The 10 Best Abs Exercises of All the Time

Posted on Updated on 16 May, 2017

10 Abs Exercise that will Give You a Sexy Body

Workout of abs is quite necessary as it helps in preventing the back pain, increasing the flexibility, giving a boost to agility apart from giving sexy six-pack abs. The general rule behind having great abs is to try out slow and concentrated reps rather than working out at a very fast pace so that you would be able to save your precious time and efforts. Now let us see the top 10 exercises that can help in making toned abs: –

Landmine 180

Landline 180 is a very useful exercise for the abs as it consists of components which are both anti-rotational as well as rotational. It also has functional movement involved in it. For performing Landmine 180, you can use attachments that come along with the landmine or by holding the barbell.

¾ Sit Ups

The Sit-ups has been used for ages, and it comes up with various variations so that you can choose a version of sit-ups accordingly condition you are facing any back problem. If you are willing to add difficulty to your actual sit-up exercise, you can perhaps go for Froggy-style. For this version of sit up, you would require moving your knees to the side and further reduce the involvement of hip flexor.

Sledge Hammer Swings

Sledge Hammer Swings are a wonderful way to work out your abs. Swings help in the movements of your shoulders, arms, abs, and serratus. The different version of tier and sledgehammer would be using sandbags and club bells.

Bottoms Up

Bottoms up is considered as one of the best exercises for abs which are the combination of two exercises such as hip raise and reverse crunch. Set your starting position by lying down on the mat and raising your legs up at 90 degrees and then lift your butt from the mat. Pause for a few seconds and get back to the starting position.

Cross Body Crunch

Cross Body Crunch is an excellent abs exercise which involves almost every part of the body. Cross Body Crunch need to be performed by lying flat on the floor and bending the knees at 60 degrees. Keep the hands on the head and feet lying straight on the floor. This step is considered as the starting position of this exercise. Now try bringing in the left knee towards your left shoulder and curl the shoulder and elbow towards the body. Now repeat the same for the other part of the body. Now continue performing this exercise for a prescribed number of repetitions on an alternate basis.

Decline Reverse Crunch

We have seen that most people have difficulty performing leg raises and tend to use hip flexion rather than their abs. To accomplish this lie down on the decline bench and try to hold the bench on the top. This is considered as the starting position. After this try to position yourself in a way such that the floor is parallel to the legs and feet and knees are joined so that abs are getting the stress. Try to move the legs towards the torso while exhaling and then try to raise the hip up from the decline bench such that it touches your chest. Try to squeeze for few seconds while moving the leg back to the starting position. Repeat the following mentioned steps for the desired number of repetitions.

Ab Roller

The ab roller is an exercise that makes your abs toned. The ab roller works out on the spinal extension giving new definition to the Lats and Serratus. To perform the following exercise bend down on your knees and try holding the Ab Roller with both hands. This is considered as the starting position. Try to roll the ab roller such that you are in a straight position giving relevant stress to your abs. Pause for a few seconds and then move back to the starting position. Repeat this exercise for a desired number of reps.


One of the primary functions of planks is to stabilize the core against various external forces and even our energy. To perform plank try to position yourself in a push-up position with distance more than shoulder width. Try to squeeze the glutes so that you can stabilize the body and place the toes on the floor. Try looking out to a point on the floor and try to keep your back and head in line with each other. Try holding the position for 25 seconds and keep increasing the time interval once you are used to the exercise.

Spider Crawl

Spider Crawl is an exercise for the abs and performs on all the parts of the abdomen such as Flexion, Rotation as well as anti-extension. To make the exercise more effective try to stay on the ground as little as possible. To perform the spider crawl get yourself ready in the push-up position and then lower yourself down such as your nose almost touches the ground. You should position yourself in a way such that you will feel you are crawling on the floor. Try to crawl back to the starting position. Perform this exercise again for a desired number of times.

One Arm Side Bend with the help of High Pulley

This is a great exercise for having a sexy oblique. To perform this exercise, move the cable to the highest pulley with a handle connected to it. Using underhand grip grab the handle by standing at the side of the wire. Try to pull down the cable such that the elbow touches the side of the body. Now position the feet at the should-width apart and try to contract the oblique when you try to bring down the weight in a side crunch position. Try to squeeze as much as possible and then move back to the starting position by releasing the weight slowly. Repeat the following moves on the other side of the body for a desired number of times.