Vaginal Pimples Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

Many women face the discomfort of vaginal pimples. Most women are often frightened especially the younger females who have not experienced them before in their lives. If you encounter a woman who has vaginal pimples, she will talk about being uncomfortable and to some extent even feel shameful. The question that surfaces up is, “what are these vaginal pimples, how can one notice them, and how can they be treated?” The answer to these queries is always lying in the hands of many health experts and gynecologists who are located in all corners of your town. In line with that, this article is going to give a review of some of the vaginal pimples; it will define them, give the symptoms and then give some practical remedies and treatments.

Definition of the Vagina and the Vulva

Before you can understand more about vaginal pimples or pimples on labia, you are supposed first to understand the differences between the vagina and vulva. A vulva is often depicted as the eternal most sections of a woman’s reproductive system. On the other hand, the vagina is a muscular like tube that connects the vulva to the cervix or the uterus opening. The vulva of a woman consists of the labia minora, the labia majora, and the Bartholin’s glands. The labia minora are the small and thin skins that surround the opening parts of a vagina. The labia majora (1) are the larger lips of the vulva. Pubic hair starts growing from the labia majora toward other the upper parts of the groin. Finally, the Bartholin’s glands are responsible for the production of lubricants such as mucus.  With that understanding, a woman can now start understanding more about the vaginal pimples. People refer them as vagina pimples, but under normal circumstances, they are found on the vulva.

Vagina Pimples

Medical experts have continuously advised women that the presence of pimples or lumps near the vagina is not necessary a big issue or a symptom of sexually transmitted diseases. On the other hand, the medical experts explain that these pimples are very normal and they are present in all most all women. So the question now is, “how is a vagina pimple caused or where do they come from?”

Causes of Vaginal Pimples

There are several causes of vaginal pimples which include;


Sometimes the vagina pimples are well related to cysts. Cysts are lumps or pimples that results due to blockage of the skin glands. Cysts are not only evident near the vagina but also in other parts of the human body. Additionally, they also evident in both women and men.  Even if this may sound normal in women, the latter can be somehow complicated once you understand the different types of female genital cysts. One of the most complicated types of genital cysts (2) in women is the Bartholin gland type of cysts. As seen earlier, the Bartholin’s glands are responsible for the production of mucus and other lubricants in the vagina. Medical experts have indicated that there are possibilities that the glands may block and that often leads to the formation of lumps that can be painful sometimes. The second type of genital cysts in women is the skin duct cysts.

Sweat Glands that have Blocked

Another factor that could lead to vaginal or vulva pimples can be conditioned leading up to blocked sweat glands and ducts. Once the sweat glands and ducts on the skin of the vulva fail to excrete as required, they are likely to lead to the formation of itchy pimples that can keep a lady uncomfortable. The condition of sweat glands being clogged or blocked is often referred to as Hidradenitis Supparativa. The term often leads to the formation of pimples that are quite painful. Soreness and redness often accompany blisters that form as a result of this disease. Sometimes the situation could extend from the vagina area towards the anus of the woman. However, as a woman, you shouldn’t be worried by these kinds of pimples because of there are several home remedies.

Skin Tags

Skin tags are other factors that can cause pimples near the vaginal areas of a woman.  Health experts define skin tags as growths on the vulva skins. The extensions appear to be fleshy and irregular. It often leads to the formation of some itchy and can lead to discomfort in the woman. The remedies for this condition are quite comfortable.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Finally, there are extreme cases where a woman will start observing pimples that are abnormal, and in most cases, the pimples are caused by Sexually transmitted diseases. If a lady has unprotected sex with a sick individual who is infected with some of this disease, she stands at a bigger risk of contacting the infections. Formation of pimples on the vagina and vulva parts of a woman is normally one of the early signs, and the latter can be more serious if it is not treated hastily.

  1. Human Papillomavirus

HPV is one of the STI’s that can lead to the development of vagina pimples. Research has indicated that the virus is often available in different classes where some can lead to cervical cancer and others can lead to genital warts. Genital warts (3) are the infections that can lead to rough pimples in the vaginal areas of a woman.   The pimples tend to spread very fast if they are not treated accurately by a physician.

  1. Genital Herpes

This another STI that is very common in women. It often leads to the formation of very painful pimple on the vulva and some parts of the vagina. The pimples are very itchy, and if you scratch them, you are left with sores that resemble bug bites. The pimples are observed to appear in small clusters that also spread very fast. Once two or more clusters combine they form wounds that are very painful and medical attention is often required to control the situation.

  1. Molluscum Contagiosum

Finally, health experts have observed that vagina pimples can also be observed after a lady shares panties, underwear or towels with individuals who have been infected with molluscum contagiosum. It is a particular infection that is very contagious. It often leads to flesh bumps around the labia majora of the woman. It can also be contacted during same-sex intercourse among women. It should be treated very fast to ensure that the infection doesn’t reach the full-blown stage which is hard to control and cure.


Since vaginal pimples can be irritating and can also cause some discomfort, treatment is of great importance.  Identifying the cause of vaginal pimples gives direction on how they can be treated. Once the cause is identified, the following treatment measures can be taken.

