20 Ways to Boost Metabolism – A Complete Guide

20 Ways to Boost Metabolism – A Complete Guide

Metabolism is considered as the set of chemical transformations in the cells of living organisms. It is a significant concept which can be felt as you can’t control it. But this is not true, here are the tips which will help you to increase metabolism and decreasing the weight much faster.

Eat a Lot

You might think that if you want to lose weight, you are going to eat less, isn’t it? Well, this isn’t true as it is recommended to take a lot of calories which will lead to loss of muscle mass and hence, it will decrease the metabolism level. Additionally, when skimping on calories, the body will slow down the rate and increase the intake of calories to conserve fuel which is received. Under fueling is also filled with complications like over fueling.

To get the weight loss more often, most of the people believe that only having some of the calories are enough to take. Not only it will lead to nutritional deficiencies as the body has less food, but it might also react the opposite to the weight loss. Instead of getting low on calories, use the healthy diet as well as do exercise without affecting the metabolism.

Consume Green Tea Instead of Coffee or Regular Tea

green tea

If you would always go for coffee over tea, you might be missing on a significant increase in metabolism. In the recent survey, it has been shown that people who took 4-5 cups of green tea in daily basis accompanied by the workout of half an hour lost about two pounds and fat from the belly than the ones who don’t take this solution. The drink consist of catechins which is an antioxidant helps to remove fat from the cells of the body and also increases the capacity of liver for changing fat in energy.

Opt for the Exercises


While it comes to the best workout for losing weight, neither the cardio nor weights can entirely move the needle on their own. Training which is taken at intervals is the best way to shed pounds, improve the profile of cholesterol as well as metabolism and improves the sensitivity of insulin. You may also sign for HIIT classes at your gym or start doing aerobics like walking, biking or running in the intervals followed with the rest in between. It is required to do this seven to ten times in a day if you want to lose weight. If you are getting better, slowly increase the time.

Use Olive Oil Instead of the Normal One

Olive Oil

Our body needs healthy oils to decrease excess fat from the body. The right types of oils, as well as fats, help to maximize metabolism, quash hunger and also speed up the need for nutrients from the body. The healthy fats like olive oil increase the level of blood in the body. This oil is also filled with polyphenols, the antioxidant which helps to fight the common diseases like brain deterioration, osteoporosis, and cancer.

Gain Some Muscle

ways to increase size

Even when you are at rest, your body is burning calories on a constant basis. In fact, about 80 percent of the calories that you burn every day is used to keep you alive. The resting rate of metabolism is higher in people who have more muscles. It is because every pound of the muscle uses six calories in a day to sustain oneself. If you may pack only five pounds of muscles and continue, you’ll get to burn the calories which are equal to three pounds fat in a year.

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Eat One or Two Egg Yolk

egg yolk

Although it is true that the whites of egg have low calories, they are free from fat and include protein which is found in egg, eating the entire egg is best for metabolism. The yolk of the egg consists of vitamins which decrease lipids and essential acids. The research has found that low consumption of two whole eggs in a day gives no negative impact on the lipids of a person. Instead, it improves more.

Consume Carbs in The Night

This theory has the sense that the body burns carbs which in return change to energy, but before sleeping at night if you are going to take it, your body will store it as fat. The study put two groups of men on the weight loss diets. What was the difference? Half of them ate throughout the day whereas some of them reserved for the night. The men who took at night showed higher diet intake thermogenesis. Additionally, people who took in daytime showed an increase in the blood sugar levels. People who consumed carbs at night lost about 30 percent fat from the body whereas those who took standard diet were only 14 percent.

Drink Milk


The research has found that consuming a lot of milk which has calcium in it will help the body to metabolize fat efficiently. Another study has shown that calcium increased from the products of dairy lead to poop more fat as opposed to sticking around on the body.

Eat Lot of Protein on Daily Basis

The more muscle you are going to gain, more calories you’ll burn, it doesn’t matter what you do. Exercising and gym help to build muscles but having protein will keep the gains from breaking, and as a result, it will lead to slow metabolic rate. Proteins are different for every individual but taking 0.9 to 1 gram of it per kg of body weight in a day should be enough for the loss of weight.

The study has shown that as protein is difficult to break down and digest than any other nutrient, it can increase after-meal calorie burn by 40 percent. Make sure to take protein in any meal every day. Proteins are also the primary component of strict metabolism diet which helps to build muscles and burn energy.

Go for Whole Grains

It takes a lot of effort of the body to break whole grains than most of the processed and refined grains, like the flour used to make pasta as well as bread. You may keep the metabolic rate in check by taking foods in which body has to work harder to digest it. These will also be the ones that contain fiber. Some of the foods are oatmeal, brown rice, the sprouted bread of grains and quinoa.

