Home Remedies for Stuffy Nose

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

Natural Way to Get Rid of Stuffy Nose

At one point or the other, a person can experience a stuffy nose characterized by difficulty in breathing.  The problem in breath is mainly as a result of swelling and inflammation of the lining of sinuses as well as nasal passages. Some people refer to the stuffy nose as nasal congestion. A stuffy nose can be caused by; allergies, cold and flu among others. Nasal congestion can come with several other complications such as; headaches, facial pain, and running nose. These make nasal congestion to be very discomforting forcing one to think of the various ways to get rid of nasal congestion. The following are some of the techniques of getting rid of a stuffy nose;

Take Allergy Medicines

As pointed out earlier, one of the causes of stuffy nose is an allergy. If the cause of stuffy nose is as a result of the allergic reaction, then taking allergy medicine can be a solution. The other name for allergy medicines is antihistamines. The body’s immune system reacts to allergic materials by producing histamine. Histamine is believed to trigger the inflammatory effect along the lining of the nasal passage.  An antihistamine medicine destroys histamine, and that suppresses the inflammation in the lining of the nasal passage. It is advisable if one finds out that he or she is allergic to something, he or she should avoid the allergens since prevention is better than cure.

Use of Decongestants

A decongestant (1) is a form of medication which can either take spray form or pill form. Decongestants not only deal with the swelling in nasal passages but also help in reducing the pain due to nasal congestion. You can buy decongestants from local pharmacies. Decongestants should be taken carefully as per prescription. However, decongestants should not be used regularly, more than three days, without doctor’s supervision. You should seek medical advice once you notice persistence of nasal congestion despite the use of decongestants.

Warm Compress Method

In this method, an individual places a warm cloth either around the nose or the forehead. The warm cloth is first soaked in a basin of warm water then squeezed. This method helps in relieving the pain resulting from the stuffy nose as well as dealing with the inflammation in the lining of nasal passages. This process should be repeated severally in a day for efficiency.



Hydration means taking fluids like water. Taking fluids helps in thinning of mucus in the nasal passages. Once the mucus becomes thin, it can smoothly flow out reducing the inflammation effect in nasal passages. This, in turn, reduces the pressure on sinuses thus relieving pain. Water is the highly recommended fluid because it also helps in removing toxins in the body.

Taking Hot Shower

hot shower

Taking a hot shower can also help in getting rid of stuffy nose. The hot water helps to thin out the mucus in the nasal passage. Thin mucus then easily flow out of the nostrils thus reducing inflammation in nasal passages. Moreover, breathing in steam from hot water is also said to help. The steam also helps to thin out the mucus.

Use of Garlic


Garlic is said to alleviate nasal congestion due to its antibacterial properties. By adding garlic to meals, one can get rid of stuffy nose. One can also breathe garlic steam to quicken recovery from nasal congestion.

Use of a Humidifier

Breathing of too dry air can cause inflammation of the sinus. In such a situation, a humidifier can be of great importance. A humidifier helps to moisten the air in a room, therefore, reducing the inflammation effect in the sinus. Nevertheless, a humidifier also thins out the mucus in the nasal passages. This, in turn, helps in the flowing of mucus out the nostrils reducing the inflammation.

Use of Nasal Saline Spray

The nasal saline spray helps in moistening of nostrils. Moistening of noses thins out the slime in the nasal passage. Once the mucus thins, it readily flows out reducing the inflammation. Nasal saline spray can be good substitutes for a humidifier.

Use of a Neti Pot

neti pot

A neti pot is a designed container to flush out the nasal passages. Mucus and other fluids that cause inflammation can be flushed out using a neti pot. Neti pot is most efficient when it comes to clogged nostrils.

Eat Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is believed to dry mucus in the sinus. Moreover, it is also believed to be an anti-inflammatory thus reducing congestion in the nasal passage. A sprinkling of cayenne pepper in your meals is of great importance if you are suffering from stuffy nose. One can also prepare tea from cayenne pepper. One should add a ¼ teaspoon of cayenne pepper to a glass of boiling water. This is one of the home remedies one can use to get rid of nasal congestion fast.

Taking Peppermint Tea

Peppermint helps in opening up of nasal passages. Peppermint also thins the mucus in nasal passages thus reducing inflammation in the sinus. Since the stuffy nose is mainly as a result of inflammation, peppermint can be of great help when it comes to getting rid of nasal congestion.

Making a Hot Ginger Compress

Ginger is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger tea helps in curing congestion of nasal passages. You can prepare Ginger water by placing a piece of ginger in boiling water, covering and simmering over low heat.  Simmering should take around 25 minutes. Ginger water is then allowed to cool so that it can’t burn body skin. This method is among the home remedies available to deal with a stuffy nose.

Giving a Soothing Massage to Your Face

Many people consider massage as a good reliever of pain. Massage can also be of great help in dealing with a stuffy nose. If one has a nasal congestion, massaging sinuses increases circulation in nasal passages. This helps in opening up of nasal passages as well as relieving pain caused by nasal congestion. Massaging of the outer edge of nostrils, at the base of the nose, should be done severally in a day for efficiency.

Use of Onion

onion juice

Onion can act as a good decongestant. Onions usually have a pungent smell that can open up nasal passages. Inhaling onions severally in a day can help in getting rid of stuffy nose.



Eucalyptus steam provides instant relief in case one is suffering from nasal congestion. The steam opens up sinuses. Moreover, the steam also thins the mucus in the nasal passage. Once the slime thins, it flows out reducing inflammation of nasal passage. An individual should add eucalyptus oil to boiling water and breathe the steam. One can also add eucalyptus oil to bathing water (if you are taking a hot bath).


Stuffy noses are usually very discomforting. This makes it very difficult for an individual to ignore it. The above methods are of great importance in case one notices any signs of nasal congestion. It is of great help for an individual to identify the cause of stuffy nose before deciding the treatment method. The cause of nasal congestion gives you a hint of the best home remedy to use. For instance, when an allergen causes nasal congestion, use of antihistamines is appropriate whereas if caused by dry air, use of a humidifier is most appropriate.  In case of persistence of nasal congestion despite the use of home remedies, an individual should seek medical attention.