Maintaining Good Hygiene

As discussed earlier, one of the causes of vaginal pimples is blockage of sweat glands. Blockages of sweat glands can be as a result of blockage of sweat pores around the genitals. Regular cleaning around the genital areas allows sweat pores around the genitals permitting sweat excretion.

Heat Therapy

In heat therapy, the woman soaks a towel in warm water and squeeze it out before placing it around the genitals. Heat therapy should be repeated severally in a day for efficiency.


Moreover, another treatment method applicable is the use of medicine. In this case, an individual should seek medical advice. Oral antibiotics, as well as topical antibiotics, can be used depending on the cause of vaginal pimples.

Avoid Popping of Vaginal Pimples

Squeezing of vaginal pimples exposes an individual to the risk of spreading the bacteria. Nevertheless, it can lead to an increment of the number of lumps or pimples. An individual should allow the pimple rupture naturally.

Natural Home Remedies to Treat Vaginal Pimples

Most women find it embarrassing to discuss their conditions whereas others prefer natural ways to use medications to get rid of vaginal pimples. Home remedies are also considered as natural ways of dealing with vaginal pimples. The following are the home remedies of vaginal pimples;

Always keep the Vaginal area Dry and Clean

Bacteria causing the infection usually thrive in wet and moist conditions hence one of the remedies is keeping vaginal area dry and clean. An individual can use a hair dryer set on low heat or a soft towel. One should not let the vaginal area become wet.

Avoid Scratching the Vaginal Area

Vaginal pimples tend to be extremely itchy thus tempting an individual to scratch the vaginal area. Scratching the genital area exposes one at the risk of spreading the infection. This is the reason why scratching around the genital area is not recommended at all.

Wear Cotton Under-clothes

Cotton is considered as the best absorber of moisture. Therefore, cotton will absorb moisture around the genital area preventing the spread of the infection since it absorbs moisture from the area leaving it cool and dry. Moreover, since cotton is a natural fabric, it will ensure less discomfort.

Make use of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is considered as most effective since it contains antiseptic properties as well as healing properties. Antiseptic properties of Lavender oil aid in curing vaginal pimples. An individual should apply Lavender oil in the affected area (vaginal area). Before using Lavender oil, an individual should ensure that she washes the vaginal area and dries it.

Apple Cider Vinegar to Treat Pimples on Labia

apple cider vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is extremely effective anti-fungal and antibacterial agent. Pimples are caused by bacteria which can be taken care of by Apple Cider Vinegar. Doctors recommend that one should mix one cup of apple cider vinegar with one cup of water. One should wash the vaginal area 2-3 times a day using apple cider vinegar. The acetic acid does not only help in curing vaginal pimples but also help in preventing them.

Using Epsom Salt

epsom salt

When Epsom salt is mixed with water, it does not only act as an antibacterial but also as an anti-fungal. As discussed earlier, vaginal pimples can be irritating as well as painful, and Epsom salt helps in easing the pain around the genitals. One should wash the vaginal area twice per day for effective treatment of the pimples.


Since prevention and protection are always better than cure, the following are several ways of preventing vaginal pimples.

Use Condom during the act of Sexual Intercourse

As discussed earlier, one of the causes of vaginal pimples is through Sexually Transmitted Diseases. These diseases are transmitted due to unprotected sex which allows mixing of bodily fluids with an infected person. By using a condom during sex aids in preventing transmission of STI’s, in turn, preventing vaginal pimples.

Keep it Clean

Blockage of sweating glands can cause vaginal pimples. Sweating glands can block due to blockage of these sweat pores on the skin caused by the accumulation of dirt on the skin surface. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure that the vaginal area is always clean to avoid vaginal pimples.

Ensure the Vaginal Area is always Dry

Bacterial and fungal infections thrive in moist and wet places. The vagina is not an exemption. Women should ensure that they dry their vaginas well after taking a bath so that they cannot create a good environment for bacteria to dwell in.

Do Not Squeeze the Existing Pimples

Squeezing of the existing pimples exposes an individual at a risk of spreading the infection from one area to another. Once a woman has identified a blister in the vagina, she should seek medical attention or make use of the home remedies given above to get rid of a pimple. In case of any a pimple around the vagina, a woman should ensure that it ruptures by itself.

Wearing Loose Fitting Clothing and Cotton Underwear

Loose fitting clothing reduces the amount of friction around the vaginal area as well as allow fresh air in and out around the vaginal area. It reduces inhibition of bacteria around the vaginal area. Moreover, cotton absorbs sweat and moisture around the vaginal area reducing chances of infection.


This article review is of great importance to those who had questions about vaginal pimples. Although vaginal pimples are considered to be normal among women, they should not be taken lightly because they can cause severe effects on your life such as loss of libido and impotence. You don’t have to feel embarrassed when you discover that you have vaginal pimples since they are curable. In case you are not courageous enough to visit a doctor you can make use of home remedies given above. Moreover, vaginal pimples are preventable and since prevention is better than cure you should take precautions after treatment.