What are Medical Mission Trips? – Everything you need to know

Posted on Updated on 2 April, 2019

Do you want to take part in medical mission trips to serve helpless community people? If yes, then you must collect all the related information regarding choosing the option for medical mission trips. All over the world, many medical students take part in medical mission trips to help unprivileged people in other developing countries to deal with medical issues. It might seem a very entertaining thing to do but in reality, it is not really the case.

You must collect all the information related to medical mission trips before diving into these activities as a volunteer. In this post we have mentioned all the information related to medical mission trips which you must read before choosing the option of going on a medical mission trip as a volunteer. Before explaining in detail all the important points related to medical mission trips, we must tell you about the benefits one could get after joining such trips.


  • Working in a medical mission trip not only enhance the perspective of one’s thinking but also contributes to the personal growth as it will teach a participant to think with a broader view. Also, one could improve his medical skills which would be helpful for him to deal with tough medical conditions in one’s work.
  • Not every country or community is developed completely as there are many marginalized people who don’t have a good medical facility to remain healthy. If some one participates in a medical mission trip then he simply plays a significant role in reducing the struggles of unprivileged people. It will help the participant to understand his medical profession more deeply and it would also result in increasing his result in his profession on a large scale.

Finding an Organization to Work with

People who go on medical mission trips think that they will be able to work with MSF in other countries. MSF is a team of expert doctors which work in unstable and remote areas at the time of medical emergency. Whenever any disaster occurs, MSF team is called first. However, it is not easy to join this team as it requires people with some working experience in drastic conditions related to the work. But apart from MSF, there are many other organization comprise of nurses and doctors with whom a medical student can associate to serve helpless people of a certain community.

Time Duration and Payment

Most people have a wrong belief about the time duration and payment during medical mission trips. People confuse about the time duration of these trips as they consider these as a small duration trips. But there is no rule regarding this. Some medical mission trips last for 2 weeks, other may require a time period of one or two years. And regarding the payments, then no participants will get payments for short duration of time. If you are going on a medical mission trip with the time duration of less than six months, then there are negligible chances for payment during this time period. However, if the time period is about 2 years then it is possible that various higher organizations such as MSF which are working to provide medical help to helpless communities on a broader level many consider the work of other volunteers and offer then stipend for their work.

Fundraising and Knowledge of Local Language

Well, it is important to take help from other people to arrange funds for volunteering on a medical mission trip. You can opt for the path of fundraising through various mediums. Some of the your close friends and family members would love to support you financially for this mission. Also, it is important to contact some big organizations which are working to help for serious causes in your nearby place for fundraising. Apart from this, another thing which becomes very important to consider before going for medical mission trip is the knowledge of foreign languages. Well, you should at least have a basic knowledge about the local language of a place as it would place a crucial role in understanding as well as listening to the medical problems of patients during medical mission trips.

Respect Cultures of Other Places and Get yourself Immunized

Before you go on a medical mission trip, it is important for you collect knowledge about other cultures. The patients you treat in other countries should not feel uncomfortable in talking to you. If you are going to provide medical help to the native people of other countries, then it simply means that those countries are not sufficient to provide medical facilities to their citizens. Hence, the local citizens might develop the problem of inferiority complex in talking to you regarding their illnesses. So, be careful to choose a topic and have a sensitive approach while dealing with your patients. Also, it is important to get yourself immunized first as you may fall ill due to the prevailing disease in other countries you visit. Here, the research which you do before going to other countries comes handy as it will get give you information about the necessary steps you need to take before opting for a medical mission trip in other places.


It is very important to plan your medical mission trip effectively. Before going on a medical trip, you must keep a list of things you need during your participation. The list includes travel documents, clothes, supplies, immunization material etc. You need to carry medical supplies in one bag and your personal stuff such as clothes, travel documents in an other bag. Also, before signing on a given website of an organization, you must check all the details related to it. Not only this, it is important to acknowledge where they want to use your money as some fake sources misuse your fundraising efforts for their personal benefits.

To conclude, we can say that it is important to know that the choice of a non-profit organization doesn’t follow any rule. It all depends on your professional expertise, the quantity of time you have, and the place you want to go. Searching on google would help you to spot a non-profit organizations which would help you to accomplish your job.