediate effects such as apple cider vinegar and essential oils. All you must do is to soak a piece of cotton in the oil, apply it to the affected area, and you will be instantly relieved.

Commercial, easy-to-apply medicines such as painkillers and rub on relief are also advisable. Both medications and home remedies work best when combined. Regular hemorrhoids can stay from two days to two weeks, but they usually do not last that long unless it is a severe case. To avoid hemorrhoids on the long-run, you should always make sure that you are hydrated, eating enough fibers, namely vegetables and fruits, and avoiding any straining of your rectum veins and muscles. Hemorrhoids aren’t as dangerous as other grave diseases, but they are not pleasant, so every ounce of effort that you put into avoiding them is worth it.