What Causes Sores in My Nose?

What Causes Sores in My Nose?

Sores in your nose

The nose is a very delicate part of the body that requires special attention for normal breathing as well as for avoidance of problems in inhaling and exhaling in our day-to-day life. In normal circumstances, human beings are unconscious of their nostrils until one feels irritation that leads to discomfort. Nostrils can also turn to be itchy. To ease the itchy nostrils, one has to pick them but when touched one feels the presence of bumps that are quite painful and discomforting. Questions start ringing in our minds due to these complications.

Nasal sore refers to the inflammation of air cavities within the passages of the nose. The inflammation may lead to bumps in the nostrils. The air cavities appear to be swollen and sometimes reddish due to more blood accumulation in the blood vessels around the area. Moreover, the air can also be itchy. The irritation may urge one to pick the nose, but too much picking may induce more pain and discomfort or even lead to bleeding.

What causes nasal sores?

Nasal sores and its causes may vary from one person to another because people are different in one way or the other. In many cases nasal sores may appear as a result of;


The main reason why most people suffer from nasal sores is due to the allergic effects from exposure to some substances. For instance, there are those individuals who are allergic to cold whereas others have allergic reactions to exposure to chemicals or different types of spray in general.  The nasal skin is very susceptible hence its response to various chemical components may lead to nasal irritation then resulting in the development of nasal sores.

Dry Nostrils or Dry Environments

In cases where the weather is hot and dry, air cavities may turn out to be dry. The drying up effect makes the nasal skin uncomfortable. On picking ones’ nose, it could lead to cracking, therefore, causing the appearance of sore. These sores will lead to swelling, and if the condition worsens, it may even result in bleeding. Dry nostrils could also occur when the nose is exposed to too much air conditioning in a house especially on hot days.  Nevertheless, too much wind can cause drying of nostrils.

Having a Cold

When you have a nasty cold, and you keep blowing your nose all the time, it results in irritation of the soft tissue in the nostrils. These soft tissues may tear hence leading to the development of sores in the nostrils.

Pulling out of the Nasal Hairs

Cutting down or pulling out the nasal hair may lead to an infection in the nose. Pulling hair can leave a crack in the nasal skin. This crack may lead to infections and if not treated in time may lead to sores.


It may be astonishing, but it is very accurate that one can develop nasal sores when exposed to an individual with the herpes simplex virus.

Nose Trauma

Picking your nose forcefully, using sharp objects or hitting your nose may cause trauma hence damaging the nasal skin causing bleeding. Nasal sore is created therefore one has to be careful and should take care of the sore until it disappears

Exposure to Drugs

Inhalation of drugs through the nostrils will irritate the nasal skin; this irritation may be much worse on the sensitive skin causing strain on the nasal cavity resulting to inflammation of air cavities in the nose.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Circumstances where nasal sores are so disturbing, persistent, accompanied by fever and spreading of the sores infection, one has to seek medical attention. During diagnosis, otolaryngologist, a nose specialist may explore signs and symptoms you have encountered for a better examination and judgment of what kind of treatment to be offered. If the situation is chronic, several tests may be run just to check possible causes of nasal sores for a useful methodology for treatment.  Because of this it easy to treat nasal sores once the cause has been identified.  After the process of diagnosis, the following treatment methods may be taken:


Nasal sores are treated through doctor’s prescriptions using prescribed antibiotics and anesthetic ointments and creams that helps accelerates healing process the sores. They also fight against bacterial infections and reduce the itchy feeling, pain, and discomfort. For instance, if an individual is diagnosed with the boil, antibiotics is preferable.

In circumstances where a person is diagnosed with or is likely to be exposed to the herpes virus, an individual is administered with antiviral to fight against the herpes virus preventing further sores on the nostrils.

In cases of exposure to allergies, one is given allergy medication that is to be taken to calm the allergic reactions and prevent the sores from worsening. Whenever an individual opts for this mode of treatment, he or she should seek medical advice first.

Avoiding Allergens

Allergens are substances which can trigger an allergic reaction. As discussed earlier, one of the causes of nasal sore is allergic reactions in the nose. An individual is supposed to identify what he or she is allergic to for one to get rid of nasal sores resulting from allergy. Even if one is on medication but does not keep off from substances triggering allergic reactions, all is in vain.

Use of Ice Cubes

ice cube

Sometimes ice cubes can be used as a treatment for nasal sores. If ice cubes are placed on the swollen area around the nose, they tend to reduce the swelling. Therefore, ice cubes lessen the inflammation of air cavities.  Moreover, ice cubes aid in reducing pain.

Drinking Water

In instances where nasal sores have been caused by dryness of the nose, drinking enough water can be the solution to nasal sores. Water aids in dealing with dehydration in the lining of the nose.  Water does not only deal with all sorts of dirt but also aid in ensuring that skin is clear. These properties of water make it be used as treatment methodology for nasal sores.

Home Remedies to Treat Nasal Sores

Avoid Picking Your Nose all Time

Nasal sores may be present just for a few days if adequately handled they disappear. To ensure that nasal sores go after a short period, one should not pick the nose too much because it may continue to worsen the sores. If one has to pick the nostrils then do it gently with clean hands.

Proper Hygiene

To pick your nose to ensure that your hands are very clean to avoid exposing the sores to more infections. Just like open wounds, nasal sores exposed to infections. An individual should ensure that he or she always has a clean handkerchief when cleaning your nose at all times until the sores are gone.

Ensure that Your Inner Nose is Cleaned

Sores present in the air cavity may produce pus or even bleed whereas there is the presence of mucus too. An individual should ensure that he or she cleans his or her nostrils with warm water gently to remove the dirt present hence reducing infection and creating room for the sores to recover quickly.

Drink Plenty Water

Dehydration of the body may damage the skin, and this includes the nasal skin. Drinking plenty of water helps moisten the nasal skin and keeps the skin free of toxins that may cause sores.

Avoid Exposure to Allergic Substances

In cases where using certain sprays affect your nasals due to allergic components present, one should thoroughly avoid or stop using the sprays. This method reduces the chances of having the nasal sores. If an individual cannot avoid the allergens completely, then he or she should avoid frequent exposure.

Vitamin C Consumption

vitamin c

Eating a balanced is essential for good health, but in cases where one has nasal sores it is advisable to consume more food and fruits with vitamin C. Supplementing meals with vitamin C helps in fighting with the skin infections from becoming worse and also helps in maintaining healthy skin. Moreover, vitamin C also improves and strengthens the immune system of the body hence helps in fighting some symptoms nasal sores present.

Use of Petroleum Jelly or Saline Spray

vaseline and saline spray

Use petroleum jelly or saline spray to keep nostrils moist. It helps in fighting with the drying effect of noses due to dehydration. In the case where water is not readily available to deal with dehydration, this home remedy can serve as an alternative. However, one has to keep on applying the jelly.


Nasal sores are usually very discomforting, and to some extent others are painful. This makes it impossible to ignore any form of nasal sore. This article review has pointed out treatment methods as well as home remedies available to get rid of nasal sore. An individual should first identify the cause of nasal sore so that he or she can choose the best home remedy for him or her. If the condition of nasal sores worsens despite the use of home remedies, one should seek medical attention for diagnosis and treatment. Drinking enough water, good nose hygiene, as well as consumption of foods rich in vitamin C, are preventive measures one can take to avoid nasal sore.