Top 10 Best Places to Visit in North Carolina

Lake Lure

When you plan to travel to North Carolina to enjoy your vacations to the fullest, do not forget to visit Lake Lure Town. This beautiful town was established in the year 1927. Soon after its establishment, the town acquired Lake Lure and hence got the name “Lake Lure” Town. This beautiful spot shares a history that is over hundreds of years old. You might have seen this town in many of the Hollywood movies as well. Have you ever watched the movie called The Thunder Road? If yes, you might be familiar with this town and the lake as well.

Chimney Rock State Park

Chimney Rock State Park is maintained and owned by North Carolina. There are lots of hiking trails that give tourists multiple opportunities to go for hiking. This Park gets its name from the Chimney Rock that is over 90 meters long. You can easily reach this rock and have a glimpse of major sites of attractions of this park. You can either use elevators or go to Chimney rock via stairs. Although new, this park has become one of the major sites of attractions in a very short time.

Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Great Smoky Mountain National Park is an easy to reach National Park that is amongst one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. This National Park can be easily visited while seeing different East Coast cities. Not only this park is famous for its easy accessibility but also the wildlife and the natural sceneries that this park has for the visitors. On visiting this National Park, you will see black bears in abundance.  There are many more wild animals that would leave you captive. You can spend one full day here.

Outer Banks

This is one of the most visited places by the people who come to find peace and comfort in North Carolina. Outer Banks is less crowded and will give you memories that would last with you even after your holidays get over.  It is the first Beach that Americans invented in North Carolina. This place is a complete bank of islands that would make your summer vacations the most chilling one. Once you reach here, you will award yourself for paying a visit to this place.

Bryson City

This city shares a rich history with the Native Americans. It was during the Native Americans’ time when this town was incorporated, and the Americans lived here for over 14,000 years. This town looks appealing to the tourists and all thanks to the bigger mountains that surround it and increase its beauty to a considerable extent.  This place is best suited for river rafting. If you want to make your trip, the most adventurous one, go for River rafting to experience ultimate fun and excitement.   This city is famous for many more locations like Great Smoky Mountain Railroads, etc.

Hanging Rock State Park

This Hanging Rock State Park was incorporated in the year 1930. Since its inception, this park has given several outdoor activities to the tourists including swimming, fishing, canoeing, camping, picnicking, and much more. There is over 29 km of easy to reach the trail that can be easily accessed by the beginners and the professionals as well. Not only this, you will see some of the great waterfalls that would make your summer holidays the most memorable one. We must say this is a lovely park that must be visited by every tourist who plans to travel to North Carolina.

Grandfather Mountain

Grandfather Mountain is a perfect place for hiking lovers. This place would take tourists closer to the natural beauty of North Carolina. You may see wildflowers on your way to this Mountain. There are more chances that you find an owl when you reach Grandfather Mountain. Guided Tours or we call then nature experts are there to assist you in your journey towards the mountain. You may Visit Grandfather Mountain Nature Museum to know more about this place.  You will find different gems, species of birds, and many more things when you reach this Museum.

Nags Head Town

One of the busiest towns that have ample of beaches and dunes to attract tourists at the first instance. This town is loaded with beautiful beaches and dunes that won’t let you go from here. If you are looking for a peaceful place to find comfort and a relaxing atmosphere, then you must include Nags Head Town in your travel to North Carolina. The best way to see the natural beauty of this town is to reach Ridge State Park of Jockey. This park shows you the best view of Nags Head Town.


Asheville Town is said to be the best places of destinations for the tourists who come to visit some of the major sites of North Carolina. At the center of this Ashville Town, you will get multiple of boutiques.  Visit these boutiques to see how locals create and utilize their skills to maintain the culture of this town. There are great restaurants where you can eat the delicious food of your choice.  This town is a famous location for hosting many of the award-giving ceremonies as well.


The Largest city in the North Carolina state and the second-largest city in the United States when it comes to comparing this city with the other southern cities in the United States. If you are a newlywed couple and you are looking for some romantic place to visit in North Carolina, then Charlotte is a must to visit place for you. There are lots of restaurants where you can have the food of your choice. You can relax while listening to musical concerts, visit cafes, and have complete fun. Charlotte is one of the preferred destinations of the people visiting North Carolina.

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