The 5 Best Inner-Thigh Exercises of All Time

Posted on Updated on 8 May, 2017

In the urge of getting in shape we do a lot of vigorous exercises, but, what many of us overlook is the inner-thigh. Inner-thighs as every other part of our body requires as much attention and strength training. With well-toned inner thighs, you get stronger legs and who doesn’t like to flaunt those shapely legs, be it a man in his cool beach shorts or a woman in her sporty tennis outfit. The best inner thigh workouts can be done right at home if you follow the instructions carefully.

Best Inner Thigh Exercises

Perform one of these workouts given below or do a combination of the following inner thigh exercises to tone your inner thigh muscles faster and flaunt those strong, shapely legs. However, it is always recommended to consult a physiotherapist or a certified trainer to decide which exercises are best suited for your body type and strength and to what extent. So, go ahead and read on this list of well-chosen inner thigh workouts preferred by different well-known fitness experts.

Machine Adduction

This exercise can be performed with the help of specialized machines for strengthening the hips and toning the thighs. Doing a hip adductor workout allows you to isolate the muscles of the inner thighs as you get to concentrate on exactly the weight you require for the area. To begin with, sit on the adduction machine placing wide the leg pads and directing them against the inner part of your calves. Now, take a grip of the handles and stabilize your position and squeeze together your thighs. Do this gradually, in a controlled manner. Release then back slowly returning to the starting position. However, you need to do this without the moving weights coming in contact with the stack. You can perform hip adductor exercises as a warm up before beginning the more extreme forms of inner thigh exercises. You can use light weight for this workout. Ideally, you can do few sets of 10 to 20 repetitions.

Ball Leg Lifts

Make your basic workout a little more challenging and muscle strengthening with an exercise ball. Exercise balls are a great way to build up strength in your muscles, and a daily routine of ball leg lifts will surely tone up your inner thighs. To do this exercise, simply lie on the floor on one side keeping the arms crossed in the front. Beginners can, however, make this challenging pose somewhat easier by bending the bottom elbow such that the head can rest on the hand. Doing this, hold a big exercise ball in between the feet. Now, lift the ball upwards slowly with the help of your butt and hip muscles. Then, gradually come back to the start position. This completes the first repetition. Doing this exercise in repeats of 15, in sets of three is sure to tone up your inner thighs and strengthen your core in a short time.

Warrior One

Do this exercise to get gorgeous inner thighs in a few months. To begin with, come to a plank position such that your hands and feet support your entire body weight. Now, put forward your right foot, just beside your right hand. Doing this, slightly rotate the left foot outward. You will be able to feel the outer side of the foot touching the floor. Next, lift your arms above the head. You will be using your thigh muscles and the core for controlling the arm movement. The leg in the front should be 45 to 90 degrees bent at the knee. You need to hold in this posture for 5 deep breaths. Repeat the same for the left part of the body. Do this exercise for several rounds, going on increasing as you gain your strength.


To perform this unique thigh trainer exercise you will need to get yourself a workout slider like the gliding core discs. Alternately, you can use a small hand towel to be placed underneath one of your shoes. The exercise needs to be performed on a smooth surface. Now, begin by squatting down once the slider has been placed in position. Push the leg with the slider horizontally, taking it away from the body. To get the best results from this move, try to push as wide and as little as you possibly can. Ideally, you can do repetitions of 10 for each leg move for a set of three. However, you can decrease or increase the count depending on your strength level.

Cossack Squat

This workout offers just the right strength training stimulus to the lower body toning the inner thighs and the glutes. To do this exercise, stand on your feet and place them apart such that they are set wider than the width of your shoulder. Let your arms be on their sides, relaxed. Now, squat to your left, going as deep as you can and at the same time, turn up the toes on your right, flexing your right foot. While you make this move, the right leg maintains being straight while the torso slightly bends forward to help with the balance. Shoot out your arms straight from the shoulders and gently come back to the starting position. Repeat this step for the opposite side. This completes one repetition. You can perform 10 to 12 repetitions in sets of 2 to 4.

Importance of Inner-Thigh Exercises

Fitness experts always recommend using a set of inner-thigh workout on a regular basis to tighten your gams within a very short period. With strong, shapely thighs to complement your body, you naturally feel healthy and attractive. Inner thigh exercises are also often recommended by dance teachers. As because, using these exercises on a regular basis helps stabilize outward rotational movements during dance performances. Strong inner thigh muscles allow a dancer to stabilize in position and provide support in performing rotational movements in standing and also, aid when the legs are lifted in a turnout. Strong adductors let the dancer perform swift and agile in movements. Strengthening the inner thigh muscles are also imperative for sportspersons. This is because, in sports, the inner thighs are in particularly prone to injury owing to the heavy leg activities. This makes the exercises indispensable for building a correct posture, strength, and stamina of the inner-thighs.