Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Vegas

Las Vegas! A sublime destination and a beautiful mingle of glaring monuments and a beam that can be saunter either as a fascinating trip or a honeymoon package. This fabulous strip is suffused with elegant resorts and towns, top casinos that lure the wanderers to visit the landmark. From prime Las Vegas attractions to the best Vegas shows and the restaurants to eat, the city is full of surprises.

So, delve into the city both on and off the strip when engaging in the best things to visit in Las Vegas.

Mob Museum

If you want to get acquainted with the time when mob ruled not only Vegas but the entire United States, then the Mob Museum offers a bold and legitimate view of classified crime’s impact on Las Vegas history. The museum in downtown Las Vegas offers the space to traverse about the mob and crime in this country.

This unlucrative museum traverses the crime from its beginnings to today through presentations and interactive activities. Get the knack of molls and speakeasies, casino skimmers, G-men and day mob activities. This 41,000-square foot mob museum is a spellbound attraction that covers the history of renowned gangsters.

Fremont Street Experience

Located in downtown Las Vegas, Fremont Street experience is an attraction that no visitor should miss. It is the home to the world’s largest LED screen and some special events. Fremont Street Experience is a top-level sound and light show that will tickle your senses.

Do you know that more than 13 million LED lights strike through the pedestrian mall situated in the remarkable section of Las Vegas? Marvelous colorful displays of lights and music sometimes take place at night under a 100-foot high canopy. Businesses and casinos in the area put their lights off to indicate that the light show is about to start.

The Fremont Street experience can only be delineated in one word i.e. ‘simply breathtaking.’

Caesars Palace

Establish in 1966 by Jay Sarno; Caesars Palace is a luxurious facility that offers the tourists the sense of life during the Roman Empire. This beautiful palace includes iconography and columns typical of Roman Productions, a statue of Julius Caesar near the entrance and several breathtaking pictures.

Caesars Palace, includes nearly 4000 rooms, a convention facility of 400,000square feet and suites in six towers.

Also, the palace is closely linked with the entertainment industry and has been the venue for boxing since 1970’s. With pools and workers in Roman themed uniforms, the palace was an instant hit and set the mark for different themed hotels that are now so popular in the city. Caesar’s palace holds the ardent casinos and dazzling rooms embellished by antique statues and pictures. Make sure you have to pack your DSLR as you won’t want to miss the alluring views here.

Stratosphere Tower

Do you ever want to stand on the tallest tower in the US to catch a glimpse of the city? The stratosphere tower hotel is no exception in Las Vegas. The attraction to the tower is its height -1149ft is the tallest freestanding tower in the US. The hotel is building with 24 stories, 80,000sq ft casino, and 2430rooms.

If you want to explore the Las Vegas from the above, the tower remains open till 2 am on the weekends. Reach to the top and traverse the shimmering beams of the Vegas at its best.

Also, it also adds adventure to the trip by allowing the sky to jump off the tower at 855 feet. Even if you don’t like throwing yourself off the height you can still sign on some adventure following with pool and recreation deck, X-Scream and Big Shot; these rides are just as impressive as they sound.

The height and the view of the Vegas from the site are what hook the globe trotters here. The beautiful stratosphere tower is surely not to miss and is one of the best things you will visit in Vegas.

Eiffel Tower Experience

Don’t forget the neon lights of the Fremont Street but just save the experience in your mind. Now enter the Paris Las Vegas, where visitors are conveyed off the strip to the city of light ‘Paris.’ The half-scale replica of original Eifel Tower reaches 45 stories in the sky making it the Vegas landmark. This tower sends the wanderers to Paris, without ever leaving the Vegas strip.

The astonishing view of the Eiffel tower looks stunning at night when this busy city never sleeps brighten up like a Christmas tree. The visitor climbs the stories above ground in a stunning glass elevator and at the top; they are welcomed by the guides which make them explore the Las Vegas skyline. Nightlife, accommodations, dining and entertainment at this resort are significantly unique in their way.

Bellagio Fountains

The most eye-catching attraction at the Bellagio that don’t cost you a thing are the signature dancing fountains. Wanderers can hit a double dose when visiting the Bellagio fountains, which is also famous for its Casino and botanical gardens.

As fascinating the casinos are, the fountains are even more impressive, just stand around the massive lake in front of the Bellagio resort and watch more than 1300 nozzles shooting water high into the air followed by over 5000lights. Ranging from Broadway tunes to opera, the fountain explodes with an amazing mix of music and light. You can’t deny that Bellagio fountain refers to the show as the most ambitious and splendid water feature in Vegas.

The Mirage

The Mirage stands out unique for its size and breathtaking view. Located on the Strip, the Mirage also includes a huge aquarium behind its desk. The place is truly an oasis in this hot place like Vegas. The attraction to the Mirage is its ‘volcano’ the only casino that doesn’t sink when it explode.

A big hotel with nearly 3000rooms, and 6000 employees, the Mirage resort features an eccentric dolphin and wild animal habitat.

The volcano casino produces a lava simulation created to on the music created by popular Indian musician Zakir Hussain and Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead. If you want to enjoy this fabulous show too, shows are scheduled at 8 and 9 pm on the night, with an addition 10 pm performance on Saturday.

Hoover Dam, Las Vegas

Hoover Dam is in Black Canyon, just a few miles outside of Vegas. A million of visitors keep an eye on Hoover Dam every year. Whether you are driving by yourself or enjoying a ride in a bus or flying over in a helicopter, the reaction while crossing over the dam is always the same” fabulous.” Learn about the history and different stories of the dam through fascinating and informative commentary by the guides.

Hoover Dam is one of the popular tourist destinations in Vegas that offer a spectacular view of the Lake Mead, the Colorado River and the valleys surrounding the dam. For another adventurous drive at this historical point. Take the visit to the site by a helicopter tour high above the river, or choose a mountain bike along the highway.

High Roller

The High Roller in the Las Vegas is the world’s tallest observation wheel. 5550 ft tall and 520ft in diameter this giant high roller wheel is owned by Caesars Entertainment Corporation. This giant wheel is comprised of 28 AC transparent pods holding 40 passengers each. Along the way to 30 minutes ride, you can enjoy the music shows and witness the 360degree view of the Vegas both day and night.

To board the High Roller, the visitants cross through a building which features an exotic bar and lounge. More interactive bathrooms and outdoor patios which can be booked for the private parties of 600 people. After a spin on a wheel, your view of Las Vegas will never be the same. The prices to ride on the high roller may vary upon the date and time.

The Venetian Las Vegas

The most interesting thing to visit The Venetian is the travelers don’t need a passport here. The place is much famous for singing gondoliers and its canals. The Venetian Resort complex features nearly 4050 rooms and 3070 suites ranging in price from $150 to $15000 per night and a 130,000-square foot casino. Lovebirds can catch a kiss under the Rialto Bridge or at any other place. But doesn’t matter, here’s a smooth sailing to the Venetian resort.

This incredible design of the hotel is totally inspired by Italy and features architectural replicas of several Venetian spectacles including Piazza San Marco, Palazzo Ducale, and St Mark’s Campanile.

Plan your trip to Las Vegas and tick the check boxes for the places you visit with beautiful moments and long lasting memories.

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