Simple Tips to Rejuvenate Your Body Naturally

Posted on Updated on 5 April, 2017

How to Rejuvenate Your Body

Sometimes we feel a sort of heaviness in our body and need to cleanse our body from within to feel light and healthy. Spring is up, and it’s the perfect time to feel rejuvenated and healthy again after long lazy winters.

Cleanse Your Toxins First

There are various methods by which you can cleanse your toxins from within. That bloated stomach and patchy skin need to go away. In spring when flowers are blooming all around, why should you be feeling like a diffused bulb? You should also shine bright both in your appearance and in your mood. The first step towards this is starting to detoxify your body. To do this, you can follow a very popular general motor diet. This diet helps to detoxify our body and contributes to cleanse. This one week diet goes as below. It is scientifically designed and recommended to people like models and air hostesses.

Day 1 – All Fruits Day (Except Bananas).

Day 2—One large boiled potatoes and cooked or uncooked vegetables of your choice.

Day 3– All Fruits (Except Bananas) and cooked and uncooked vegetables.

Day 4– 10 Bananas with four glasses of milk.

Day 5– 6 tomatoes plus one bowl of brown rice.

Day 6 – One cup brown rice plus cooked or uncooked vegetables.

Day 7—One cup of brown rice plus any vegetables plus all fruit juices.

You can drink as much water as much you want. At least eight glasses of water daily are recommended. This diet being high in fiber content and low on sugar and salt content helps cleanse your body from inside. It also results in losing weight that within a span of just seven days. You will feel lighter both from inside and outside.

Drink Lots of Water

Water keeps your body hydrated, and if not in distilled form, it also consists of certain minerals which are required to run your body like magnesium and potassium. Water is the ultimate source of benefits for glowing skin. It being a universal solvent helps your digestive system to work properly and helps lower the burden on organs like liver and kidney. It helps boost the immune system and assists in weight loss. With an intake of water you feel fuller and hence tend to eat less. It assists the best functioning of the brain and nervous system. When feeling tired, just drink a glass of water, and you will feel much lighter. It helps lower muscle pain as well.


Start doing warm up in the morning like few rounds of Surya Namaskar or a thirty minute of brisk walk. Then your body is warmed up, and you can start channelizing your energy through meditation. An hour of meditation will leave you all charged up with better focus and energy level for your all-day mindfulness in work.

Meditation helps you kill all your negative thoughts that destroy your happiness and inflows a trail of happy, positive thoughts. As a famous proverb says that your thoughts build your habits and your habits build your actions, and your actions build your character. Meditation is a process by which we replace the negative thoughts of your brain to influx the positivity into your thoughts thus into your life. As your thoughts influence the direction of your life hence when you have positive thoughts your life will also take a positive turn.

Have Fun

Enjoyment in life is of utmost importance. One need to be happy about him and his surroundings. Involve into the tasks that make you happy. Join a club where you can meet like-minded people or have general discussions. Join that long foregone hobby class that you always wanted to join. Play some sport or go to your nearest sports center to pursue a sport. Sports kept you physically active and mentally healthy and charged up.

Take some extra responsibilities. This responsibility gives your personality an extra boost to grow and heal in a proper manner. You can also join a dance class if you enjoy dancing, no need to know how to dance, just join it for the love of dance.

Take out some me time to appreciate yourself, to have self-thoughts and to enjoy yourself. Read a book or have that soothing bubble bath with aroma candles. Just take out your sandals and walk barefoot on green grass in your lawn or nearby park. Have some time to have fun without thinking of any outcome or productivity out of it.


With cleaning your body from inside and rejuvenating yourself through healing your soul, it’s also necessary to clean it from outside. Have a regular morning and night time routine that you follow to keep yourself healthy and glowing. Always use a moisturizer both in the morning and at night. Have a spa day to pamper yourself once a week or if you are too busy, you can keep it once in a fortnight. As much as possible keep it organic and natural. Use homemade masks and scrubs to clean your skin. You can mix a tablespoon of gram flour and a tablespoon of honey to apply over your whole body. Then rub it with a light hand to take off the dead skin and heal the breakouts. Once done, take a deep cleansing bath in sea salt based soaps of bathing balls. Soak yourself in warm water in the night and freezing water in the morning to have a refreshed and relaxed feeling. After bath applies an excellent moisturizer with a few pumps of good perfume to smell good all day. Leave this for some time and in the meanwhile use some moisturizer and under eye cream on your face.

You can oil your hairs slightly and brush them lightly to detangle it and go to sleep. To have a nice nap make your room dark and sound proof so that no one disturbs you and you wake up all charged up with beautiful and supple skin in the morning. A good night sleep is as important for healthy mind and body as good food for your body.