Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Wyoming

Bridger-Teton National Forest, West Wyoming

This Bridger-Teton National Forest is the third largest National Forest when it comes to counting its area outside Alaska region. This National Forest is widely spread in the area of over 3.4 million acres of land and is the home to most of the wild animals. If you want to explore the wildlife from the closet, then you must visit this place. This Forest is one of the largest parts of Yellowstone Ecosystem. You will be surprised to see the different varieties of species, especially in the summer season when the wild animals can be found in abundance here.

Buffalo Bill Center of the West, Cody

Buffalo Bill Center of the West, earlier called Buffalo Bill Historical Center is a historical Museum cum library center. This Center consists of 5 Museums and a library displaying the historical culture of the Americans who lived in the western section.   This Center was incorporated in the year 1917 and was built to preserve the rich history of Colonel Buffalo Bill Cody. He was a renowned bully hunter of his time. You can visit this Museum to see mind-blogging artifacts of this legend.

Bighorn Canyon National Recreational Area, Wyoming

This Bighorn Canyon National Recreational Area was incorporated in the year 1966. After the completion of Yellowtail Dam, this Park was constructed. If you want to go for trout fishing, you must visit Afterbay Lake. This lake is situated just below the Yellowtail Dam and is a perfect place for duck-viewing, geese-viewing, and many other animal-viewing. If you are taking your family on a recreational tour, you must include this area in your trip to give a perfect vacation time to your family. On reaching this place, fishing, camping, hiking, and many other recreational sports can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Casper City, Natrona County

Casper City is the second-largest city after Cheyenne, the capital city of the state. If you want to have a glimpse of the old western portion of the state, then you must visit this city. For the families staying in Wyoming, Casper is one of the family-friendly cities to grow up your kids and relatives. If you want to go for fishing, you can visit the North Platte River and hunt for the best fishes. There are golf courses, theatres, and many more area where you can refresh yourself.

Devil’s Tower, Crook County

Devil’s Tower is a must-to-visit Monument that attracts most of the tourists who come to visit Wyoming State. This Monument is one of the eye-catching sites that was incorporated in the year 1906 by Theodore Roosevelt, The President of the United States who served the nation from 1901 to 1909. Visit Visitor center to get information on how this Monument was built? The boundary of this giant Monument is spread in the area of over 1,347 acres of land. Many of the tourists attempt to climb the Monument using traditional techniques as well.

Grand Teton National Park, North-west Wyoming

This National Park is mostly known for the Teton Mountains ranges. It is one of the favorite spots of tourists who come to pay a visit to Wyoming State of the United States. Teton Mountain Ranges are more than millions of years ago and were formed due to certain deformation in the Earth’s crust that resulted in the formation of these peaks that go up to the height of over 12,000ft. Grand Teton, Highest Mountain Peak rises as high as 13,770 ft above the sea level. You can enjoy watching wildlife in abundance here.

Hot Springs State Park, Thermopolis

The name of this place itself attracts tourists who like Hot springs. Water flows at a temperature of over 135 degrees Fahrenheit that makes it a perfect bath place for getting relaxation. This Hot Water springs from Big Spring is moderated to a constant temperature of over 104 degrees Fahrenheit and then sent to the Bath House to make it fit for the tourists. There are indoor and outdoor pools available for the visitors. You can choose any pool according to your comfort zone.

Jackson Town, Wyoming

Jackson Town or sometimes called Jackson Hole is one of the famous towns in the Wyoming state. This Town called “Jackson Hole” gets its name from its location. Jackson Town is surrounded by high-rising mountains from all of the sides.  This Town is situated at the height of over 6000-ft. When you visit this city, do not forget to take your family to George Washington Memorial Park. There are several multi-cuisine restaurants where you can order food according to your taste and needs. If you are visiting this place in the summer season, then you can go for hiking, riding on the back of the horse, rock climbing, and many other sports activities.

The University of Wyoming, Laramie

The University of Wyoming is a top-rated university situated in Laramie. The Geological Museum of this University will take you back to the pre-historical days. There are multiple displays of dinosaurs and fossils that your kids might have studied only in the textbooks. Get your kids to this Geological Museum and give them a chance to explore the life of dinosaurs and the history related to them. You will be shocked to see the 75-ft skeleton of Brontosaurus dinosaur that is the main highlight of this Museum.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Yellowstone is one of the oldest and perhaps the first National Park that takes you closer to the wildest of wild areas on this Planet Earth. You can see herds of American Buffalo freely roaming around the nature area. Not only this, there are many more wild animals like swans, Eagle, bears, and wolf, etc. This National Park was incorporated in the year 1872. Hiking is one of the famous outdoor sports that most of the tourists love to do when they reach this Park.

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