Tips to Reverse Cavities Naturally and Heal Tooth Decay with Home Remedies

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

The teeth are of the busiest part of the body day. Due to this, tooth-related infections are becoming a growing menace globally. One other reason why this is increasing can is traceable to people’s lifestyles. But the primary cause is poor dental hygiene.

Whatever is the cause, tooth-related problems rank as some of the most painful ailments you will ever experience? Many times, they come with headaches, toothaches, weaknesses all over the body, due to the pressures placed on the body’s immune system. Tooth decay and dental cavities are particularly the leading culprits in oral health challenges. And, against the belief by many that children aren’t affected by this infection, it could affect people of all age-groups.

We have done a detailed outline of causes and remedies, where applicable, for cavities to help you understand this problem and put in the necessary precautions. Let’s start with the meaning.

What is Dental Cavity?

Before we get too far, let’s start from the meaning of dental cavity. Dental cavities, which are also known as caries, are the openings on the teeth created by acids from certain bacteria in the mouth.

To see how these bacteria work, here is a simple explanation. The human body contains a considerable number of micro-organisms. These organisms include a pretty number of bacteria which are, typically, harmless to the body. But when they pile up on the teeth in what is called plagues, there is the likelihood of causing damage to the teeth. The acids these bacteria produce for the digestion of food may get to work on the soft parts of the teeth or enter the spaces around them creating what we cavities.

Ok, that’s a simple way to explain how cavities happen. But what are some of the major causes of tooth decay or dental cavities?

Causes and Signs of Cavities

There are many causes of dental cavities, but some of them are more common than the others. They will either cause or step-up the possibilities of getting you infected. But the primary cause of dental cavities is people’s lifestyle. Understandably, this means you can take deliberate actions to save yourself the pains and stress of having to deal with cavities.

Here are the common causes of dental cavities:

  • Poor oral hygiene.
  • Inadequate fluoride.
  • Poor eating habit and intake of substances or meals with hazardous materials to the teeth. Examples of these are frequent consumption of meals with a significant amount of carbohydrates, processed sugar and other teeth damaging substances. I need not repeat that bacteria grow and get more active in sugary foods and liquids.
  • Continued intake of food without the required minerals and vitamins.

Also, worthy of note here is badly done or poorly managed dental procedures leading to further damage to the teeth. Done with the causes, let’s consider some of the symptoms of dental cavities.

Symptoms of Dental Cavities

  • You may start noticing you have or are developing dental cavities when your tooth or teeth become very sensitive. The sensitivity ranges from mild pains to sharp ones.
  • Then you begin to develop a severe toothache.
  • You could notice dark stains on the surface of the tooth.
  • A proper check will reveal holes or gaps around your teeth.

Besides the fact that these conditions put so much pressure on your immune system, it may also lead to the loss of the affected teeth if you do not take care of them in time.

Having seen the symptoms, the causes and some other details of dental cavities, let’s now consider some natural remedies to dental cavities.

Everyday Natural Remedies For Cavities

The best way to prevent yourself from having cavities or stopping one from getting worse is to ensure proper dental hygiene. You will need to keep your mouth clean and healthy as much as you can. At the least, you should also brush your teeth in the morning and before going to bed at night. Flossing once a day will also be of help.

And, there are natural and everyday remedies that could be lifesavers too. The best part, you don’t have to look too far to get these materials. Let’s consider some of them.


clove to get rid of cavities naturally

Cloves contain a lot of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial substances making it a good fit for fighting cavities in a natural way. It also has analgesic properties that help kill the pain while the other properties work. You will not only have the infection treated, but it will also ensure it doesn’t spread to other areas.

To use it, apply clove oil on cotton and rub gently around the affected areas. Do these during the day and before you go to bed.



A study conducted at the Yonsei University, Korea showed that Nutmeg could be used to prevent cavities. Mix it with a little clove oil and ground them together. Then, place on the surface of the affected areas for about 7 minutes before you rinse with warm water.

Alternatively, grate into small particles and apply directly on the affected areas. You are expected to do these about three times daily.


salt to treat toothache problems naturally

Salt water is also a good home remedy for dental cavities. Its anti-bacterial properties that also work as antiseptic are particularly useful to stop the infection from growing. When used with warm water, it reduces inflammation and pains.

For use, pour some salt into a cup of warm water and mix to ensure it dissolves. Then, use to massage the affected parts gently or leave on it for a couple of minutes. Do these three days and especially just before going to bed.

Oil Pulling

oil pulling

Oil pulling has been an age-long and efficient way of dealing with dental cavities. It helps to stop the bacteria causing the decay and consequently prevents the infection. Besides, you will also be saved from odor and bad breath from cavities.

Use of Garlic


Garlic is another effective natural, everyday remedy against dental cavities. You have good fighting agents against cavities in garlic since it is rich in antibiotics and antibacterial properties. It will also help you maintain healthy gums and teeth while fighting inflammation.

While eating raw garlic is good for the teeth, you can also crush and mix with clove oil before applying on the affected parts. Leave for ten minutes before washing your mouths.



Wheatgrass is particularly vital because it cleanses the mouth and has a high level of minerals and vitamins. It also contains anti-cancer and anti-bacterial materials. It will help you to reduce the pains that come with the infection.

For healthy teeth and gums, drink a cup of juice from the wheatgrass every morning.



Turmeric is a popular another popular remedy you can use because it provides immediate relief from the pains. It also contains anti-bacterial properties that help fight the micros and aid healthy gums.

For use, apply turmeric power on the affected parts and rinse with warm water. Repeat three times every day until it heals.

Indian Lilac

indian lilac

Indian lilac is an effective home remedy for tooth decay. Like the ones mentioned earlier, it contains anti-bacterial properties that dealt easily with the bacteria responsible for the infection. It is popularly known as neem leaves.

To use, squeeze out the juice from the leaves and rub on the affected teeth and gums. After a couple of minutes, rinse the whole mouth with warm water. The leave can also be used to brush the teeth for same results.

Other natural and home-made remedies that are also commonly used for tooth decay and cavities are nutmegs, licorice, lemon, alcohol and much more.


Having a good and healthy oral health is entirely your job. The cycle for dealing with cavities works through taking necessary preventive measures, detection when it occurs, treating and maintaining a healthy routine that prevents spread or a recurrence are all within individual control. You can decide to live healthy today and always, smile broadly while deploying healthy and natural remedies to take care of the teeth.

You don’t have to suffer when you have what you need to live in bliss and health.

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