Try to Stand at Work At-least for 3-4 Hours in a Day

People sleep for seven to eight hours out of 24. Many people spent their most of the hours sitting at a desk, so this means most of us spend our time in relaxing. The bodies are not designed for such laziness or doing nothing. Most of the historical evolution consist of staying active, searching for fuel as well as food. Even the experts suggest that the best way to burn more calories on a daily basis is to walk more and sit less. Only by standing for three hours daily, you’ll decrease 30,000 calories which are extra, and it will lead to 8lbs of fat decrease.

Consume Lots of Garlic


The recent research has found that garlic helps to support the metabolism of blood sugar and also control the levels of lipid in blood. If you are going to add garlic to the foods which are rich in carbohydrates and fats will keep away the substances from doing damage that they are best known to do. This process also helps to increase the immunization system, keeps away the person from heart diseases, fights from blood pressure as well as inflammation among others.

Don’t Consume too Much of Diet Soda

Yeah, it doesn’t have calories, but if you are going to drink it, you won’t be able to see your tummy flat anymore. The research has shown that the drinks which have sweeter might screw the standard metabolic system of the body which also increases the appetite. Additionally, drinking these beverages will also lead to gain in weight, other illness, and metabolic syndrome.

Increase Chocolate Intake

Dark Chocolate

In the study which was done by the researchers, people ate 1.6 ounces of dark chocolate on a daily basis for about two weeks. These have low hormone levels of stress and more metabolism. Scientists have found that chemicals presented in cocoa, like flavonoids, plays an essential role in regulating the metabolism by taking out the pressure. The study has found that taking a few dark chocolates which are of high quality is enough which means 1.6 ounces are enough.

Drink Tea of Oolong

oolong tea

The tea which is rich in antioxidants, this tea made in China not only helps to keep the cholesterol levels in check and digestion, it also increases the metabolism. Similar to green tea, Oolong consist of the catechins which strengthen the efforts of weight loss by improving ability of the body to metabolize fat. The research has found that people who took Oolong tea regularly lost around six pounds in six weeks.

Consume Lentils on Daily Basis


The research has found that deficiency of iron affects 1 out of 5 women all over the world. If one is deficient in minerals, it can lead to the issues like anemia and fatigue, but it can do wonders if you want to get fit in the skinny jeans easily. Your body is unable to work efficiently to burn the calories if it doesn’t have what is necessary to work properly. The lentils cup offers fourth of your needs of iron. Sprouts like lentils are also shown to lower the bad cholesterol as well as blood pressure. This is why this is one of the best foods to consume in weight loss.

Eat Foods Rich in Unsaturated Fats

The new research has found that many people choose whole foods of fat over fat-free or other things of leanness. While most of the organizations of health want us to stay away from fats, specifically saturated one, the trend of full fat might be a rebellion against the old methods, according to the recent survey. In the study found in 2015, it is even said that people who take more fats have lower chances of getting diabetes. On the other hand, people who took fewer fats had more incidence. While protein, calcium, Vitamins as well as any other nutrient are no doubt best for us, we also need the fat that will go with them to reap the protective effects.

Have Nuts

raw nuts

The study has found that low-calorie food which is rich in almonds help people to lose weight. Not only it has an effect on the levels of insulin but by consuming this eater also feel full which means they can overeat. So, fill your diet with walnuts, almonds, etc.


Try Smoothies or Whole Foods


The revolution of smoothies are here, and more people are going with the green leaves. You either believe or not, this is the best method to boost metabolism. The most significant part of the job of the body is to break down on foods so that body can absorb the nutrients. In other words, it means the body is getting more less energy than it would if we had spinach, kale as well as bananas in the solid form. Smoothies are best for loss of weight but keeping the fibrous fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fruits on priority, you are likely to expand more calories on digestion.

Consume Lean Protein in Breakfast

paleo diet

If not go on the belief, research has found that breakfast has no connection with metabolism and it is also not the essential meal of the day. The new study showed that it had more than 400 overweight people consuming the meals which included wither skipping or eating the breakfast. After 17 weeks, dieters who had breakfast lost no weight than the ones who jumped it. Also, another study has found that having breakfast had no impact on metabolism. Breakfast is best to keep the fibers, proteins as well as other nutrients in a day, but if you have a doughnut, then it is better to eat nothing instead. Start the day with protein which helps in burning more calories during digestion. But, make sure to not stress before 9 in the morning.

So, these were some of the methods which will help you to boost the metabolism. Make sure to follow all of them if you want to get rid of that extra weight from your body. These were also believed to be useful so you can easily rely on them.