Learn Getting Rid of Razor & Bikini Bumps

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

An issue which haunts us all and one which never seems to let go and always holds us in its clutches. Razor Burns never ceases to exist in our lives; it’s a nightmare dealing with them. Any average human being, in my opinion, should certainly know how to deal with them because if you can’t get over something, you must learn to deal with it, right?

Razor & Bikini Bumps- What Are They?

They can be explained verbatim; they are bumps that caused due to the effect of shaving. Not necessarily by using a razor, although, the terms suggest so, it can be agreed upon that they are caused by blades even. They are observed after a shave. Hence, it makes sense that careful precaution must be taken before one. Let’s take a look at the symptoms so that they can be prevented in the future.


The causes as we explained briefly before did not go into the roots of every single process, following are some of the popular ways they are caused.

Shaving Technique: We can’t stress this enough to make you understand how important it is. The way you shave matters a lot, make sure that the direction is right.

Type of Razor: A look at the razor you’ve been using can determine how potentially hazardous it can be after the shave. Always remember to use newer blades as they tend to be sharper and more efficient.

Distance Involved: The distance at which you shave matters as well. You need to be conscious when you shave. It is best to avoid close shaving as it removes the hair from the skin completely Be extremely aware when buying modern razors as they offer more close up shaving than the razors which were in existence before.


Formation of Bumps: It is the most common symptom of all, the establishment of a pimple like bumps on the skin after a shave, followed by itching and burning.

Itching: Itching tends to happen after a small period of time, notice how intense the itching is and make sure to apply any skin cream if necessary as they help reduce the irritation.

Pain: Itching often accompanies it, pain tends to last longer. It is more intense than itching; ointments are highly recommended if it lasts longer than 15-20 minutes.

Redness of skin: It is a symptom which is not something to be very worried of, redness can happen to anyone with sensitive skin. But if one’s skin isn’t necessarily sensitive, then it is advised to apply skin creams such as Aloe Vera after a shave.

Prevention of Razor and Bikini Bumps

Prevention is better than cure, shower more than once a day if you have to. Use face creams and hand sanitizers, remember your body is your temple. You need to see it as a temple & give it the same respect you give to a temple; it’s as simple as that.


It makes sense to take care of oneself not just before a shave or a wax session, but all the time. Just like how you’re asked to apply oil regularly, so it acts as a lubricant. The same can be said regarding hygiene. It’s a necessary fuel that makes your hair proper and steady to grow.

  • Using a conditioner helps to moisten the surface as it is prone to heat and irritation after a shave.
  • Use more natural substances such as Aloe Vera as they are more effective and also cheaper than shaving creams.
  • Washing with hot water helps soften the pores and also gets rid of dirt, thereby preventing bumps all over.

Shaving Process

The way the process is done before shaving matters a lot. It is highly recommended to wash your face thoroughly and then using a lot of foam for men & proper lubrication for women. Points such as the following are crucial in efficient shaving:

  • Use pre-shavers to add another layer of protection as this help moisturize the skin and makes the hair stand straight and not curl.
  • Shaving the hair in the direction of growth is the best way of shaving to prevent razor burns.
  • Properly patting the skin after shaving to let the pores settle down.
  • Any aftershave or face cream can be applied for freshness and relaxation of the skin.
  • Apply coconut oil after a shave for proper moisturization.
  • Taking proper care of your equipment such as shaving brush can stop bumps as they are prone to get affected by bacteria.
  • Finally, use cold water to wash the face as they close the pores on the skin and doesn’t allow bacteria to swell all over the face.

Miscellaneous Tips

A tip to avoid bumps is also to prevent shaving, as funny as it may seem, bumps are caused when shaving is done excessively. With men, it is more because they shave more often than women. Another would be to take caution of the clothes you’re wearing. Different people have different bodies, and the one with more heat tends to have more bumps. So wear something breathable, especially in summer.

For women, it is advisable to start shaving at the bikini area first rather than last because that’s the blade is sharpest at the first time of use rather than the last. Apply Aloe Vera or anything equivalent to achieve a clean skin tone.

Sidelines on Razor & Bikini Bumps

The overview of the bumps provides an idea of how they’re formed and how they need to be dealt with in case of the formation. It is important to note that shaving isn’t the only way that bumps are caused. The use of tweezers create bumps as well, and in the case of women waxing is a disaster as they often tend to form bumps over the body.

Statistically and scientifically, it’s been proven and observed that men are more prone to develop bumps rather than women because the skin of men is not as delicate as that of women.

With men, African men develop more bumps because of how sensitive their skin is. The gene factor plays a role in this as well. People with curly hair are often affected by the phenomena; curly hair tends to grow inwards thereby causing bumps.

Razor & Bikini Bumps – An Experience

As unavoidable as it can be, bumps aren’t the end of the world. Remember that it’s only a test that shows the mistakes you’re making and how you’re not supposed to do them. It even shows you where you’re making those mistakes, best to consider them as a life experience. Except you’re going to be dealing with them now and then, unfortunately.

It’s easy not to make mistakes when you form habits, and it’s reasonably comfortable to get used to the right way of doing things. For instance, you can’t learn cycling without falling. Similarly, you won’t know to shave right, unless you cut yourself, fall, cut yourself, stand up and learn from it, make sure not to repeat the same mistakes.