Home Remedies for Snoring

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

Have you ever got irritated or frustrated with the bad habit of snoring from your partner? Have you woken up yourself with your snoring and thinking how I shall stop this? Snoring is not bad, as many people snore occasionally.

It is a natural process that happens when you sleep in relaxing state. If it is severe, it may disrupt the sleeping patterns, cause insomnia and it will also lead to irritability in both the snorer one and the other who is lying with the snorer.

It is essential to know that snoring can also be the indication of sleep apnea, which is the life taking a dangerous condition that necessarily needs the medical attention. It is the disease that is caused by the breathing obstruction that awakens the sleeper from which point that person begins to breathe again.

Usual snoring doesn’t affect the sleep quality as much as sleep apnea does. During the day, if you feel fatigue, exhaustion or sleepiness, your issue might be more than just snoring. This is the time to visit your doctor.

As mentioned above, snoring also causes insomnia that is the massive problem for many people. So, how to stop this sound while sleeping? It is essential to know precisely why and how you are snoring if you want to stop it. After understanding, many solutions will help to eliminate snoring so that everyone can sleep in peace without being always tired.

How to Stop this Problem Naturally?

How is it defined? Snoring is caused due to the lack of free moving air through the throat and nose while in sleep. When this occurs, the tissues vibrate, which then lead to the annoying sound of snoring.

People who snore more often usually have more nasal and throat tissue that is also known as uvula that vibrates more than others. Not only this but also the position of the tongue also come in the way of smooth breathing. It might even occur when the muscles of the throat are relaxed. While sleeping, the tongue falls back to the throat, and its walls might get vibrate.

Everyone needs a peaceful sleep, including the partners who don’t snore. If you are unable to sleep because of snoring, it might lead to serious health issues like depression, weight gain, hormonal problems, damage of brain, stroke, heart diseases, the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

Sleeping on Your Side

If the snoring is minor, this is the best trick to go through. The biggest problem is how to keep you on the side. Using the pillow of the body is useful in maintaining that position.

While sleeping in this position, it can prevent the untoned and relaxed muscles in the throat from blocking the breathing passage. The best and old remedy is to tape a ball on the back of your lower, so you don’t sleep on your back. If your bed has a recline control, you can even set that in the head-up position, which will open the passages of nasal.

Goldenseal and Peppermint Oil


If you snore because of the congestion in nasal or chest, pure oil of peppermint will help you with it. It is the best oil if you want relief from a sore throat and congestion in nasal passageways.

Goldenseal is one of the ingredients that can be used to get relief from nasal passage and congestion in chest. It is usually found in the form of powder, capsules, and liquid. Take the herbal tea on a regular basis that includes peppermint or goldenseal in it. Make sure you don’t consume the beverage filled with caffeine, as it can prevent sleep.

Fenugreek and Spearmint

Fenugreek Seeds

Digestion is another factor that plays an essential role in sleeping patterns, and it leads to snoring. Both the ingredients are helpful that may prevent snoring from digestive problems caused mainly due to indigestion. Both of them helps the body to keep you away from the acid and hence, decrease snoring while you go to sleep.

Fenugreek helps to fight with sleep apnea and improve digestive problems, while spearmint also helps to get rid of indigestion that is the cause of snoring.

Vitamin C

vitamin c

Sinus to any person obstruct the airways that open the mouth and uvula, the fleshy extension that hangs above the throat, vibrates and then it leads to night snore. Vitamin C helps in prevention of snoring as it keeps the immune system active. If the immune system is excellent, it will also clear the sinus problem.

Some of the best Vitamin C foods contain pineapple, red bell pepper, papaya, and broccoli.

Peppermint and Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus is something that helps to get rid of chest colds. You may apply its oil in many different ways that will provide you snore-free night. Put its leaves in the steamer and breath through your nose and mouth; it will help to clear your sinus problem.

You can also consider using the bowl of steam by putting your head over the bowl of warm water and cover it with the cloth or towel so that you may inhale the steam from your nose and mouth. Also, don’t forget ass five drops of peppermint and eucalyptus oils in it. While taking the steam, be careful as it will be hot and can burn you as well.

Do the method before going to bed as it helps to clear the airways and decrease inflammation in the nasal passages.

Oral Appliance

It is essential to consult your dentist while getting oral appliance as it helps in changing the openness of airways, avoiding the obstruction when you go to sleep. The oral appliance fits in the mouth like a sports guard or orthodontic retainer. It also gives the support to the jaw in a forward position that helps to maintain the upper airway.

Get Your Weight of Body Back in Shape

If you have extra weight, especially on the neck, leads to the throat to get narrow while you lie down. It leads to a lot of snoring. Weight reduction leads to happy and healthier sleep with other benefits related to health. It is the best solution for people who are looking for the ways to stop snoring.

Get a Humidifier


Dry air leads to problems of snoring because it makes the throat and nasal membranes dehydrated, which leads to congestion. Congestion is something that keeps the natural pattern of breathing away and also leads to the tissues to vibrate.

Humidifier allows you to help by eliminating the dry air that provides comfort to the body, automatically enabling the body for natural breathes. You may also consider adding oil to the humidifier.

Limited Alcohol or Try to Avoid It

Many people think that drinking relaxes them, snoring will occur if the tongue and throat are relaxed. Alcohol is the problem as it gives the extremely comfortable state that leads to snoring. Not only you will snore, but it will make the snoring worse. Limit the consumption of alcohol that you take or just avoid it to get the better sleep at night.

Try to do Tongue and Throat Exercises Regularly

A dominant tongue and throat might help to prevent over-relaxation of the throat. Try to put your lower and upper molars together gently. Open your mouth, focus on pressing the molars wide apart but don’t overstretch. Repeat the process 15-20 times, and you will start feeling the back of the mouth is getting opened.

Avoid Taking Large Meals and Dairy Products Late at Night

Drinking milk or other liquid products late at night makes the snoring worse because it leaves the mucus in your throat and mouth. The mucus leads to the blockage of airways.

Also, try not to eat the large meals before going to bed. When your stomach gets full, it might push up against the diaphragm and affects breathing.

Which kind of Snorer are You?

It is essential to know this as it helps in determining what type of snorer you are to pinpoint how you may stop to snore. Taking your time to understand this and why you do, it helps in finding the better solution and get a good night sleep.

If you want to figure it out, ask your partner to monitor your snoring time. By taking a look at it, you’ll get to know about the reasons for snoring and also why it gets worse.

1-Mouth Shut Snorer

If you snore with mouth closed, it might indicate the problem with your nasal passageways and tongue.

2-Mouth Open Snorer

If you do the snoring with your mouth open, this might be the indication that the throat tissues are causing you to snore. If it is obstructed, you are already apt to try to force getting the more air, which leads to snoring.

3-Back Snorer

When you sleep on your back, it causes you to breathe with your mouth. This makes the snoring even worse.

4-A snorer in every position

If you do the snoring in every position, this might be the sign of serious health concerns, like sleep apnea. It is vital to visit your doctor if it is so loud that it is keeping your partner awake. You might be in need of more approach or details from the healthcare provider to know how to stop snoring if this is the case you are facing.

From the snoring voice, you may think that it is only coming because of the lousy digestion, but the truth is, it may affect so many other things. There are so many different diseases from which you are snoring. If you are getting it regularly, it is better to consult your doctor.