Natural Way to Tighten Vagina

Posted on Updated on 9 January, 2018

The vagina is most secured and significant part of women which she never let get harmed in any case. Women’s always tries to maintain the tightness and strength of their vagina because it makes them feel young and energetic. So now you might be thinking that it is not an extended body part so how vagina can be tightened. However extended body part does not have anything to do with tightness and strengthening. It is easily possible to make your vagina tight and attractive by following some useful tricks given below. Apart from tightening your vagina, below methods will result in an overall beneficiary.

Exercises to be Performed to Tighten Vagina Naturally

Exercises play a significant role in treating a particular disease, disorder or abnormality. Exercises always effect positively and rapidly to overcome several Disease. Exercise can handle all of the physical complications if they are practiced correctly. Below are some most widely adapted exercises which will help you to make your vagina and nearby area tight and fully strengthened so you may enjoy life in a better way.

Kegel Exercise

kegel exercises

One of the best treatment or trick to tighten woman’s vagina in a rapid process. It can be performed anywhere and at any time. For better results, you should perform the Kegel exercise thrice a day while urinating. Practising Kegel exercise during the early morning urination process is the best considered time by experts. It helps to tighten the pelvic floor muscles, which result in the excellent contraction power of nearby muscles of the vagina.

Whenever you urinate, try to stop the urine in the midstream by contracting your vagina walls and release after few seconds then again contract and release.

Try to stop it for 5 sec in the starting of practice. Better results will be seen when you could stop it for 10 seconds. Try practicing kegel exercise trice a day. It is entirely safe and has no side effects.



Another significant exercise which can tighten your vagina up to a great extent naturally. Along with tightening the vagina squats also helps you to gain a good shape. It is one the major exercise adapted by fitness model and bodybuilders. Squats mainly stretch and develop the thighs and hips, but between this two major muscular parts, the vaginal area also gets tightened.

Squats can be easily performed without any extra gym appliances.  You just need to stand on your feet keeping a distance of more than the width of your waist between each foot. Keep toes straight at 30 degrees and make sure your feet are on an equal line and equal plain.

Now keeping your elbow outwards and both hands on your waist start doing sits ups without bending your Backbone. Squats don’t mean that it will only enhance the tightening of the vaginal area, apart from this it will also provide strength and stamina. Just make sure yourself if you are practising it properly or not.

Pelvic Stretch

Pelvic Stretch

This exercise is very similar to squats, but here in this exercise, the whole focus remains on pelvic floor muscle. It is the only muscle which should be tightened to gain a constricted vagina.

  • So to perform this exercise, you must have a standard wooden chair with no handstand.
  • Sit on the particular chair and put your palms on your knees.
  • Your elbows should remain flapped outwards, and your upper body weight must lean on your thighs to do it properly.
  • Now spread out your arms and pull up your chest upward and start folding pelvis inside.
  • Remember while practicing this exercise front pelvis rim of should rise and keep lowering the back rim randomly.

Leg Pull Ups

It is a straightforward and effective exercise which can tighten your vagina within a month. But for faster and more beneficial result you should perform it regularly. The training can be easily done by laying on your back in a straight position. After laying back start raising your legs one by one without bending the knees. And an additional movement of legs in sideways can give much better results. As a whole, it will provide strength to back, core legs and Vagina.

Yoga Practicing

The best of the best solution to tighten the loose vagina. Yoga tones up the muscles in a magical way. If you practice yoga with all its rules and regulation, you will receive unbelievable outcomes. Poses as, like Bridge, child are the best pose for strengthening and tightening your muscles of the pelvic floor. To perform such exercise one needs an excellent flexibility and breath control. Apart from tightening and strengthening the vagina, it can leave many other positive effects.

Home Remedies to Tighten Vagina Naturally

Out in nature, there are several natural herbs which can help you to make your loosened vagina walls tight again. Some of the major ones are listed below:

Curcuma Comosa

Mainly this herb is used to overcome the menstrual cramps. It can also help you to get rid of hot flashes and dry skin. Comosa significantly works in reducing the fat deposition around the vaginal wall and help to tighten it. It also protects the vaginal wall from slipping forward (Prolapsing).

Pueraria Mirifica

The herbs help naturally in tightening your vagina walls by assisting the genital tissue proliferation. It also helps in the stabilization of hormones and estrogen levels. Primarily the herb is used for breast enlargement.

Oak Apple

Also, known as Oak Gall (manjakani) is one of the all the primary herbs found in Thailand. The herb has been used as vaginal tightening from ancient times. Astringent and phytoestrogens are the unusual properties of it which help to strengthen the muscularity of vaginal walls. For faster results, the extracted juice of Oak Apple can be directly rubbed or massaged on the vaginal area.

Witch Hazel

One of the most useful herb to regain the tightness of the vagina naturally. Its astringent property helps to achieve a tight and young looking vagina. The bark of the Witch Hazel should be crushed into a fine powder then mix some water in it to form a thick paste. Half an hour massage of the paste once in a week can make your vagina tight.