Remedies for Leucorrhoea Treatment

Remedies for Leucorrhoea Treatment

All You Should Know About Your Whites and Leucorrhoea

A thick discharge from your vagina which is of yellowish or whitish hue is known as Leucorrhoea. The release may increase in quantity, or it may even fade away and come back at times. The discharge deepens in color and starts emanating a repugnant odor after a few years of continuity. The issue is mainly related to vaginal inflammation or cervical abnormality. The fluid of a vagina can be examined to confirm Leucorrhoea.

Experiencing discharge from your vagina is not an abnormal occurrence. However, it may indicate hormonal changes, malignancy or infections in some instances. It is also an early indication of puberty in teenagers about to have their first period.

Leucorrhoea can be of two types:

  1. Pathological Leucorrhoea
  2. Physiological Leucorrhoea

Pathological Leucorrhoea

The leading cause of Pathological Leucorrhoea is impairment or disorder in the reproductive tract. In this case, the secretion comes in a mucus-like condition. It can sometimes include blood and a repugnant smell. The abnormality should be treated immediately. It can otherwise lead to severe consequences. Untreated Leucorrhoea may result in infertility or elimination of uterus. Pathological Leucorrhoea is common amongst women having vaginitis or cervicitis.

Physiological Leucorrhoea

This type of Leucorrhoea causes abundant secretion from the vagina. It is a common occurrence among teenage girls. An unnatural imbalance in hormones is the primary cause of the disease. However, it can also occur during the ovulation of a menstrual cycle. It can also indicate the start of periods. Adults may experience this during early pregnancy or sexual arousal. Usually, this type of Leucorrhoea needs no medical help.

How to Identify:

The primary symptom of Leucorrhoea is vaginal secretions. However, the flow can sometimes come with:

  • Lower abdominal pain. Pain in calf and thigh muscles.
  • Unusually frequent urination.
  • Vaginal soreness or discomfort with severe itching in the genital area.
  • Painful sexual intercourse.
  • Fatigue as a result of drained fluids.

Leucorrhoea is a usual thing to experience for women. It usually occurs during pregnancy or at some point in your menstrual cycle. It stays for some days or in some cases, weeks. It is not alarming till it starts to emanate a disgusting odor accompanied by itching and irritation. In that case, it is necessary that you know the cause and cures it accordingly.

What Causes Leucorrhoea

  • A noticeable change in hormones can initiate Leucorrhoea. Mainly, a considerable amount of increase in estrogen is the most common cause.
  • It is caused due to vaginal infections such as bacteria or yeast, and it can be as dangerous as STD.
  • If your vagina has been injured or traumatized
  • Some diseases like constipation or diabetes can also cause this problem.
  • Irregularity in lifestyle and an unhygienic diet can be a contributing factor.
  • Digestion issues, Menorrhagia, etcetera can cause Leucorrhoea.
  • Other than these most commonly recorded causes, there are different situations to cause Leucorrhoea. Some unhygienic habits like leaving a tampon inside the vagina for too long can also cause abnormal vaginal discharge.
  • A stressful and anxious life is also a proven cause of Leucorrhoea.

In recent times, you can find a million doctors to help you diagnose and cure your problem. The medical world has to offer a vast range of medicines to treat Leucorrhoea. However, it is the smartest choice to avoid medication in case the problem can be fixed with organic remedies. So sit back.

Go through the list of Top Proven Remedies for Leucorrhoea Treatment



Banana is one of the most effective remedies for Leucorrhoea. Having one banana every day can be beneficial to your health. It is even better if you add butter to it. Banana helps the vagina in exuding the baleful microorganisms. This fruit takes active participation in vaginal disinfection. Banana is a healthy food to consume when it comes to cleansing your inner body.

Directions for Usage:

  • Ingest one or two ripe bananas every day.
  • Add clarified butter to one ripe banana. Have it at least twice in a day for faster results.
  • Add raw banana to your daily vegetable dishes.
  • Have a mixture of fresh banana with Amla extract and sugar. You can add Jaggery for better results.

Lady’s Finger

Lady’s Finger Plant

Lady’s finger is beneficial to Leucorrhoea treatment. Lady’s fingers are of mucilaginous nature. This nature is helpful in removing mucus from your body. By extension, it also helps in decreasing the amount of vaginal secretion. However, just having Okra in your daily diet is not enough. For best results consume Okra extraction.

