Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

Posted on Updated on 25 May, 2017

Pregnancy, one of the best phases of a woman’s life. It is the time when a pregnant woman starts getting the feeling of motherhood. Her sudden transformation from an independent woman to a responsible mother completes her life in all aspects.

Although a beautiful phase but it comes with certain difficulties like sleeping problems, frequent vomiting, restlessness, swelling of different body parts, and many other things. We are here to discuss some of the sleeping positions during pregnancy that will not affect your sleep in this beautiful period.

Sleeping by the side, by the stomach, and by back are the most prominent sleeping positions. Now we need to understand which sleeping position is safe for the baby and comfortable for the pregnant mother. Most of the gynecologists suggest pregnant women have a sound sleep. But how can a pregnant mother expect to sleep comfortably when she is carrying a baby in her tummy. It is tough to sleep comfortably and find the best sleeping position. There are only three sleeping positions. Out of the 3, sleeping by stomach and sleeping by back are strongly avoided by the doctors as both of these sleeping positions are highly unsafe for the mother and her baby.

Sleep by Left Side During Pregnancy

Sleep by Left Side During Pregnancy
credit: babycenter

The first and the most common sleeping positions that most of the pregnant women have liked so far is sleeping on side position. This position is considered one of the best positions and if you sleep on your left side, then it is even better. If you sleep on your left side, the rate of blood flowing through your baby will increase, and he or she will get more nutrients as compared to sleeping on your right side.

How to sleep by left side:

  • Turn yourself to the left side and bend your legs and knees.
  • You may take a pillow and put in between both of your legs.
  • In case, you have back pain; you can use another pillow and put in under your abdomen.
  • In last months of your pregnancy, you may find a problem in breathing properly so you can try this sleeping position and rest peacefully.

You may find these solutions a bit uncomfortable as of now, but when you are pregnant, you can get relief from this method of sleeping.  It is obvious that you will change your positions due to discomfort at night but maintaining this position for hours can give you a sound sleep.

Sleep On Your Back During Pregnancy

Sleep On Your Back During Pregnancy
credit: mumjunction

The second position that we suggest here is to sleep on your back. Well, this position is good and acceptable in the first trimester of your pregnancy, but if you are in your second or third trimester, it is advised to avoid this posture. In the first three months, you find it difficult to adapt yourself to these pregnancy changes. If you are used to sleeping on your back, then you can continue to do so in the first few months’ time only.  But make sure you change this habit with time as it will start exerting pressure on your baby and it may harm him or her unnecessarily.

Sleep with Many Pillows

Sleep with Pillows During Pregnancy

The last but not the least position that is good for pregnancy is to sleep with as many pillows as you can. Sleeping with as many pillows as you can,  is again a comfortable sleeping position. You can put a pillow under your head, under your legs, and below your stomach. A kind of pillow for the full body will support your body and give you a sound sleep.

Hopefully, this information helped you to understand which sleeping position is better and why?