Home Remedies for Arthritis

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

Arthritis is considered as the disorder which causes inflammation in one or more joints. Not only 1, but there are also approximately 100 types of arthritis (1). This can be caused by various factors and attacks the immune system in the cells of the body.

The most common of all is osteoarthritis. If the disease is not treated on time, it may also lead to damage of joints permanently which will also lead to less life. Most of the women get the problem of arthritis. Some of the other risk factors are:

  • History in the family.
  • Overweight.

Typically, two types of arthritis take place:

  • Osteoarthritis which is also called the disease of the degenerative.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis (2).

Some of the common signs of arthritis include pain in the joint, stiffness, inflammation as well as swelling. The condition doesn’t have any cure, and the treatment depends on symptoms (3).

Let’s look at the home remedies which will help you to get relief from arthritis.

Consume tea of Ginger


It has been believed that ginger mimics NSAIDs (4) which is the medication to get the relief from the pain of arthritis. It works as the best ingredient without any side effect. You may also use the raw, powdered as well as cooked ginger on food. Make ginger tea on your own by putting some of the slices of ginger in boiling water, or you may also purchase its tea bags from the market.

Eat Foods Which May Fight from Inflammation

Stop consuming junk food, fast food, oily food as well as fried foods. The research has found that people who started taking foods like whole grains, fresh fruits, garlic, veggies, herbs, fish, and onions had low inflammation and also got their physical abilities at the best.

Wash Utensils with Your Hand

It sounds little awkward, but if your hands are paining, this simple exercise in the kitchen can help to get relieved from the pain of arthritis. Soak your hands in the warm water as this will help to relax the muscles and by moving the hands and fingers, you’ll feel instant relief from the pain.

Make Heating Pad on Your Own

Fill the socks of cotton with the rice which isn’t cooked and seal it. Heat in microwave for 3-4 minutes. When it will get cool down but still little warm and pleasant, place it on the part where it is paining. Make sure not to cool it down a lot as it needs to get warm for half an hour. You’ll see how the warm rice gives instant relief from the pain. If you have any fragrant herb with you, put in the socks for relaxing aromatherapy.

Apply the Tea of Chamomile

Chamomile tea consists of the anti-inflammatory properties which help to get relief from the pain of arthritis. Put the four bags of chamomile tea in hot water. Cover it for about 20-25 minutes and after that remove the bags. Dip the clean cloth in the liquid and apply on the joint which is in pain.

Treatment of the Mixture of Hot and Cold

For this, you need two containers. Fill one of them with the cold water as well as tray cubes and the other one with the hot water at the temperature that you may tolerate when you are going to touch it. Start with the cold water, immerse for 1 minute and then boiling water for 30-40 seconds. Again, continue the process for 15-20 minutes.

Go for Swimming

It is recommended to the people who are suffering from the pain of arthritis. The research has found that working out in water improves the flexibility of hip and knee, aerobic fitness as well as strength. Also, the Australian study has seen all of the programs lead to less pain and better function of the body. Ask for the recommendations from your hospital, doctor, or health club.

Sip 4 Cups of Green Tea on Daily Basis

green tea

The antioxidant, as well as anti-inflammatory properties present in green tea, is believed to work the best to get rid of the pain caused due to arthritis.




Try Some of the Turmerics


The yellow powders consist of curcumin which has inflammation properties in it. The research has found that turmeric helps to reduce the swelling as well as pain in the patients who are suffering from arthritis. In the study, it was shown that people who ate 2 grams of turmeric in a day got instant relief from their pain. Gargle the turmeric on vegetable or rice daily, or you may also keep the packets of mustard in your pocket for regular use.

Make Sure to Get a Lot of Vitamin C

vitamin c

It not only helps to get relief from the pain but it also eliminates the bacteria which are dangerous for joints. The research, as well as study, has shown people who took Vitamin C in their diet suffered from less arthritis issue as compared to them who don’t take. Consume the drinks that contain citrus or eat fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C like melon or strawberries, sweet peppers or broccoli.

Add Cloves to Your Daily Diet


Cloves consist of anti-inflammatory (5) properties that help to get relief from arthritis. It was also seen in the research that cloves also include the antioxidants, which are essential to slow down the cartilage as well as damage to bones caused because of arthritis. Make sure to consume half or one spoon every day.

Stick to The Foods that are Less on Allergies

The food allergy plays a part in getting illnesses such as arthritis. In one research, people who were suffering from arthritis followed a diet that consists of the common foods like nuts, grains, eggs, and milk for 10 to 20 days had faced improvement from the symptoms. Some of the other foods like rye, corn, beef, eggs, coffee as well as can get you in the problem as they produce arachidonic acid (6).

Start Listening to Your Favorite Tunes

Listening music that you love will give you relief from pain. In one research, one group of people was given a playlist of relaxing songs, the second group chose the track on their own, and the third one didn’t get musical notes. The two groups who heard music felt less pain, disability as well as depression than the ones who didn’t. The study has also found that it doesn’t matter what type of music you listen as long as you love it.

Walk without Shoes

Walking without wearing anything reduces a lot of pain from the joints as compared to walking with it. If you are wearing it, make sure to find the footwear that has natural heel contour as well as arch, but it doesn’t lift the heel which gives more pressure on joints. Another option can be orthotics (7).

Start Consuming Spicy Food When the Arthritis Flairs

Spices like ginger, cayenne pepper as well as turmeric contain the functions that help to reduce swelling as well as a clock the chemical of the brain that transmits signals of pain. Look for the recipes of Indian, Mexican as well as Thai food.