Directions for Usage:

  • Take a few ladyfingers and wash them thoroughly. Chop them into little pieces.
  • Boil the chopped pieces for about 20 minutes. Wait till the water is decreased in half.
  • Let the mixture cool down.
  • Strain the extraction and take it twice or thrice every day.
  • You may add sugar or honey for taste.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds help cure some diseases that include Leucorrhoea. The seeds provide comfort to the mucous membranes. As a result, it is extremely useful in managing vaginal discharge. Fenugreek seeds also aid in swelling, irritation, pain, etcetera. It also sustains the pH level in your vagina. Hormonal changes can cause Leucorrhoea. In that case, Fenugreek seeds can help balance the amount of estrogen in your body. Follow the directions below to know more.

Directions for Usage:

  • Pour 3 to 4 cups of water in a bowl.
  • Add 2-3 teaspoons of the seeds.
  • Boil the water in medium flame for about 30 minutes.
  • Let the water cool down.
  • Strain it, and it’s ready to use.
  • You can either drink the water or use it to wash your vagina.
  • Use this on a daily basis till you get results.

Indian Gooseberry


Indian Gooseberry benefits your health in innumerable ways. It is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to have an active immunity system. As a result, your body becomes more capable of fighting of deadly microorganisms. Amla also contains antimicrobial features. The antimicrobial nature makes Amla the best organic disinfectant for your body. It can cleanse your entire inner body and go in infection-free. Amla can be taken in some ways.

Directions for Usage:

  • Take 1-2 teaspoons of Amla powder in a bowl and add a little honey.
  • Mix it into a paste and consume it twice, daily or else, you can take one cup full of water. Add a teaspoon of powder.
  • Boil till the water is decreased in half.
  • Add honey or sugar for taste.
  • Drink the water every morning with an empty tummy.



Pomegranates contain therapeutic features. It helps in driving away the infection from your body. The leaves, fruit and the rind of pomegranate are effective in curing Leucorrhoea. Pomegranate is also very beneficial to your skin. There are ways to consume pomegranate to cure Leucorrhoea.

Directions for Usage:

  • Drink a glass full of pomegranate juice every day for at least a month.
  • Take about 30 pomegranate leaves and add 8 to 10 black pepper.
  • Grind it.
  • Take half a glass of water.
  • Add the ground mixture.
  • Strain it and drink it twice daily continue until you notice results.
  • Make a powder of the dried pomegranate rinds.
  • Take 3 to 4 cups of water in a bowl.
  • Add the maximum one tablespoon of the powder in it.
  • Spray the solution on your vagina every day.


cranberry juice

Cranberry is a package of antioxidants, antimicrobials, and antifungal. These are the properties needed to cure Leucorrhoea. Cranberry consumption can help speed up the process. It removes the bacteria from the wall of the vagina. It keeps the vagina clean, internally.

Directions for Usage:

  • Make juice out of fresh cranberries.
  • Drink the juice twice to thrice a day.

Fig Tree Bark

Fig Tree Bark

Figs have laxative properties that help in removing toxins from the body. It also eliminates the waste materials of your body.

Directions for Usage:

  • Put 5 to 6 figs in a cup of water and soak it overnight.
  • Next morning, add water to the figs you soaked and blend it.
  • Drink the solution in an empty tummy.
  • Or take the bark of the banyan and the fig tree. Grind in the same measurement and make a powder.
  • Take three cups of water.
  • Add half to one tablespoon of the powder.
  • Wash your vagina with the solution on a daily basis for the best results.

Cumin Seeds

cumin seeds

Cumin seeds are one of those ingredients that can treat vaginal discharge within a fluke.  Along with it, honey is one of the best elements that can make any woman leave a sigh of relief.

Directions for usage:

It is recommended to add a thick mixture of ground cumin seeds and honey around the vulva. It can be washed after the mixture stays for few minutes. Consuming cumin water is another adequate remedy.

Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood contains anti-infective properties that make it one of the essential oils for offering relief from leucorrhoea. Applying few drops of the oil around the vaginal wall two times in a day is recommended.

Guava Leaves

Another natural home remedy to choose while treating leucorrhoea are Guava leaves. Guava leaves when put inside water and seethed for thirty minutes prove to be effective. It needs to be strained and utilized two times on a regular basis as a sponge over the vulva. With time, the indications will vanish.

