Causes, Symptoms & Home Remedies for Womb Infection

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

Womb infection is a prevalent health issue in women nowadays. It is commonly termed as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or PID. This infection spreads to ovaries and fallopian tube through the uterus.

The infection enters the body through bacteria. PID is harmful to female reproductive organs. If you do not take proper care in a particular time duration, the result is infertility.

What are the Causes of Womb Infection?

Womb infection is a sexually transmitted disease. It spreads when the bacteria multiply and diffuses to various parts of the reproductive system. The common sexually transmitted bacteria responsible for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease are Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea.

Some of the reason due to which bacteria induces in the body are stated as below:

  • If your partner is infected with chlamydia or gonorrhea bacteria.
  • The other reason can be, having more than one sex partner.
  • If your partner is involved with multiple sex partners.
  • Any history of STD’s can also lead to womb infection.
  • Having unprotected sex.
  • Insertion of devices like Intrauterine device.
  • Surgical procedures for endometrial biopsy or abortion.
  • If you have undergone miscarriage or have recently given birth to a child.
  • Sex before reaching a minimum age of 20 years.

The bacteria usually enter through the vagina and then travels to the uterus and other parts causing severe infection.

Symptoms of Womb Infection

Womb infection may or may not out spread its symptoms. The symptoms are not shown if the causing agent is chlamydia. If the PID is not caused by chlamydia it may possess following symptoms :

  • Pain in lower back or abdomen followed by fever.
  • Pelvic pain.
  • Vaginal bleeding after sex or intercourse.
  • Vaginal odor.
  • Feeling lethargic and sleepy.
  • Irregular periods.
  • Severe cramps during menstruation.
  • Excessive bleeding during periods.
  • Periods accompanied with spotting.
  • Frequent urination.

You may not necessarily see all the symptoms. But if you notice anything unusual with your periods or any signs that are mentioned above; you should opt for prevention methods to overcome the infection.

How to Overcome Womb Infection Naturally?

Before consulting the doctor, you can take up with effective home remedies to get over PID.


Curcumin is the key ingredient found in turmeric. It possesses high anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Thus, turmeric is used to treat bacterial infections.

The process to Use:

  • Boil a glass of milk and add about one teaspoon of turmeric to it. Have turmeric milk on a regular basis until the symptoms of PID subsidies.
  • Alternatively, you can take turmeric in the form of supplements. Intake shall be 1500 mg of turmeric a day. It should be had in three portions that is 500 mg at a time. However, consumption of supplements shall be prior approved by a doctor.


One of the best ways to treat womb infection or other bacterial infections is through garlic. Garlic has antibiotic and antibacterial properties. It not only subsidies the infection but reduces the chances of its intermittency.

The process to Use:

  • Apply garlic oil to your vagina. Garlic oil can be made by frying garlic cloves in olive oil. Fry garlic cloves in oil until brown. Sieve the content and apply the oil with the help of Allow it to rest for two to three hours in your vagina then rinse it off.
  • Improve your garlic intake in meals. You may also take it in supplement form after proper guidance of a doctor.

For best results follow the remedy regularly.

Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil has antimicrobial properties. These are good to fight bacteria responsible for causing infection.

The process to Use:

  • Get a mug of hot water. Add few drops of tea tree oil to it. Rinse your vagina using this water. Use this remedy on a regular basis.

Tea tree oil not only helps you to fight bacteria but also helps you to get rid of the foul smell in your vagina due to PID.

Castor Oil:

Castor oil serves very useful in the treatment of womb infection. On following regularly, the remedy shows instant results.

The process to Use:

  • Heat the castor oil.
  • Massage your abdomen with the warm castor oil.
  • Allow the oil to rest there.
  • Use the remedy daily for best results.

Baking Soda:

Baking soda proves to be helpful in the treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease. It is one of the best natural cleansers. If you consume it, it will remove bacteria and toxins from your body. The bacteria is the only cause of womb infection.  You can get rid of infection easily, once you eliminate the cause of disease.

The process to use:

  • Take a glass of water.
  • Boil the water. Add half a teaspoon of baking soda to it.
  • Drink the solution on a regular basis to get rid of PID.

Sitz Or Hot Water Bath:

Hot water or sitz bath is one of the prime remedies to treat womb infection. The Hot water bath helps you to regulate your blood flow. Proper blood flow eases irritation, itching and hence infection.

The process to Use:

  • Mix natural essential oils in hot water.
  • Soak yourself in this water for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Then bathe with the plain water.
  • Implement the use of this remedy in your daily routine for finest results.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar has antifungal and antimicrobial properties. It is useful in curing infections. This is one of the most efficient ways to get rid of pelvic or vaginal infections.

The process to Use:

  • Mix apple cider vinegar with hot water and soak yourself in it. Apple cider vinegar bath can be fruitful to treat the infection.
  • Alternatively, apply the vinegar directly to your vaginal areas.
  • The last method is by drinking the water and vinegar solution. The ratio of water and vinegar should be 8:1.

Probiotic Yogurt:

You can treat Bacterial infection efficiently with probiotic yogurt. It contains good bacteria or live cultures that help to fight infection causing bacteria.

The process to Use:

  • Eat fresh plain yogurt every day. It helps to maintain pH balance in your vagina. You should consume it in good Minimum 2 bowls of curd are necessary to treat the womb infection.
  • If you apply probiotic yogurt daily in your vagina, you can see the results very quickly. Just apply the yogurt and let it rest for an hour or two. Then rinse it off with cool

Use either way of treatment, but on a regular basis.

Pelvic Massage:

Massage in any part of the body helps to initiate required rate of blood flow. If you massage your lower abdomen and pelvic area,  it enhances blood flow in your various reproductive organs. In turn, it relaxes your muscles and subsidies your pain.

  • Take some natural oil and mix it with few drops of essential oil.
  • Massage your pelvic area in a circular motion with oil mixture. Massage for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Allow the oil to rest overnight.

Use the remedy twice a day for desired results.

Green Tea:

Green tea is an excellent herb having several benefits for your body. It proves helpful in relieving womb infection.

The process of Use:

  • Consume 250 to 500 mg of fresh herb on a daily basis.
  • Alternatively, drink the herbal tea several times a day. Follow the remedy until the symptoms of the infection subside.

The remedies stated above are beneficial in the treatment of womb infection. However if you do not find any expected result until four weeks of regular treatment, you should visit the doctor and get the medical treatment.