Side Effects of Biotin on Health

Posted on Updated on 26 July, 2018

Biotin is also known as vitamin H which helps the body to convert the carbohydrates into glucose which is required for energy creation. It is a water-soluble vitamin which is responsible for growing longer and thicker hair. In addition, it helps the eyes, nervous system as well as liver to be in excellent condition.

Biotin can be easily found in a lot of stuff such as cauliflower, eggs, fish, whole grains, oats, etc. It also assists to metabolize the amino acids as well as fat which help the body to utilize the protein. Today in the following article, we are going to have a look at the side-effects of biotin on the health.

The Side-effects of Biotin on Your Health?

There are numerous side effects of biotin on the health, and few of them have been listed below:-

Allergic reaction

If you are taking biotin on a regular basis, then you may suffer from an allergic reaction. The allergic reaction could be anything such as swelling in the throat, pain in the chest, itchy rashes, nausea, etc.


Yes, you hear it right. Regular intake of biotin can lead to acne on the jawline as well as the chin. It causes an increase in the sebum production which leads to dirt accumulation of dirt as well as raptures. It is recommended that you consume plenty of water such that acne would not be developed further.

Harmful in pregnancy

Biotin can have serious health effect especially during the tie of pregnancy. So, it is advised that pregnant women don’t take a high dose of biotin as it can increase the chances of miscarriage.  So, it is always recommended that you consult a doctor before you consume biotin during the course of pregnancy.

Increase in the frequency of urination

If biotin is consumed on a regular basis, then there can be an increase in the frequency of urination. Also, you would also witness a lot of sweating due to high consumption of biotin.

Negative drug interactions

If you are using biotin on a regular basis, then it can have a negative impact with cholesterol-lowering and anti-seizure medication. Also, they might not work as efficiently as it used to work before and it can indeed make a significant effect on the symptoms caused by diabetes.

It can cause diarrhea

If you are an individual who consumes the following supplement on a high dose, then you can likely to suffer from cramps as well as diarrhea.  If such a situation comes in front of you, then it is highly recommended that you stop the intake of biotin from that situation onwards.

It can increase the blood glucose level

By recent studies, it has been known that high doses of biotin intake can lead to an increase in the production of fatty acids as well as fatty acids and they are certainly not recommended for diabetic persons.

So, if you are looking to take the dose of biotin, then it is recommended that you get a consultation from the doctor before you start off.

It can cause respiratory problems

In general, it is seen that the people who have taken a high dosage of biotin can have respiratory problems such as anaphylaxis. It is quite essential that you get in touch with a physician who would help you out in tackling the issues mentioned above.

Eosinophilic Pleuropericardial Effusion

A condition of Eosinophilic Pleuropericardial Effusion can occur if you consume a high intake of biotin. This can, in turn, transform into an infection which can undoubtedly be life-threatening.

It can lead to nausea

If you are taking biotin, then you are inevitably going to complain about mild nausea, especially during the beginning stage. With the period, you are going to get away with the side effects of nausea.

What are the things that you need to take care while you are using biotin?

Keep yourself away from smoking and alcohol

Regular intake and a high dose of drinking and smoking can make you dehydrated which may lead to biotin deficiency.

Don’t consume biotin on an empty stomach

You should keep in mind that you should not consume biotin on an empty stomach and you should consume them once you have taken the meals.

Drink a lot of water

Yes, consume a lot of water can solve multiple problems. So, if you are taking biotin, then it is recommended that you drink at least 2 liters of water such that you are not hydrated.

Consult the doctor

It is highly recommended that you take the consultation of the doctor before you start consuming biotin. Let your doctor know the health conditions that you might be suffering as well as if it is right to consume biotin. In addition, the doctor might also prescribe you the right dose for the intake of biotin.

Final verdict:

If you want smooth and long hairs, then biotin is the supplement that you should opt for. Make sure of the side effects that have been underlined above. If, you have any suggestions or queries, then do let us know below.