What are Razor Bumps, How to Prevent Them?

Posted on Updated on 5 August, 2018

Skin is considered as one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. Rashes, itching, redness, razor bumps are some of the common problems related to skin. However, shaving with razors saves time and is also the pocket-friendly way to cut off the facial hairs or body hairs. But most the people are not aware of the demerits of this quick method of removing hairs which are commonly called as, “Razor Burn.”

Scientifically razor bumps are known as, pseudofolliculitis barbae (1) which are the razor burns, another itching on the skin. Pimples, acne and other kinds of bumps after shaving effects the looks as well. However, some of these razor bumps also develop permanent scars over face or body.

Razor bumps can also be effect legs, hands, underarms, private parts, etc. There are various symptoms for razor bumps are:

  • Rashes.
  • Redness.
  • Swelling.
  • Itching.
  • Burning Sensation.
  • Small Red Bumps.
  • Tenderness.

Classification of Razor Bumps

Well, razor bumps are classified into two types. These are:

  • Extrafollicular Razor Bump.
  • Transfollicular Razor Bump.

Who is More Prone to Razor Bumps

Men are more affected by razor bumps as compared to women. The principal reason is that men shave daily especially on the face. Facial skin is very sensitive, so it causes razor bumps on face. A current surveyed from American Academy of Dermatology found that approximately 78% of men are prone to some shaving irritation, razor bumps or rashness. However, another survey published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology claimed that males with curly facial hairs face almost 50 times more razor bumps problems than those with straight haired ones.

In fact, it is also said that men with black skin have to bear more scars which cause razor bumps if not treated well. This is however noted that black men should understand the prevention and cure for razor bumps are they are more prone to it.

Causes of Razor Bumps

Shaving is the leading cause of razor bumps/burns. The right shaving technique can help you to reduce bumps and injuries. Below, are the few causes of razor bumps:

Shaving against the hair grain: This is one of the standard ways to get ingrown problems, razor bumps, and burns. Shaving with wrong procedure causes razor bumps. Using razor against the hair grains near the skin leads to cuts, rashes, and cracks.

Skin is pulled: Closeness with skin while shaving leads to skin pulling or cuts which also causes razor bumps.

Multiblade cartridge razors: These not only cause razor bumps but also creates inflammation, irritation, and swelling. The closeness of such cartridges razors with hairs trapped them between which often causes pluck irritation and blisters.

Say no shaving: Dermatologists suggested that those who are prone to the side effects of shaving should avoid or not to shave on a regular basis. If the skin is too sensitive avoid using razors or shaving creams as they also have chemicals.

Pressure while shaving: There are plastic razors available in the market which are considered as lightweight while shaving often creates razor bumps as due to force applied over skin to trim hair beneath the skin.

Shaving with electric trimmers: Often electric trimmers can produce razor bumps, skin irritations, etc. The sharp left ends of hairs after using trimmers leads to razor bumps. In fact, if the face is not entirely cleared, it might cause destructive itchiness or rash by bacteria, which inflicts razor bumps.

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Precautions and Preparations

It is always suggested to soften the skin to open the skin pores, to do this you can shower your body with mild/hot water. Never skip a set of using some essential oils and lotions as the can softens the skin layer and hair as well. Oils and lotions protect skins from rashes, bacterias which lubricate skin for smoother shaving. It locks moisture which prevents hazel free shaving effects.

Reuse of blades: Using the same blade for many shaves can germinate skin problems and razor bumps too. Changing of blades or using one time razors benefits not only the skin but also give smooth shaves.

Home Remedies to Razor Bumps

Shaving regularly causes skin irritations and frustrations with burning of razor bumps. Hairs that are beginning to grow or still left often destroys the freshly razored face look. Uneven shaving tools and chemical products mainly cause the red bumps over the face. Razor bumps are painful spoilers for men smart appearance.

Despite many after and before shave products to reduce razor bumps, there are home remedies to cure such ingrown hair razoring problems. We have mentioned few of the natural resources to get right of it. These are:

Aloe Vera

aloe vera

We all are well aware of the health benefits of Aloe Vera as best home remedies for skin, eyes, liver, etc. In fact, many companies are now claiming their Aloe Vera addition in their products, but god knows if they had or not. However, the best is if you have an Aloe Vera plant at home. You can just cut off the leaf and take out the fresh aloe gel from inside and treat it on the face to get rid of razor bumps and skin problems.

If you don’t have aloe plantation at home, you can choose a natural brand product in the form of aloe gel or lotion to treat over razor bumps, but this is quite risky as those products also hold chemicals, colors, and fragrances.

Hot Compress

hot compress

For this, you need hot water and clean cotton puffs/wools. Put those cotton balls in hot water and press it with soft hands on your skin, this will open the pores. This warm compress will help you out to treat your skin mildly before shaving.

Witch Hazel

witch hazel plant

This is scientifically known as Hamamelis Virginiana; a plant knows for its antiseptic benefits to treat skin and its problems. Witch Hazel is the natural astringent that helps in reducing inflammation, acne, blackheads, pimples, rashes, toner and more. You can find the natural products of witch hazel in the form of cream, lotion, gel, and oil. Usage of this natural skin care herb over razor bumps/burns is beneficial to reduce redness and skin irritations.

Hydrocortisone Cream

Well, hydrocortisone (2) is the anti-inflammatory steroid that is a boon for skin problems like redness, itching, rashes, razor bumps, etc. This is widely used in soaps, creams, lotions, gel, oils, and other cosmetics to treat sensitiveness of skin. It heals and manages skin issues to an adequate extent.

Lemon Juice


Lemon is well known for its citric and acidic nature, which prevents bacterial and other injections. Ingrown hair follicles often lead to razor bumps on the skin which need effective treatment, so the natural usage of lemon juice on it will reduce itchiness, burning effects and other problems simultaneously.

Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil

This is the naturally occurring antibacterial component which fights against many health problems including skin. This is potent and strong so needs little diluting before applying over skin and razor bumps.

White Tea

white tea

Natural and pure white tea (3) bags are one of the excellent helpers to get rid of razor bumps and other burning effects. As white tea holds tannic acid, it works as the anti-inflammatory agent. You need to use white tea bags after wetting them in water, then press it on the affected area of the skin to cure redness, rashes, and swelling caused by razor bumps.

Natural Oils

essential oils

As we have said above that using essential oils and lotions will help you to soften the skin layer, this will prevent to create razor burns. Oils like coconut, olive, almond, avocado, etc. are good fighters to treat skin rashes, razor bumps, and other problems.