Remove Pubic Hair Naturally

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

In summers, the best way to stay cool is to remove the unwanted hairs from your body directly. Genital or pubic hair might get uncomfortable during the days of summer. It causes sweat, and one can feel awkward about it too.

So, it is better to get rid of those pubic hairs naturally. Waxing can be painful, so home remedies are best to try while it comes to remove hairs. It is safe for you to consider it in a sensitive area. Using the natural remedies that are also gentle on the skin is another thing that needs to be kept in mind as it doesn’t cause a reaction. To remove it, many people even opt for shaving as it is faster and simple process.

However, if you shave it will only lead to ingrown hairs that can also be painful. So, never hesitate to throw the razor and opt for home remedies instead. Take a look at these home remedies that will help to remove unwanted hairs from your private part easily.

Before applying these products, it is essential to trim the hairs first with the help of a razor. Even if you are choosing to go for the homemade waxing recipe, it is better to cut first. It is also vital to do a patch test to see if you are allergic to any of the home remedies while removing the hairs.

Sugar Mix

sugar mix

In a plate, add three spoons of sugar, one juice of lemon and honey. Mix it well and make the application. After that, apply it directly to the zone and in reverse try to make the pubic hairs weak. This is the best and also the natural remedy to remove hairs naturally.

Application of Gram Flour

gram flour

Everything that you need is a cup of besan, little water and pinch of salt. Apply the combination of this mixture every day until the hairs get weak in the zone. After applying this, it might take longer time, but the remedy doesn’t have any side effect.

Sugar and Honey Treat

It is better for those who don’t have coarse hair. Mix two spoons of honey in 1 spoon of sugar. Mix both of them and apply it directly. Use the waxing strips to wax the hair from the pubic area.

Wax of Aloe Vera

aloe vera

Mix the honey and Aloe Vera and make the solution hot. When it gets warm, apply it directly on that zone and use the waxing strip to wax hairs from the pubic area. This is one of the best methods to remove unwanted hair from the pubic area easily.

Lemon and Honey

If you usually get the boils in the private area, use lemon to get rid of this problem. In a bowl, add lemon and honey make both the ingredients warm and then use the mixture as a wax to remove hairs. It is better to apply the component after the first shave.

Lentil and Potato mixture

Make a mix of lentil powder and potato pulp. Add little amount of honey to the mix and heat the combination. After heating, it will get thick so that you may use it as a wax to remove pubic hairs. This is considered as one of the best home remedies to remove unwanted hairs.

Honey and Oatmeal

If you just want to use the natural remedies to remove the unwanted hairs then what can be better than using this? Make a mixture of both the ingredients and then use it as a homemade wax to remove the hairs from the pubic area.

Post Using the Remedies

Massage with Ice

Always make sure to give massage as this helps to close the pores and also reduce further infection problems.

Vaginal Wash

So many vaginal washes are there that you can make at home. These liquids help your pubic area to remain fresh and away from all the infections that include UTI, STD, etc.

Never Use Any Scrub

It is strictly essential not to use any scrub on your private area as there are risks of getting infection or rashes because the part is sensitive, tender and also soft.