Remedies for Clogged Milk Duct in Breast

Posted on Updated on 5 June, 2018

A nursing mother often faces the complication of blocked milk ducts. Blocked ducts take place due to the origination of hard, red, and painful lump near the nipple (areola). Also, stress, the improper drain of breast milk, tight clothes, flu, poor latching of the baby, incomplete feeding, and lack of rest or sleep are some other common condition that leads you to face clogged milk ducts.

While suffering from this issue, you may experience uncomfortable symptoms like chills or fever, pain, soreness, redness, less milk supply and inflammation. However, it can be cured easily. But, if it is not treated on time, it can be a severe breast infection. Thus, you should start to try some simple and natural methods that help in preventing your problem. Here are some home remedies for blocked milk ducts in the breast that you should try at least once to ease your problem.


breast massage

To treat your blocked duct, a firm massage is an appropriate method just after and before the feeding. You can massage by yourself or ask your partner to help you. In added to, you can utilize battery-operated handheld massager. It roots out the clogged ducts and restricts such miserable condition to retake place.

Direction to use: Take few drops of warm coconut oil and back rub your bosom in the outside strokes towards your areola. This training helps in pressing out the blockage. While doing this, you need to take a container or towel shut in the event that the drain shower out.

Changes in Feeding Pattern

breast feeding

The primary common sense is to make changes in breastfeeding habit if you are suffering from clogged ducts. It is the simple and most straightforward method that shorten the duration of your illness and unplugged the blocked milk ducts.

One of the great ideas is to feed your baby frequently if possible. Besides, you should change the position while feeding because it will make the ducts drain entirely and restrict blockage. Also, you should utilize a breast pump to drain your ducts entirely in case if your baby feels full before your breasts get empty. The improper latch may lead you to have blocked milk ducts, and your baby remains hungry as well. Thus, it is the most important thing to be sure that your baby has the right latch on your nipples.



It is a proven method to use potato for blocked duct in the breast. It eases the pain, inflammation, and reduces the pressure on the ducts. Also, it soothes the swelling in tissues due to the blocked milk ducts. Hence, as a result, it unblocks them and relieves all the discomfort associated with this illness.

Direction to use: All you need to take a new potato and keep it in the cooler for three to four hours. From that point forward, peel off and grind it. Place it on the influenced segment of the bosom. Expel it subsequent to sitting tight for only 10 minutes. You ought to take after this procedure a few times in a day.

Thieves Essential Oil

thieves essential oil

It is another effective method to get rid of clogged pores. This oil is the combination of eucalyptus, clove, rosemary, cinnamon, and lemon essential oils. It works amazingly and unblocks your ducts within two days. Alternatively, it is highly able to boost your immune system as well.

Direction to use: You simply need to decrease the convergence of flourishes fundamental oil by including transporter oil of your decision. Apply it on your bosoms and rub it delicately for a couple of minutes. You ought to go for this system commonly in a day keeping in mind the end goal to get fruitful outcomes soon.


Marshmallow Leaves

It is listed in the excellent natural treatment for the breast infection, clogged milk ducts, tender tissues, sore nipples, and a variety of concerns related to it. It is the only reason that people use this ingredient for old ages to erase their miserable condition.

Direction to use: For this cure; you need to splash two ounces of dried marshmallow root in the entire water night. In the following morning, warm it with water until the point that it winds up elusive and foul. From that point onward, you need to soak your bosoms in this solution for a couple of minutes. This strategy conveys your quick results.


Lecithin Seed

You can obtain this yellow-brownish matter from animals as well as plants tissues. It is used by the majority of women to diminish recurrent plugged ducts. It works to make your milk less sticky by increasing the number of fatty acids in your breast milk. Thus, it not only unclogged your milk ducts but also mitigates the chances of occurring such illness again in the future.

Direction to use: You need to take only a teaspoon of oral granular lecithin on your ordinary premise as indicated by the restorative specialists. Additionally, you can take a capsule of lecithin (1200 mg) three times in a day for few days. From that point onward, you can begin enhancing the amount of capsule once in a day. In any case, it will be better to counsel the specialist before taking lecithin measurement.

Warm Compress

hot compress

It is a beneficial method to deal with blocked milk ducts in the breast. Warm compress increases the temperature in the surroundings and results in unclogging the milk ducts. Also, it roots out the pain and other issues due to the blocked ducts.

Direction to use: You can take a shower in hot water. It transfers heat to your breast in an excellent manner, and you will feel relief every single time whenever you go for showering. On another hand, you can use a cabbage leaf for warm compress as it has the suitable size that helps in conveying the heat in every corner of your breast. You have to microwave a leaf of cabbage for few seconds and apply it on your breast and fix it with the soft cloth. Keep it as long as you can and keep changing it frequently.

Vitamin C

lemon for vitamin c

This nutrient delivers you a lot of health benefits. Thus, it is highly able to cure plugged milk ducts. It desolates the inflammation due to the clogged ducts. Furthermore, it promotes your immunity power and makes you able to fight against such kind of common issues. Besides, it reduces the stress and anxiety that is the primary cause of blocked milk ducts.

Therefore, you should intake of vitamin C that will resolve your problem without doing hard. You should take 500 mg of vitamin C every day in starting and then gradually enhance its amount until you do breastfeeding. Add fruits to your diet that are enriched with vitamin C such as kiwi fruit, strawberries, grapefruit, green peppers, tomatoes, cantaloupe, and many others.

Note: If you do not get relief after going through these natural techniques, you should consult the doctor immediately without being late even for a single minute because you may suffer from hazardous or life-threatening issues.