A List of Foods for Weight Loss

Posted on Updated on 21 February, 2018

Weight has been a trending concern these days for all, whether it’s a child or an adult. Losing your weight highly depends on your daily routine, eating habits and physical exercise. Food that you consume should be taken to satisfy the energy requirements of your body and hunger. Unwanted calories in the form of fast food and junk food lead to accumulation of fat in different parts of the body, resulting in an undesirable rise in your body weight.

So, if you’re planning to shed those extra pounds off your body then start planning for a healthy diet today. Follow up with your planned diet programme is must to achieve desired results.

List of Top 15 Foods to Let You Lose Your Weight

Eating healthy food and adopting balanced diet, let’s you lose weight at a faster rate compared to starving. Eating is a new style of shedding weight. Eating in portions at regular intervals helps you in enhancing the metabolic rate of your body, and thus the result is weight loss.

Below mentioned is a list of low-calorie food that is highly recommended during weight-loss process.

Green Salad

green salad

The Salad is the healthiest diet to make you feel full. It has particular health benefits along with weight loss. Salad including vegetables or fruit is high in fiber content and help you keep your digestive system active. Eating low-calorie salad before your meal makes you feel full and eat less of the cooked food. It can be included in place of high-calorie brunch and evening snacks too. You can add own low-calorie toppings and seasonings to make it tastier and different from your previous servings.

Whole Eggs


Egg white is highly recommended for weight loss. It is rich in protein, contains healthy fats and has low calorific value. Eating eggs for breakfast keeps you full, and the result is a low intake of food for the rest of the day. Eggs certainly help you in quick weight loss. You can also include eggs in your diet post your daily workout to meet the protein requirements of your body and stay nourished.



Almonds are the rich source of Vitamin E and Fiber. It helps to lower down the cholesterol levels in your body, inhibiting the weight loss process. It has low-calorie content in comparison to rest of the dried nuts. Munch on a few almonds in between your low-calorie meals to boost up shedding off of your extra pounds.



Broccoli has several health benefits including the highest support in weight loss process. This ingredient is highly suggested to include in your diet as it keeps you stuffed and the calorie count is meager. It can be included in salads with low-fat seasonings, as a vegetable or a complete main course dish in itself. It should be taken either in baked or boiled form.The Fried format is not advisable in weight loss recipes.



Apple contains negative calories. Just like an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Similarly, an apple a day keeps the fats away. Eating a low-calorie apple before your meal suppresses your hunger, resulting in low-calorie intake without the feeling of deprivation. You can even have an apple as the first meal of the day.

Raw Banana

raw banana

Raw or unripe bananas contain resistant starch. This starch is highly helpful when it comes to weight loss. Your body does not immediately digest resistant starch; it makes you feel stuffed for long. Bananas keep your digestive system active and build up the lost nutrients after the exercise.



Eating raw tomatoes is highly helpful for Weight Loss. It is preferable due to its low-calorie count, fiber content and richness vitamin A & C. Tomatoes add volume to your diet but no calories. If you consider a cup of freshly chopped tomatoes, it just contains 50 to 60 calories. Opt for raw tomatoes empty stomach, before meals and in between meals and cut down on those heavy snacks, the output will be tremendous. You will shed off the extra pounds at the earliest.



Yogurt is good for losing belly fat. According to a research a person who consumes 1200 to 1300 mg of calcium per day from dairy products, increases the weight loss proximity. Yogurt has high nutrient value. It consists calcium, phosphorus, protein, zinc and many more nutrients good for health. Consuming non-fat yogurt in spite of unhealthy calories enhances weight loss and fat loss in your body.



Oatmeal is a healthy diet that keeps you fit and satisfied. A study reveals if you stick to an oatmeal diet for breakfast it leads to the reduction in your cholesterol levels as well as the size of your waist. It is the best replacement for Maggi and other all-purpose flour based ingredients used for breakfast. So, if you are planning to look slimmer and younger, then you need to stick with oatmeal breakfast to gain the significant results.

Boiled Potatoes

Boiled Potatoes

It is an age-old myth that potato act as your enemy while you are planning to lose weight. But, the fact says it is not the potato that acts as your fat booster but its preparation. Raw potatoes whether sweet or white, its completely fat-free. It is a rich source of nutrients including carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. A Half cup of baked or boiled potatoes contains only 90 calories. It is good to meet your daily nutritional requirement. It helps you to lose weight if it is taken with right method of preparation.

Fresh Vegetable Juices

vegetable juice

Fresh vegetable, fruits, and juices are always good for weight loss. Having vegetable juices every day can be refreshing and satisfying. It helps you to be hydrated and supplies essential nutrients to your body. They have low calorific value and prove to be quenching. Vegetable juices like cucumber juice, aloe vera juice, spinach juice, tomato squash, carrot juice and much more help you to lose weight by removing fat and toxins from your body. Vegetable juices provide you with dietary fiber and maintain a desired and healthy digestive system.



Honey is a wonderful kitchen ingredient that has several properties beneficial for health. It is good for hair, skin, treatment of a cough and now the facts reveal about its weight management benefits too. A mix of warm water and a tablespoon of honey every night before bed regulates your digestive system. It helps you to burn fats, control over your appetite resulting in a healthy weight loss.

Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a multipurpose ingredient used for several body nourishing requirements. It helps in skin exfoliating, hair growth and shine, blood pressure management, weight loss and many more.

Use of one to two tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar in your daily diet lowers blood sugar levels, regulates metabolic levels, burns fat, reduces fat storage in the body and suppress your appetite. It is useless to say all the above factors lead to nothing else but a noticeable drop in your weight.

Indian Gooseberry Powder & Juice


Indian gooseberry popularly known as Amla is one of the key ingredients for weight reduction. It works as an antioxidant due to its high content of vitamin C, and vitamin E. One of the primary cause of increment in your weight is a lower metabolic rate, amla boosts up your body metabolism helping you to get rid of the reason behind. It helps in detoxification of your body and proper functioning of the digestive system resulting in weight loss. It can be consumed with warm water in powdered form, or you can have amla juice. Both the fresh and canned amla juice are advisable.



Seafood apart from being tempting is best to meet your weight loss goals. It is rich in nutrients, fiber, protein and has low calorific value. Some of the favorite foods to add to your weight loss diet are oysters, halibut, scallops, salmon and pacific, etc. It keeps you stuffed for a more extended period with comparatively low consumption of calories.

The above tutorial tells you about a good list of foods to manage your weight effectively. But the preparation of food should be done either without oil or with less consumption of oil and saturated fat. Apart from including the food mentioned above in your daily routine a well-planned program or workout can help you to achieve your goals in a better way.

Planning for a weight loss regime never means to exclude the sweets and fats completely off your diet, but you should have control over its intake. Everyone can include a cheat day in a week in their diet plans, where one of the meals can be of your choice. Though the calorie consumption should be taken care off. Keep in mind to detox your body once a week to achieve better weight loss results. If you immensely crave for sweets, dark chocolate is the best option to treat yourself once in a while. Make long-term loss goals and strive hard to achieve it. Maintain a proper lifestyle to have control over your weight.

Eat healthily fit, workout daily and live long.