Remedies for Low Blood Pressure

Posted on Updated on 26 May, 2018

When your blood pressure becomes 90/60 mg or less than it, called low blood pressure or hypotension. This illness traps you due to the decrease in blood volume, medications of higher blood pressure, infections, diarrhea or dehydration. This miserable condition can lead you to face discomforts like loss of appetite, dizziness, light-headedness, loss of appetite, etc.

However, it is not a serious problem, but if it not treated on time, the condition can be worse. As a result, you can experience various kind of temporary or permanent damage. But, you do not need to worry because you can treat it by utilizing some simple methods at home. Here are some common home remedies for low blood pressure.

Holy Basil


The majority of people chew fresh leaves of holy basil or tulsi on an empty stomach because it is loaded with countless health benefits. It not only provides you a high nutritional value but also reduce stress and balance your mind. Therefore, it is able to keep your blood pressure under control as well as manage your cholesterol levels.

Direction to use: You need to take a handful of crisp leaves of holy basil. Wash them in running water and bubble them in one and a half cup of water. You need to wait for a couple of minutes until there stays only some water. Sifter and swallow it before it gets cold. Also, you can just bite a couple of crisp leaves of basil consistently.



It fulfills the needs of your body and contributes to proper development and activity of the organs. Consumption of ample amount of beetroots makes your body biologically active and calm and dilates your blood vessels. It is capable of dealing with high blood pressure as well as low blood pressure.

Direction to use: You should gather fresh beetroots and clean them. Slash them and put into the blender and mix them to get its solid juice. Have this squeeze each day for a considerable length of time. You can add this juice to your dinners (breakfast) as it has the extensive variety of supplements.

Licorice Root


It is a herb that is used to resolve the problem of low blood pressure. It works to improve the activity of adrenal function. It is excessively beneficial if you have low blood pressure because of the low level of cortisol. You should take just 30 mg of licorice root every day because the excess amount can make you face lack of potassium in your body and cause high blood pressure as well. It is used to manage chronic fatigue syndrome to a great extent.

Direction to use: To set up a solid drink, you will require simply powder or dried leaves of licorice roots. Place it into some bubbled and high temp water and wait for five to seven minutes. Strain and drink this productive drink on your normal premise to get rid of such miserable issues. Or then again, you can select the licorice root capsules however you need to counsel the specialist before taking it.



Not only a cup of coffee but also cola, hot chocolate, or any other caffeinated beverage aids in normalizing your blood pressure. It is mainly used to treat diastolic as well as systolic blood pressure. Just one cup of coffee in the morning is enough to soothe your issue. You can take it with meals also.

Direction to use: If you really want to have a well-being health condition, you need to drink only a cup of strong coffee consistently. For this formula, you need to take a significant tablespoon of moment instant coffee powder and place it into some heated water. Abandon it to soak for a couple of minutes and appreciate it a short time later. On the off chance that you wish, you can include the little measure of sugar in it.

Be that as it may, you must be cautious and ought not to drink the abundance measure of coffee for long as it is not ok for your well-being.



To reduce your hypotension naturally without doing hard, you can go for raisins such as apricots and prunes. Ayurveda recommends raisins to regulate your lower blood pressure. Also, it helps in keeping your artery walls flexible. But, avoid eating or drinking anything for one hour after eating raisins. This practice will work significantly and delivers you fruitful effects within the short interval of time.

Direction to use: Have 10 to 20 raisins in a bowl and set out a glass of water in it. Give them a chance to submerge in the water overnight. In the following morning, isolate them and begin eating doused raisin as often as possible (a raisin at any given moment). It will be to a significant degree helpful on the off chance that you break your quick by eating a raisin day by day until the point when you recoup totally.



It is listed in the active ingredient that kicks your blood pressure immediately. You should drink plenty of liquid to increase the volume of the blood. Thus, while consuming water or any other liquid, you should add the small amount of salt in it to make it more delicious and potent. It not only prevents dehydration but also increases your blood pressure (1) due to the sodium present in it.

Direction to use: This method is quite simple. Dissolve a tablespoon of salt in a glass of ordinary water. Consume this drink once in a day for few days. It is quite safe and delivers positive outcomes immediately.



It belongs to the family of vegetables. It is good to regulate your blood pressure as it potently manages the function of your kidneys and heart as well. It is enriched with the compound called beta-carotene. Thus, it lessens the risk of hazardous issues such as heart attacks and stroke. You have to break your fast in the morning by taking carrot juice every day. It will shorten the duration of this problem and erase it entirely.

Direction to use: Take fresh carrots and wash them properly. Presently, peel them marginally to expel root hairs and after that chop them into small slices. You can add these slices to your serving of mixed greens. Or on the other hand, you can mix them to get their juice that is a useful tonic for the low circulatory strain. Drink this squeeze each morning on an empty stomach.



It promotes your blood pressure by reducing the level of triglyceride in your body. Moreover, it improves your digestive system and hydrates you excellently. Additionally, it makes you feel energized for longer. Thus, it eases your problem of low blood pressure shortly. Also, it decreases the cholesterol level and lessens the chances of occurring any liver problem.

Direction to use: You need to grab one or two fresh lemons and concentrate their juice. Presently, you can necessarily prepare lemon water by including lemon juice and the little salt in a glass of water. Likewise, you can utilize the second technique that requires a glass of sugarcane and two tablespoons of lemon juice. Both are the dynamic fixing that conflicts with low circulatory strain inherently.



It carries a variety of essential oil and camphor is one of them. Rosemary is considered as the appropriate substance for low blood pressure due to the presence of this essential oil in it. It is entirely able to fix your digestive problems. It improves the overall circulation in your body by increasing the temperature. But, it is not suitable for nursing mothers and pregnant women because it can cause toxic effects when taken in high doses or prolonged used.

Direction to use: You can go for a homegrown drink that reduces the chances of the low blood pressure. Take a teaspoon of dried rosemary leaves and soak it in high temp water. Filter the solution and drink it after waiting for 10 minutes. You can pick two or three cups of this homegrown herbal tea to be alleviated rapidly.

Almond and Milk

almond and milk

Almond does not contain saturated fat or cholesterol (2). But, it is highly packed with essential fatty components such as omega-3 fatty acids. Thus, the combination of milk and almond works on your adrenal glands. As a consequence, it helps in stabilizing your low blood pressure.

Direction to use: You have to take 8-10 almonds. Place them in a bowl of water and keep it the entire night. In the following morning, take out the almonds and remove their peel. From that point onward, crush them to make a thick paste and mix with the glass of milk. Additionally, you can include the little measure of honey to make it a tasty milkshake. Keep remembering to blend it properly before drinking.