Sleeping with television on may cause weight gain among women: Study

Sleeping with television on may cause weight gain among women: Study

Women who have a habit to go off to sleep having a television or any other kind of artificial light on at night have an elevated risk of obesity or weight gain, as per a new study.

For the study, a questionnaire data was gathered from around 40,000 women aged between 35 to 74 years. The participants were questioned about the kind of sleeping habits. Besides, they were also asked if they went to sleep in complete darkness or if they slept with the artificial light coming from a TV on or nightlight.

The body mass index and weight measurements of the women were gathered in the starting of the study and later compared with the new follow-up data 5 years later.

The findings of the study showed that the women were 17% likely to gain around 11 or more pounds weight over a 5 year time frame if they went to sleep with a TV on or with other light on in their room than compared those who went to sleep in complete darkness or with nightlight. On the other hand, going to sleep with a light switched on outside of the room caused a minor weight gain, as per the study.

Though the study has not explained the relation between sleeping with weight and artificial light, but still, the researchers hope that it would help give women that dose off with artificial light a means to enhance their health.


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