Secrets of Peta Murgatroyd Pre-wedding Diet and Workout Routine

Secrets of Peta Murgatroyd Pre-wedding Diet and Workout Routine

If you are reading this article, the chances are that you are an admirer of Peta Murgatroyd, the owner of the popular blog – All Things Fam and Glam or maybe one of her thousands of Instagram followers. This gorgeously toned celebrity is getting all geared up for her wedding by shedding! With only a few days left for Dancing with the Stars pro ‘Peta Murgatroyd’ to tie the knot with Maksim Chmerkovskiy, her fitness routine is in full swing.

Peta’s Training

Just about a few months back the hot-bod gave birth to a healthy baby boy. And now that her wedding bells are coming ringing, she has wasted no time in getting into the gym and fitness diet to get back in her best shape. Peta is getting her training from the well-known strength and conditioning coach – Tim Hartwig. This Los Angeles fitness coach primarily trains athletes, and he takes pride in the fact that Peta is using the same intense training as is given to Rashad Jennings before the football season.

The celebrity has been quite open about her weight loss struggles. She is known to have faced challenges with losing the baby weight loss issues even though she had been quite active during her pregnancy. We will have a look at previous weight loss challenges and her current workout regime. Read on to know these and more including her special diet secrets before the D-day arrives.

The Initial Challenge

This green-eyed New Zealand-born beauty had initially believed that she would get back to her original weight in a month of delivering her baby. However, she was surprised when getting rid of that post-pregnancy fat became a challenge. However, she did not let all that slow weight loss process disappoint her and is on her way to prove that “slow and steady wins the race!”

Peta’s Wedding Workout Routine

Peta works out five days a week. Out of these, three days she is coached by Hartwig while the rest of the two days she works out on her own.

Peta’s Fitness Goal

Hartwig says that the main goal of Peta’s fitness regime is to lose weight. However, unlike the traditional way of setting a goal for certain weight, the celebrity is simply focusing on the process. Peta’s fitness guru points out – “What we are focusing on is eliminating the scale.” Her coach reveals that Peta hasn’t scaled her weight loss so far. Their primary goal is to maximize the loss of the excess so that Peta can achieve a nice and lean look. The goal is to achieve a look that Peta is satisfied with. For Peta, the scales are not very important. For her, what matters most is if her clothes are fitting perfectly and how she feels in her own body. Thus, she is concentrating on a healthy balance of fitness and nutrition.

Peta’s Wedding Diet Secrets

Besides following an extensive workout pattern, the stunner has also switched to a different diet. Her special wedding diet stresses on more intakes of water and protein shake. Peta has lowered the intake of alcohol and has included a balanced dose of healthy carbs to her diet. She is eating quinoa, brown rice, and sweet potatoes.

Wedding Diet Meal Plan

Peta Murgatroyd’s meal plan includes three main meals in a day. In between, she is allowed to snack twice. Contrary to what most people believe, this celebrity trainer thinks it is vital to eat more rather than eat less. Because as you eat more, it also boosts up your metabolism which is a driving factor in using up the excess fat. Her trainer says that while carbs are good in the day time, it is wiser to cut them out in the evening. He stresses that for dinner sticking to protein is good enough, for example only chicken or fish. And, for snacking, Peta loves to munch on ripe avocados and cashews. Cashews are known to be high in fat, but most of this is monounsaturated fat. Replacing a diet of saturated fat with equal amounts of unsaturated fat it boosts weight and fat loss.

According to a 2009 study by Diabetes Care, a diet with high monounsaturated fat can be as effective in aiding weight loss as much as a diet of low fat – high carbohydrates. Plus, a moderate-fat diet is always recommendable to a low-fat diet as it increases the levels of cholesterol and triglyceride during the process of weight loss. Avocado helps similarly as this is loaded with monounsaturated fat. It lowers the levels of cholesterol, quells the pangs of hunger and the best part? It can even spot-reduce the fat deposits in the belly! The girl sure knows what she’s eating, and we can’t wait to see her beaming radiantly with her shapely frame draped beautifully in her wedding dress!

A Cheat Meal Once in a While

Like all of us on a weight-loss diet, the sweet tooth is sure to strike to test us! And, Peta is no exception. When she has these strong sweet cravings, her trainer let’s her give in (and you read that right!). Peta then loves to dig into a cup of fresh strawberries for a light dessert at dinner. Hartwig talks very positively of a cheat meal which is not that bad to indulge into “now and then.” Not only does this help one to get rid of the constant cravings and it is also a break from the monotonous meals every day.

A Message

Peta Murgatroyd is amongst the fittest celebrities and is greatly inspiring to the world as she shows how you need to take care of your bodies. Through her active lifestyle, she stresses on getting fitter in the right manner which should include a combination of exercise and proper eating. She feels that when your body doesn’t feel like working out it is only wiser to run a mile and then, begin from there, gradually, as your body can handle rather than pushing yourself. Even at 20 weeks in her pregnancy, the 30-year-old would keep herself active as she believes that an active pregnancy ensures you are in a better shape to safely deliver a healthy baby. And, now with only a few days left, the hot celebrity is all set to walk the aisle.