Rice Water

Being filled with starch, rice water is equipped with demulcent properties that will heal itching and soreness around the vagina.

Directions for usage:

After the rice is washed, the water is strained and adding honey is suggested for making it sweet. Drinking the solution regularly will offer women with relief from itchiness and weakness.

Betel Nut

When it comes to a natural cure, then this is one of the most significant ingredients. One way to consume is to crush Areca Nut (Supari) or Betel Nuts and dried petals of rose as well after accumulating a little amount of sugar candy.

Future occurrence of the disease can be prevented. Betel nut can be chewed after the completion of every meal.

Walnut Leaves

Vaginal infections can be treated in the best possible manner with walnut leaves that contain antifungal properties. Walnut leaves need to be boiled for full twenty minutes and strained. It then becomes like a sponge that needs to be used on the vaginal area three times every day till the itchiness fades away.

Coriander Seeds

This is a highly active ingredient for treating vaginal discharge. Overnight soaking of coriander seeds is the first step. After straining the water has to be consumed when the stomach is empty. Positive results are bound to occur after a week.


The natural and available herb if consumed on a regular basis, detoxifies the body and helps to solve all issues. It also possesses- pure ingredients, often boosts immunity. Helps to cure dryness and irritation around private parts.

Directions for usage:

  • Take 2 to 3 neem leaf and grind well.
  • Add cumin seeds to it and make a paste of it.
  • Consume till three weeks and see the difference.
  • Regular drinking of cow milk with few drops of neem oil can also prove to be beneficial.

Aloe Vera

This plant is not only placed at home as a decorative plant but possesses nutrients that treat issues that women face. It is the traditional way of mending problems of leucorrhoea. This is because of its consumption tones up uterine tissues, leaving the part clean and clear.

Directions for usage:

  • Cut the plant into two halves.
  • Wash the same in running water till the bitter part is well washed off.
  • Peel off the flesh and add cumin powder to it.
  • Let it soak for 3 hours.
  • Finally, make juice of this.
  • Consume regularly to clear many problems apart from this.

Basil Leaves

This plant or leaves is not only famous for its religious value. It possesses high medicinal importance too – as this prevents one to minimize leucorrhoea faster than other herbs.

Directions for usage:

  • Take appropriate amount of Basil Leaf and make a paste out of it.
  • Add honey to the paste and consume daily for about 2 to 3 weeks continuously.
  • This leaf can be well consumed with Milk – everyday consumption would lead to the eradication of the problem.

Dry Ginger

The ground ginger is most useful as the home remedy for treating leucorrhoea. It helps to reduce mucus from the body and finally relieves from the issues persisting in the body.

Directions for usage:

  • Take the dry powder of ginger – boil the same till the residue deposits at the bottom.
  • Drink the water for about three weeks and finally get rid of leucorrhoea.

Some additional tips to cure Leucorrhoea are:

  • Maintain an adequately clean hygiene. The genital region should be of paramount consideration.
  • Hydrotherapy or Cold-water bath is an efficient way to increase blood circulation in the genital region. The cold water helps lessen the obstruction in your pelvic area. Hydrotherapy on a daily basis can help speed up the process of curing Leucorrhoea.
  • Exercise can cure most of the disorders in your body. Exercise also boosts your immunity system to fight off the harmful substances from entering your body. Exercise mains the regularity in blood circulation as well. So, working out daily can have an immense impact on your entire bodily functions.
  • Aromatherapy can also be helpful in this situation. Oils extracted from sandalwood, oregano or rosemary is a beneficial remedy for Leucorrhoea. Make sure the oils are anti-infective before you use them.
  • Proper rest and sufficient sleep can also provide you with quicker results.
  • Drink herbal tea with blackberry or sage leaves to ease the treatment.
  • Avoid using deodorants, soaps, sprays, tampons or sanitary napkins during the procedure.
  • Change your underwear at least twice every day.
  • Use clean and dry undergarments.
  • Avoid synthetic and tight underwear.
  • Wash your genital area frequently with fresh water.
  • Wipe the entire region properly.

Food to Stay Away from:

  • Some food items can aggravate your situation if taken during the treatment.
  • Do not consume any spicy food.
  • Avoid deep-fried food.
  • Do not eat anything prepared with white flour.
  • Stay away from products with white sugar.
  • Avoid drinking coffee, regular tea or any other aerated condiments.
  • Quit drinking alcohol.
  • Do not eat canned or tinned edibles.