What Causes Pimple on Scrotum and Testicles and How to Treat Naturally

What Causes Pimple on Scrotum and Testicles and How to Treat Naturally

Are you having a hard time while you try to concentrate on your project because of itching and irritation on scrotum? When you check it out, it turns out to be little bumps or pimples on your scrotum. The red skin or rashes that you are suffering from maybe just a trouble of few days, after which it will subside on its own.

Usually, teenagers develop these pimples during puberty. But most of the average males suffer through the problem at different stages of their life. Sometimes it may cause trouble which can’t be ignored. There is a need for immediate medical attention. You need to be little aware of its condition before it gets worse.

Here are some most common causes of pimples on scrotum:

Folliculitis: It is the most common cause of pimples on your scrotum which is the inflammation of hair follicles. This inflammation of hair follicles is due to bacteria or fungus. The symptoms of this bacterial or fungal infection include red rashes and itchiness. This virus may spread further if not treated with an antibiotic. In this part of the body tend to be little moist, and there is always some friction during your movement, this infection tends to get more severe if not treated on time.

These are small penile papules that resemble white pearls. Moreover, these cysts are blocked grease glands and may occur in large numbers. You should not scratch or squeeze it with the intention to cure it all by yourself. You need to see the doctor in such conditions. He will prescribe an antifungal cream which can be directly applied to the affected area.

Poor Hair Removal Methods: Poor hair removal techniques may also cause pimples to appear on your scrotum. Though removing unwanted hair around this part of the body makes life little comfortable, but you need to be very careful while carrying it out. Your little negligence can give you terrible time. Using razors in the opposite direction to remove hair can cause white or red pimples as the skin becomes quite hard. Hair removal creams can also cause allergy to this sensitive skin. Waxing can be very harsh to your scrotum, and it may result in white or red pimples which then leads to itchiness and irritation. So try to implement more subtle ways to remove unwanted hair from this part of the body. Make sure you do it correctly.

Fordyce or Angiokeratoma: Angiokeratoma are small red pimples that may appear to be filled with blood. They are a harmless cutaneous lesion of the capillaries. The most common symptom of the red pimples is that it may itch for few days. Otherwise, they are benign.

On the other hand, Fordyce are the white pimples that may appear on the shaft of penis or scrotum. It may be caused by the natural serum of the skin. These are clearly visible when affected area of the surface is stretched or erected.

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD): Sexually transmitted diseases can also cause pimples in your genitals. Red or white blisters may appear on your scrotum that may cause pain and itching. Sometimes it may spread on your thighs also as it is always in direct contact with the affected area.

Unhygienic conditions: Sometimes due to unsanitary conditions or when you ignore to maintain proper hygiene of your groins, the dead skin tends to collect and block the hair follicles. These blocked hair follicles result in natural ingrown hair which causes pimples to appear on your scrotum. Apart from producing itchiness, they can be painful too.

Jock itch: This is a fungal infection caused by a fungus known as dermatophytes. Dermatophytes is a harmless bacteria that Is always present on your skin. But when there is an overgrowth of these bacteria then they tend to cause infection. The typical symptoms of this infection are inflammation of the skin, raised patches on the skin, dry blisters and redness. This fungal infection spread out in form of a circle and when treated leave a mark behind.

Varicocele: These frequently appear on left side of the scrotum and is caused by the swollen veins. The heaviness of these swollen veins can be felt, and there is a continuous pain in the affected area. Shrunken testicles and altering testosterone levels are the common symptoms. Factors related to your lifestyle can cause them which mainly include your activities, diet and bowel health.

Testicular Cancer: Pimples on the testicles are not visible with naked eyes. They can be felt by touching the affected area under the scrotum. In most of the cases, these pimples are harmless cysts. These cysts may develop into testicular cancer if they multiply more than one in number. The symptom of testicular cancer includes a lump in one of the testes, a sharp needle-like pain in the scrotum and lower back pain. These symptoms can be confused with varicocele, prostate infections or hernias.

Common Treatment for Pimples or Blisters on Scrotum

Antibiotics: If the blisters don’t subside in few days’ time in spite of your proper hygiene routine, then under doctors supervision you should start your course of antibiotics. Don’t forget to take the doses of medicines on time. As one missed dosage can disturb the complete antibiotic course. Typical antibiotics are of great help in the case of superficial folliculitis.

 But if the pimples take the shape of swollen bumps with a lot of pus and discharge, then the systemic antibiotic is entirely necessary. The medical history of the patient is also relevant to consider. If the patient has the history of the widespread lesion or deep infection then under the supervision of a medical practitioner, the antibiotic course can be started after warm compresses which relieves the itching.

Corticosteroid Injections: Sebaceous cysts though harmless, can cause discomfort and pain. Your doctor can recommend corticosteroid injections to give you relief from inflammation, discomfort, and pain. You can get immediate relief from these injections that give little discomfort. There are some side effects of this injection that you can’t afford to ignore. There may be post inflammatory flares, soreness or shrinking and colorlessness of the affected area. These side effects are for sure for short period.

Surgery: Surgery can be done for pimples which recur to cause a problem from time to time. The incision made on the surface of the scrotum is used to remove pus, sebum or blood. A pimple is surgically removed to prevent it from reappearing.

Some Home Remedies for Pimples on Scrotum

Coconut Oil

coconut oil

To get comfort from inflammation and irritation, heat a small amount of coconut oil to a comfortable temperature. Rub warm coconut oil on the affected area to get a little comfort.

Neem Leaves

neem leaves

Neem leaves are known to possess antibacterial properties. Boil few leaves of neem in water. Now wash the affected area with this warm neem water. For better results, wash the area twice or thrice in a day.



Garlic is considered to be a superfood due to its strong antibacterial properties. You can have 2 or 3 cloves as the first thing in the morning for the excellent result. Take it with warm water for better results. Include this superfood in your diet as it promotes skin regeneration and rejuvenation in a natural way.

Maintain Personal Hygiene

Many kinds of infections either bacterial or fungal can be avoided by maintaining proper personal hygiene. Use antibacterial soap to clean your private parts at least twice a day to ward off dead skin, bacteria, and fungus causing malicious infection. Keep your skin pores open by washing the area with warm water.



Take a comfortable oatmeal bath in your bathtub that will stop the accumulation of dead skin on your body. It helps you to maintain cleanliness in your private parts. Any sort of bacteria and fungal growth can be avoided and thus, in turn, the pimples.

Sea Salt

sea salt

Sea salt wards off fungal infections. So indulge in a salt water bath to remove unwanted fungus from your body. It is one of the easiest ways to get rid of pimples from your scrotum.

Hot Compress

hot compress

Make your hot compress by soaking a soft cotton cloth in warm water. Apply and gently rub the affected area. It will help in opening the closed pores which in turn will remove the unwanted ingrown hairs.

Oregano Oil

oregano oil
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Oregano oil when mixed with olive oil has a therapeutic effect on inflammation and irritable skin. It is one of the useful home remedies and gives you desired results if taken into use on a regular basis.

Pimples on scrotum or testicles can be a cause of discomfort, distractions, and embarrassment. It can give you sleepless nights when you don’t find any improvement in the situation. You may experience inflammation, irritation, and itchiness due to these tiny red or white monsters at the inappropriate part of your body. These can go on its own in few days’ time but sometime they may persist for a more extended period, and the problem escalates. It is essential to seek medical advice if such is the case. Home remedies can be used for just 2 or to the maximum of 3 days.