Places to Visit in Tripura

If you are looking forward to visiting the fantastic Tripura, then you have landed on the right piece of information. Check for the places in the state which are worth watching out for. All the places in the guide are well connected with modes of transport. Therefore, you will not find any problem in enjoying your journey to the fantastic places. The famous tourist places in Tripura are as follows:



This is a hill having an ancient Shaivite temple which lies on huge rocks. This makes it genuinely magnanimous to look at and is located at Kailashahar in Unakoti district of Tripura. The temple here is highly visited by Shaivites which has numerous sculptures. This hill is also counted amongst the wonders of India.

The rock on which this temple stands is known as Kala Pahar and also has a mountain the sides of which are carved with images made of stone. This place is considered to be an archeological wonder with unique charm.

Ujjayanta Palace

ujjayanta palace

This place is a museum which is located in the Palace compound in Agartala. This was formerly the royal palace of Tripura and also served as a state assembly building. This place looked glorious and was established in the year 1901. If you want to explore how Tripura was in olden times, the artifacts in the palace will give you a glimpse of that.

As a historic place, this is an excellent place to visit. As a centerpiece of Agartala, this is a beautiful palace having the carvings which look exotic.

Tripurasundari Temple

Tripura Sundari Temple

This temple is situated in the ancient city of Udaipur in Agartala, and it is deemed as the holiest Hindu place of worship.The presiding deity of this temple is Maa Kali, and the main Sanctorum is of reddish black stone. This temple is located on NH-44 in Matabari in Tripura.

This temple is made in Bengali style of architecture and dates back to 500 years. Udaipur was formerly the capital of Tripura which lost its sheen in the later times.

Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary

sepahijala wildlife sanctuary

To explore nature more closely, this wildlife sanctuary is indeed worth watching out for. The location of this sanctuary is in Bishalgarh which is in Uttar Charilam in Tripura. This sanctuary is spread over an area of 19 km. You will find here flora and fauna in various varieties, the birds here are residential and span to around 150 species.

Most famous features of this sanctuary are that you can look forward to bird watching. You also need to check out the timings which will vary based on the festive occasions.

Rudrasagar Lake

rudrasagar lake

This is a significant water body in Tripura, and it is located in Melaghar. This is considered to be the main attraction of the state which attracts numerous tourists on a regular basis. This lake also has a palace which was built by Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore. You can also take boat rides on the lake which are quite pleasant.

This lake is also known as Rudijala and holds the international importance of being a wetland in India.

Neermahal Palace

Neermahal Palace

This is the palace, which was built by King of Tripura named Bir Bikram Kishore. It remains one of the most highly visited places in the country. This is indeed a fairytale mansion, which is surrounded by Rudrasagar Lake. In the olden times, this palace served as a summer retreat for the kings.

A most surprising feature of the palace is that the restroom of the king lies in the middle of the lake. This is the most striking feature attracting numerous tourists.

Jampui Hill

Jampui Hill

Jampui Hills is in Tripura and has an average altitude of 1000 meters above the sea level. This hill range is at a distance of around 200 km from the capital of Tripura. So you can reach here by cab. Enjoy the sights here, which are full of greenery all around. This hill range is also known as the eternal hills of springs.

Therefore, look forward to the climate here, which is pleasant in many ways. The landscapes here are charming thus look for the hills to make enjoyable your hilly visit to Tripura.

Jagannath Temple

Jagannath Temple

This temple looks grand in its construction and is in the form of a magnificent palace. This temple is located in Ujjayanta palace, and primary deity of the temple is Lord Jagannath. This is a 19th-century temple which was built by Maharaja of Tripura, Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya. This temple has a rich cultural heritage in the state which is worth watching out for.

The Architecture style of this temple is remarkable in many ways with its octagonal base. This makes the Jagannath temple quite famous across India.

Heritage Park

heritage park

Located at Gurkhabasti in Kunjaban in Agartala, you can watch out for visiting this park on your travel tour to Tripura. This is a nicely maintained park and is considered to be the prime attraction of the state. This park also has miniatures of Tripurasundari temple and Neermahal, all of which are primarily places of tourism in the state.

If you like to spend a quality time with your family, then this is the site you should pick. The park is indeed lush green therefore enjoy the visits here.

Deo Tamura


This place is located in Agartala on the banks of Gomati River. This is primarily known for the rock-cut sculptures with the carvings of the primary deities of Hindus. You can visit this place to see the old carvings of Lord Ganesh, Shiva, and Vishnu. There are many more statues which you can visit to know more about the culture of Tripura.

You can have a fantastic journey to the state if you know which places to go for. This guide intends to shortlist the places which need to be the top priority of your visit. You can also visit many other places too, but the above ones are a must visit.

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