Simple Tips on How to Do A Manicure at Home

Simple Tips on How to Do A Manicure at Home

Hands are as soft and gentle as your face. Taking care of hands hygiene is important as we feed ourselves with our hands. Dirty hands mean we are intaking bacteria with our food. Beautiful and soft hands are a symbol of beauty just like a supple face is. Everybody cannot afford to go to expensive spas to get those soft and gentle hands every time. However, following simple daily regime and doing Manicure at home makes it possible for everyone to have those beautiful hands.

Wash Your Hands Regularly.

Keeping your hands clean is essential. Use a gentle moisturizing hand soap to keep your hands clean after doing every activity. This will ensure you have clean hands and accidently you do not intake germs while eating anything. Not only while eating, you even put your hands on your face several times in a day. Sometimes when you are thinking, or you are too stressed, or likewise, you tend to keep your hands on your face. And if your hands are not clean you are only transferring those germs to your face.

Keep Your Hands Moisturized.

After washing or otherwise as well, you may feel dryness in your hands. This is normal. If your hand wash is not pH balancing, then you will feel the dryness in your hands. Keep a good hand’s moisturizer ready in your office cabinet, or your handbag, besides your hand washes in your washroom.

Apply Sunscreen When Moving Out.

Always you should apply a sunscreen all over your hands and arms when moving out. It should not change with the season. The sunscreen should be of at least SPF 24. Sunscreen has inorganic ingredients which reflect the light like the as white color. In the long term, a sunscreen helps you save yourself from dangers of skin cancer. When one steps out in the scorching sun, they are exposed to invisible rays which can cause your skin to darken and burn. Sunscreen helps you save yourself from these rays. It comes in lot many verities these days like lotion, sprays, gels and waxes for easy application.

Follow the Three-step Daily Routine.

Follow these three steps daily before going to bed to keep your hands healthy and beautiful.

  1. Wash your hands with a good moisturizing hand wash. One with small granules helps you clean your hands in more appropriate manner. Wash your hands with slow motion; this will allow the soap to gently leather up and act on the germs of your hands. After completely lathering up the soap in your hands, wash them with some water and pat dry.
  2. Now on these moistened hands apply a little scrub and wash your hands gently. Since your hands already have moisture from the previous step, this will allow scrub to work on your hands properly. You can even use anti-tan scrub which will help you remove any tanning or dark spots from your hands. Wash away your hands after cleaning your hands for around three minutes. Pat dry with a clean towel.
  3. Now drop coin sized moisturizer on your hands and apply it all over your hands. The moisturizer should be soaked into your hands thoroughly. Voila, your daily hand regime is complete towards healthy and beautiful hands.

Do Your Manicure at Home.

Follow these simple steps at home to manicure your hands for that perfect spa look.

  1. First, remove any nail paint from your nails using a good nail polish remover. You can use cotton pads to do this step. Drop some nail enamel remover on cotton pads and rub them over our nails. Now move gently from base to tip to remove the nail polish from your nails.
  2. After this, take a bowl with some warm water and drop in some shampoo into it. Soak your hands in this warm water for around five minutes. Do not soak for more than five minutes as too much soaking can damage the skin of your hands. Remove your hands from the bowl and pat them dry with a clean towel.
  3. Now your nails are soft enough. Cut them to the required length and shape. Now file them properly with a good filler.
  4. Apply some good cuticle cream around your nails and leave it for five minutes. Now gently remove the dead, overgrown cuticle to get that softer look for your hands. Push the cuticle back with a cuticle pusher. You should be gentle and slow in case you are using the cuticle remover for the first time. This is sharp so that you can remove cuticles quickly however if used without care can cause injury to your hands.
  5. Now apply a good scrub all over your hands and massage them gently for good ten minutes. It will help remove the dead skin from your hands. You can even make a home-based scrub which can be used Mix a tablespoon of salt with some olive oil or coconut oil and mix them well and apply it on your hands to scrub them well. The acidic nature of salt helps remove ingrown dirt and dead skin from your hands while oil keeps them moisturized. You can even mix some lemon juice to this mixture to give that de-tanning effect to your hands. After you are done scrubbing, wash your hands properly and pat them dry.
  6. Now make a home-based pack by mixing a tablespoon of curd with some gram flour and a pinch of turmeric and mix them well. Apply it all over your hands and arms and leave it for five minutes to act. Now gently scrub it over and remove it with a wet towel. While curd will moisturize your skin and gram flour will help to remove the dead skin. Turmeric will heal any small injuries and will whiten your skin. You can even mix some honey to this pack to get that soft, gentle feel on your arms and hands.
  7. Now take some good moisturizer and apply it all over your hands and arms and voila you manicure is done and that too at the ease of your home.

Color Your Nails (For Females Only).

After you are done with your manicure, you would like to wear a fresh nail paint. Apply two coats of your favorite color followed by a transparent top coat.

Remember that these nail paints are chemicals and you need to give rest to your nails occasionally to heal themselves form the harm these nail paints do to them. It’s advice that every weekend, you remove your old nail paint and leave your nails for a day un-coated. Apply some olive oil or vitamin E oil on the surface of uncoated nails to help them heal. If you continuously keep them covered with nail paint, they will start discoloring with time and will turn yellow. To avoid this, you must follow the steps mentioned above. And, remember always to use branded nail paints for your nails. Unbranded nail paints may harm the texture of your nails.

French Manicure Your Nails.

To do a French manicure, you need to buy a French manicure kit easily available in the market. The kit consists of a skin colored base cost, hard thick white coat for coloring the tips of the nails, U-shaped stickers to make the shape, and a transparent top coat. After following the ten steps as explained above, you need to apply the base coat all over your nails. Let it dry and then stick those U-shaped stickers on your nails. Now use the thick white nail paint on top of your nails to give that clean look and defined the shape. After this is also dry, remove those stickers from your nails. Now apply a top transparent coat to finish the look. French manicure gives that clean look to your nails.