Various Health Benefits and Side Effects of Blood Donation

Posted on Updated on 1 August, 2017

Right, and proper health care is critical as it can help you to lead a healthy and long lasting life. Many people are unaware of the various benefits that are being associated with the blood donation. It can reduce the risk of cancer and also help you reduce hemochromatosis. If you donate the blood regularly, then perhaps there is a lot of benefits that you can take from it. Ideally, you can give the blood five times a year, which can indeed help you live a prosperous life. Now, let us look into the benefits that are associated with blood donation in details:-

It can Reduce the Risk of Heart Attack

By various studies, it has been known that blood donation can minimize the possibility of heart attack by 1/3 times. The matter of fact is blood donation helps to keep the level of iron in the body in control and thus reduces the chances of heart attack. Although iron is very vital for the body, too much consumption of iron can lead to oxidative damage. Oxidative damage is considered as the primary reason behind various kinds of diseases such as strokes, heart attacks, aging to name a few. So it is advised to donate blood once in 3 months to keep the check on the iron composition that is present in the body.

Prevent the Damage of the Liver

The liver is a vital part of our body. The metabolic process of minerals, fat, proteins and carbohydrates are done through the help of the liver. Also, the liver helps in the detoxification and purification of blood in the body. If the Iron composition is excess in the body, then it can severely damage the liver. So, you should avoid eating foods that are rich in iron as it can lead to various kinds of diseases such as damaged pancreas, liver failure, and heart abnormalities.

The Hemochromatosis Risk is Reduced

One of the benefits of blood donation is reduced the risk of hemochromatosis. Hemochromatosis is a condition in which the body absorbs a lot of iron. The major causes behind this are excessive consumption of alcohol, or perhaps anemia or any other disorders. Blood Donation at regular interval can help in reducing Iron in the body and thus in this way Hemochromatosis risk is reduced.

The Risk of Cancer is Reduced

Like in the above points that are mentioned, the risk of cancer is induced due to the high level of iron in the body. Blood donation in this prospect can be quite helpful as it can control the composition of iron in the body with the help of blood donors. Also, the risk of developing cancer in various places such as intestines, liver, throat and forth get reduced.

Cholesterol Level is Lowered

By blood donation, a lot of people are helped and saved. Besides this, the level of cholesterol in the body is reduced to a great extent. By High-density lipoprotein, the body is benefited greatly whereas Low-density lipoprotein can cause blocking and clogging in the blood which can be dangerous for health. If the iron intake in the body is overloaded, then it can indeed oxidize the cholesterol in the body. Foods such as fast food, milk, and meat can increase the level of cholesterol in the body. So, it is advised to make blood donation so that the degree of cholesterol is reduced.

Gives Thumbs-up to Weight Loss Goal

If you are overweight and your goal is to lose your weight or perhaps maintain the weight, then blood donation can indeed be very beneficial. Blood donation can help to burn fat by 650 calories. So, it is advised to donate blood regularly after 3 months.

Premature Aging is Prevented

By regular donation of blood, you can achieve a healthy state of mind. This Is very important as it helps to keep focus as well as make you live a stress-free life. One of the leading causes of premature aging is stress. After blood donation, New blood is being generated in the body so that wrinkles are not developed in the skin which helps to avoid premature aging.

The Wound Would be Healed Quickly

When you perform a blood donation, you will reach a state where there would be a reduction in the red blood cells in the body. You would experience quick healing of wound due to the decrease of red blood cells. Reduction of red blood cell is possible if you are donating blood on a regular basis.

Since we are now aware of the benefits that are associated with blood donation, Let us also have a brief description of the side effects after blood donation.

What are the Side Effects After Blood Donation?

Faint Sensation

You may experience loss of consciousness and tremors after you have donated blood. Besides this, you may experience fatigue, nausea, sweating to name a few. In sporadic cases, you might also experience light-headedness. By studies, it has been known that the symptoms of feeling faint last for only a few seconds and could be easily tackled within few minutes after blood donation. In only certain cases, you will experience real fainting.

Feeling Cold After Blood Donation

By many research and cases, it is known that people may experience a cold feeling after the donation of blood. This can be easily overcome if you drink plenty of water before donating the blood. Also, proper diet before and after blood donation is equally important. Furthermore, adequate sleep before blood donation can also be an effective solution.

Fever Symptoms

After and before blood transfusion has been done, many people are prone to mild fever symptoms. This is due to the action of the body to the white blood cells which was donated. There are various kinds of medicine, which are available that can quickly cure the fever.

Substantial Increase in Iron

Blood transfusions can result in the growth of Iron composition in the blood. The people who are suffering from problems like thalassemia are more likely to absorb Iron in the body as they need blood at a very frequent interval. Besides this, they are more apt to damage the liver, heart and other vital organs of the body. If the composition of Iron in the body is overloaded, then you would have to follow a therapy which is known as iron chelation. The working of this treatment is quite easy. The medicine is injected into the patient, or the patient is given a form of tablet by which the increased iron is taken out from the body.

Immune Hemolytic Reaction Can Occur

This is a rare problem that can occur due to the donation of blood. The primary cause behind this disease is during the time of blood donation; the blood transfusion group does not match with that of the donor. This can adversely affect the newly formed red blood cells, which can potentially affect your kidney in the worst way. The symptoms of Hemolytic action include high fever, nausea, pain in the chest and dark color urine.

Host Vs Graft Disease

This is a disease in which you would witness white blood cells attacking the tissues in the donated blood. People who have a fragile immune system are more likely to suffer from this disease. The various symptoms of this disease are high fever, diarrhea, and rashes on the skin. The precaution that needs to be undertaken to avoid this disease is obtaining the blood which does not have white blood cells in it.


It is known that approx. 2 % of people suffer from the side effects of blood donation. Bruising is the kind of side effects which is caused due to the wrong technique of the use of the needle during the time of blood donation. The bruise occurs if the needle passes through the veins.Clinically, clotting of blood might happen, and this condition is healed within few days.

Lung Injury

In the very rarest of rare cases, blood donations can lead to lung injury. It can happen within 6 hours of the procedure of blood donations. A survey suggests that about 26% people die if they are suffering from Lung Injury caused by blood transfusion. The primary cause behind this is most people might be very ill before the process the process of blood transfusion. Also, doctors across the globe are not aware of the main reason behind the lung injuries caused due to the blood donation.


Few infectious diseases such as HIV can be spread due to the blood transfusion. To keep the blood safe, proper screening of blood with advanced tools must be done at the blood banks. It has been seen that risk of the virus being injected is quite less in the process of blood donation.

Delay in Hemolytic Reaction

It is regarded as the most retarded type of problems that occur due to the reactions of Immune hemolytic. The red blood cells would be destroyed in a slow way such that the actions would go unnoticed until the time when the red blood cell level goes pretty low. This kind of hemolytic reactions can quickly occur if the person has undergone a blood transfusion before.