Things that can Happen When you Sleep in Wrong Position

Posted on Updated on 21 February, 2019

Ever heard of the sleep paralysis and wondered what syndrome could be causing it? or what if it happens to you as well! Well, for some it might sound creepy, but to the victims, they crave for a cure. Caused by REM (rapid eye movement) during the sleep, it has the most facile cure – a good sleeping position. A simple thing shedding light on the relevance of a sleeping posture is a ‘stiff neck’. Often it takes a couple of days to drizzle down to the normal condition.

Here is a briefing of a few things that you might experience when deprived of a sound sleep:

  • Tingling in arms or hands and numbness

Ever experienced a ticklish pain gradually becoming a vexing chronic muscle pain, shortly after you woke up? This tingling sensation is caused simply due to sleeping in the wrong position. The wrong position does not imply that you must sleep in a particular position always; it rather indicates the uneasiness faced by some of the body muscles that eventually flunk to function with maximal efficiency when you wake up. The facile cure to it is mending your sleeping postures and paying greater heed towards finding that optimal sleep position. No medication, no doctor visits require; just a little heed towards yourself will cut down these money squanders.

  • Irritated wrist or elbow nerves

The aforesaid tingling or numbness may also be caused due to bending of elbow and wrist for prolonged periods. Like gripping your pillow or bed sheet with a death grip. Such activities are sure to cause irritation in your nerves and elbow or wrist muscles once you wake up. Such postures primarily affect the ulnar and medial muscles of the body to get irritated and cause immense vexation. You might have had a bosting sleep but this irritation seems to doom your entire day in a flick of a second.

  • Impact on dreams

From nightmares to lucid dreams to even sleep paralysis; surprisingly these abnormalities can be done away with, by mending sleeping postures. Initially it might sound strenuous to hit the quintessential position; however, these annoying cats can be controlled to a great extent through this. Considering the scientific rationale behind the nightmares and sleep paralysis, they usually occur due to muscle freeze or sleeping in an uncomfortable way unknowingly.

  • Lower back pain in females

Especially for the spondylitis patients, sleeping with the spine well aligned with the body is of dire importance. Wrong sleeping postures have been observed to cause lower back pain in women largely. You might want to consider changing the mattress or rather buying a platform bed foundation to fix this. One such company proffering a premier solution to this is Awara. Building a range of ‘adjustable mattress’, they have aided a galore of people to find their best fit, when it comes down to mattresses. The Nectar Bed Frame with Headboard comes with 100 nights’ trial and 3 years’ warranty. It is beautified with modern design and sturdy at the same time, to elevate your bedroom’s elegance. The upholstered headboard is featured with a button-tufted fabric, silky soft to the touch, to make your sleeping experience luxurious.   If not Nectar then you can also resort to Dreamcloud, a yet another commendable, mattress manufacturer, proffering a range of mattress to cater a wide spectrum of needs.

  • Chronic aches

Sleeping on your stomach for longer time periods can strain your back badly, resulting in acute backaches for a prolonged time. While it is a good suggestion for the snorers to sleep on their back to abstain from snoring, on the other hand, it also has an adverse effect of stressing your back and yielding acute back and cervical pains. One yet another bosting but clichéd remedy to it is taking sound sleep. Taking at least 8 hours of sleep every day can largely help resolve the issue. A wise recourse to keep a track of your sleep is a sleep cycle calculator, that will help you in the long run. Also, check out the five stages of sleep to understand how sleep can influence your health.

  • Neck pain

As aforesaid, neck and cervical pains might result from wrong sleeping positions. Not to omit, they can even be caused due to oversleeping on a very hard or very loose mattress. To be precise, everybody has a different type and different requisites. Same becomes applicable while choosing mattresses. Find your body type and select the mattress that best fits it. if that flunks to helpfully, resort to changing your sleeping postures over time.

  • Breathing difficulties/Sleep apnea

A typical sleeping disorder found in every 8 out of 10 people is – sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition where a person snores much loudly than he/she normally does, in an unnatural way. The prime cause operating behind is the prolonged sleeping on the back, which curbs the normal oxygen supply to the lungs, eventually making the person to snore louder. A boosting remedy to it can be proper power nap time to extend your sleeping soundness and hence keep a check of such vexing activities. Make power nap your secret weapon and increase your energy and alertness, thereby increasing your efficacy.

  • Cardiovascular diseases

Standing equivalent to cancer, cardiovascular diseases or heart diseases, in simple language, have engulfed a number of people and till date, it continues to. Despite many trials by the concerned firms and doctors, most of us tend to pay zero heeds to its visible causes. However, not to worry because it is never too late to incept with any good thing. Choose from a wide variety of mattresses from Levelsleep, and sleep will come in pursuit of you. They have the lumbar support mattressmost enchanting as also a wide mattresses’ range for you to choose from. Just choose the one that suits your sleeping postures and body shape and boom! You are sure to have a much-ameliorated sleep schedule. One such suggestion can be of that has a lot to do with the lower back glitches and improvising them, though not heart directly.

  • Sluggish body and mood swings

A sound and undisturbed sleep defines your coming day to a great extent. A sleepy head tends to be annoyed at trivial issues, as compared to the ones who had a perfect sleep previous night. In case you are an insomniac, CBD oil for sleep can be sorcery for you. Being used since ages, this oil largely supports in normalizing your insomnia, eventually conquering it. Add a touch of comfort to your overall surroundings by resorting to the commendable collection of casual home rugs, proffered by Wovenlyrugs, a subtle blend of charm and subliminal medication, alongside proper physical exercise, a healthy diet and so.

Hitting the bottom line, nothing can be achieved overnight. It might feel exasperating at first; however, mending your sleeping postures goes a long way and yields long term benefits for sure. Adding a few hours to your sleep may flunk, however, a few hours of sound sleep is seldom squandered. So next time you sleep, make sure you not just catering your body single sided, rather taking care of the overall fitness.