3 Ways to Increase in Size as Well as Muscles

Posted on Updated on 22 February, 2018

‘Size doesn’t matter’ most of us say this when we are trying to get fit or as they say, get our bodies jacked up. But then, if you are doing it for the sake of looking good or being easy to spot from afar, then you need some size to go along with that body of yours. You’ll have to push yourself to some extremes nobody is willing to go, and you will end up maximizing results. God didn’t build us big or buff. He wanted us to work hard to get there, and if you slack even once, negative results will start showing. This means that we need to be doing this daily, maintaining a pattern. But, without further ado, these are the things we need to do to achieve a good size as well as muscle.

Eat More

When trying to increase in size, food is what matters. You’ve got to pick a big and well-balanced diet. Also, it is important to avoid fast food restaurants or to eat out all the time. In this process, cooking for yourself is what is advised. The more food you eat, the more food gets burned off for your long days at the gym, and the more you increase in size. A balanced diet is essential because it distributes all the nutrients required for growth and the process of exercise to the body. Fats, help produce some energy, proteins are what stimulate the increase in body mass, and vitamins push the average growth. However, proteins also help with the natural growth and therefore, we must not eat protein on its own when increasing in size because all of it will be used in increasing your body mass and your growth will be stunted.

Do Simple Exercise

A simple exercise like pushups, sit ups and star jumps are very important. As much as it seems like something a child would do excellently, they help. The equipment at the gym would be entirely useless if it were not for these simple things being invented. A simple exercise will keep you ready for one of those long days at the gym because think about it, you will go and do about a hundred reps, and you will feel pretty ripped. After your exercise, you will go home, eat and sleep. When you wake up, you will be too tired to even go to work. So, the simple exercises that keep your heart beating, at night before you sleep and in the morning when you wake up, should help you psyche yourself up for a good day at work and a good session at the gym.

Use Protein Shakes

Not these protein shakes induced with steroids that you’ll find in your local drug store. Use natural homemade protein shakes which are more helpful than you can ever imagine. You see, sometimes, after a power workout, one may not want to eat as much because let’s face it guys, eating can sometimes be tiring, especially when you’re from dead lifting 90 kg more than fifty times. Protein shakes are your answer to this. All you have to do is pick up some eggs, bananas, yogurt, juice, and mangoes. Put all these into a blender, blend them and drink up. It’s advisable to have them cold. It’s more rejuvenating. Your size will increase in a few months.