Remedies for Loose Motion in Babies

Posted on Updated on 18 May, 2018

When your baby suffers from any unusual bowel movements along with foul smell and craps is called loose motion or diarrhea. The primary cause of this miserable condition is rotavirus. Also, some kind of allergies, bacterial infection, overconsumption of juices, and sometimes medication like antibiotics leads your baby to have loose motion. It often makes your baby face mucus, vomiting, stomach cramps, fever, loss of appetite.

Your child suffers from stomach infections if you noticed pale yellow or yellow stools and dehydrated if green stools. It makes parents worried about the condition. You do not need to be tensed in this condition as it can be treated at home. To prevent your child from getting affected by this virus in future, you can vaccinate them by consulting a pediatrician.  Here are some simple and natural methods that you can utilize to treat your baby as they are quite safe and efficacious.

Homemade ORS

homemade ORS

To At first, you have to give the baby plenty of fluids as much as possible when loose motion traps them. ORS or oral rehydration salts is an ideal solution in this case. It is entirely natural, and there are no side effects of using it. It has ample amount of dry salts that is highly required while suffering from loose motion. It is mixed with safe water that prevents the fluid lose because of diarrhea.

How to use: This extraordinarily straightforward and compelling strategy solicits you to break down a teaspoon of salt and six teaspoons of sugar in a glass of sifted water. Blend it all together and give your kid to drink as often as possible (like clockwork). It will relieve them entirely and decreases the danger of having such sickness.



It is entirely able to deal with the problem of loose motion in kids. Before giving is to the little one make sure that the baby is not born with lactose intolerance (1). It delivers cooling as well as the soothing effect on the stomach of your baby. Also, it carries fruitful bacteria and probiotics that is excessively beneficial (2) to maintain the intestinal health of your child. It inhibits the family of bacteria and other micro-organisms that lead your kid to have issues like diarrhea.

How to use: Gather a bowl of new and unadulterated curd and sprinkle a squeeze of salt and a teaspoon of sugar in it. From that point forward, blend it all and give it your infant. Additionally, you can include an almost no measure of simmered cumin powder to it. This sound blend mitigates watery stools and also, nourish all things considered.



Doctors recommend giving foods having enough starch (3) to your babies. It makes them recover from loose motion within the short interval of time without doing anything hard. Providing them boiled and mashed potatoes give them the appropriate quantity of starch. Besides, it is loaded with vitamin B6 and vitamin C as well that are usually lost with watery stools.

How to use: You should simply to bubble two medium-sized potatoes and after that squash them. Include a squeeze of salt in pureed potatoes and sustain it your infant for few days. It influences them to feel full for more and conflicts with watery stools fundamentally.



It is another most effective and cheapest treatment for the loose motion in kids. It helps in normalizing the digestion due to the presence of potassium in bananas. It makes your colon absorb salt and water effortlessly as it has resistant starch. As a result, it aids in making your stool firmer. Furthermore, it is enriched with fiber content that regulates bowel activity.

How to use: Simply you have to peel a banana and crush it to make a paste. You have to give them crushed banana four to six times daily for few days to prevent their illness quickly.

Coconut Water

coconut water

It is helpful in treating dehydration that is considered as one of the miserable conditions in loose motions. It contributes to replenishing the reduction of liquid in your body. Also, it helps to restore the electrolyte balance as well. It fulfills the needs of your body to a great extent as it is full of a variety of essential nutrients.

How to use: This conventional technique is fundamental. You simply bring to the table maybe a couple of glass of coconut water to your child. Offer it to them consistently until the point when they get completely cured. It will be smarter to get squeeze at home as opposed to buying the bundled coconut water.

Oat Barn

oat bran

It is packed with lots of vital nutrients such as magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium. Also, it has ample amount of fibers. Thus, all these qualities help you to restore all the nutrients that your child lost in diarrhea. Furthermore, it aids in maintaining the electrolyte balance in their body to a great extent.

How to use: You have to take a bowl of cooked oat outbuilding. Pound them legitimately with the goal that your newborn child can swallow it effortlessly. At that point, influence them to encourage a tablespoon of pulverized sustenance three to four times inside a day and see sound impacts in the blink of an eye.

Rice Gruel


Watery rice soup, rice water or rice gruel is considered as the most effective home remedy for loose motion in kids. It is the easily available home remedy that is highly able to prevent the dehydration in babies, and it replenishes the fluids lost in watery bowls. Moreover, it balances the stool output and reduces the duration of the illness.

How to use: You have to wash a tablespoon of rice and cook them in a cup of water. Allow them to cook until they become crushable. Now, strain and collect the rice gruel and give it to your baby at least three times in a day for few days.



It is listed in the excellent binding foods that are primarily used for kids when they suffer from loose motions. It carries an essential element called pectin. Therefore, it is an appropriate food in loose motion as it helps in firming up the stools and fix the problem of disturbed bowel movements.

How to use: Peel off an apple and get its tissue. You need to slash it and cook with water on the low fire to give it a delicate surface. Give it a chance to cool at room temperature and after that squash it. Give this solid sustenance to your body to satisfy his/her body necessities as well as to be cured soon.



It is also a good option to resolve the problem rapidly. Sago or sabudana is a rich source of starch (4). Also, it makes your child feel energized for longer. It is known as a low residue food as well as can be digested easily. Prepare a simple recipe without adding nuts and milk to get its positives.

How to use: You have to soak a half cup of sago in water for one hour. After that, heat it to cook until become soft. You can feed either sago or give your baby sago water several times a day.

Split Green Gram Soup

green gram soup

Split green gram or moong dal delivers decent results as soon as possible. It is a filling and mild soup that nourish your kids. It provides healthy nutrients to your baby and does not let them feel weakness.

How to use: At initially, you need to wash a tablespoon of green gram (without peel) in running water and afterward bubble it with some water. Include a squeeze of turmeric powder moreover. Presently, let it bubble until the point when they get cooked entirely and strain later. Gather the solid water and offer it to your infant commonly in a day.