Natural Ways to Make Your Periods Come Faster

Posted on Updated on 4 November, 2017

There are various reasons why one might want to make her period arrive faster than usual. The chances are that you have a sports day around the time of your periods and you want to be to the best of your fitness. Period often comes with a host of symptoms like nausea, feverishness, fatigue, etc. which can make one feel less than ready to participate in active sports. In Hindu religion, women sometimes prefer to accelerate the arrival of their period to be able to participate in an auspicious occasion. This is because traditionally they may not be permitted to enter temples or participate in religious ceremonies if they are menstruating.

In other cases, many women simply wish to accelerate the period just to regulate its timeliness. At different points in a woman’s life, she can be affected by delayed periods or irregular periods. This is medically known as oligomenorrhea. It could be caused by a sudden weight loss, a lifestyle change, a medical condition or an unwarranted stress amongst others. An irregular period can hamper a day of swimming on a rare sunny day! Unpredictable periods might ruin a night’s adventure or a spoil a vacation with messy tampons and sanitary napkins!

Safe Ways to Pre-pone Periods

Here are some safe ways with home remedies to make your period come faster –

Balanced Diet

balanced diet

Sometimes, gaining too much of weight can make you unhealthy. It can also affect menstruation, making them less frequent or delaying their arrival. So, if you have been gaining some extra pounds, it is a good idea to shed those off with a leaner but healthier diet. This is also true for too skinny women who need to get back in a healthy shape for a regular flow of periods. Women with excess fat cells have too much estrogen circulating in their body. On the other hand, skinny women lack enough estrogen to support menstrual cycle. Thus, excess or lack of estrogen can cause the menstrual cycle to function abnormally.

The first step to regulate your period through a healthy diet is to reduce the consumption of sodium. Too much salt in the body causes fluid retention and worsens menstrual bloating. Eat foods rich in carotene to usher in the periods faster. Consume peaches, carrots, spinach, apricot, mustard, eggs, pumpkin, and papaya amongst others.

Turmeric and Jaggery Water

Turmeric and Jaggery water

Turmeric and jaggery are known to increase the body heat and this lead the menstrual cycle to complete itself much faster. Follow this quick recipe and drink it for an earlier menstruation. Dissolve a teaspoon of powdered jaggery and half a teaspoon of powdered turmeric in a glass of water. Drink this mixture 1 to 2 times every day for a couple of weeks before your expected date of the period.


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The stalks and leaves of celery contain apiol. This natural substance is excellent in stimulating the contractions in the uterus. Plus, the herb as a whole is also known to stimulate the blood flow to the uterus and the pelvis. This is thought to stimulate menstruation as well. Drink the juice of fresh celery once every day to induce an early period.



Parsley contains two substances called apiol and myristicin which stimulates the uterus and induces the monthly cycle. It has been used for the purpose for centuries. You can drink parsley tea twice every day to induce an earlier menstruation. You’re daily, however, should be 6 grams in total, be consumed in doses of 3, 2 grams each time. Boil 6 grams of dried parsley leaves in 150 ml of water to make this medicinal tea.

Fennel Seeds

fennel seeds

If you drink this fragrant tea every morning on an empty stomach, you are sure to have an early period. Also, this tea is excellent in regulating periods and in inducing a healthy flow. Stir in 2 teaspoons of fennel seeds in a glass of water. Keep this water covered overnight, allowing the fennels to infuse the water. Drink this first thing in the morning.

Carom Seeds

Carom Seeds

Make a medicated concoction of carom seeds and jaggery for a faster period. Moreover, this concoction also relieves menstrual cramps. Boil a teaspoon of carom seeds in a glass of water. Also, mix in a teaspoon of jaggery powder. Drink this liquid the first thing in the morning every day for your periods to arrive earlier.



Papaya is yet another natural home remedy for preponing your menses. The carotene contained in the papaya stimulates contractions in the uterus and also the hormone estrogen. This causes an early period. You can either eat freshly cut ripe papaya or consume fresh juice of the fruit. Start eating a cup of papaya juice or a bowl of freshly cut papaya every day since two weeks from the expected date of periods.

Aloe Vera

aloe vera


The juice of aloe vera is a potent emmenagogue. Cut the leaf of an aloe vera plant and squeeze out its gel. Combine this gel with a tablespoon of honey. Eat this mixture before having your breakfast. Doing this on a regular basis also regulates the menstrual cycle.

Coriander Seeds

Coriander Seeds


The seeds of coriander are loaded with emmenagogue properties which make them an excellent home remedy for ushering in the periods early. Boil a teaspoon of coriander seeds in 2 cups of water. Let the water simmer until it just reaches half its original volume. Strain to remove the seeds and drink this medicinal liquid thrice a day. Do this about a couple of days before your expected date of menstruation.


If you are in a real hurry to pre-pone your periods, drink the juice of fresh pomegranate. However, you need to begin this routine 10 to 15 days before the expected date of your menses. Drink pure or organic pomegranate juice thrice every day. You could also mix in sugar cane juice in 1:1 ratio and drink this juice four times daily.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are known to induce a lot of heat in the body and in this way, it also induces a period. Consume it every day starting 15 days before your due date of periods. You can have a teaspoon of these seeds mixed in hot water. Do this twice daily. Alternately, eat a teaspoon of fried or plain sesame seeds combined with honey. Do this two to three times every day, and you will have your periods early.


Indulging in sex is probably the most pleasurable method of accelerating the arrival of the period. Sex boosts the blood flow to the genitals. This stimulates contractions in the uterus. Plus, the hormones in the male semen soften the cervix and further stimulate uterine contractions. This triggers the fast arrival of menses.


Heat relaxes the abdominal muscles. This, in turn, stimulates the blood flow in the uterus which induces a period. To have your periods earlier, start bathing in warm water every day starting at least two weeks before. Alternately or additionally, you can use warm compress in the stomach area so that applied heat can relax the abdominal muscles.

Vitamin C

vitamin c

Vitamin C is an emmenagogue which can usher in the period much early. Vitamin C is thought to thicken the lining of the uterus which induces menstruation. Many believe that eating food enriched with vitamin C or taking vitamin C supplements can induce contraction in the uterus and trigger menstruation. The daily dose of vitamin C is 60 mg. You can also eat broccoli, citrus fruits, tomatoes, peppers, papayas and leafy vegetables to get your vitamin C.


While exercise is good for general health, a little extensive workout can call your periods earlier. However, avoid overdoing it though as it can have rather opposite effects. Doing exercise on a regular basis keeps your body healthy and also regulates the timely arrival of the period.


What most of us know about contraceptives is that it can stop conception. Oral pills can help you to get faster periods and to take the contraceptives at the same time will ensure that you have lighter periods.


sliced pineapple

Pineapple is known to speed up the arrival of the period. Pineapples contain a substance called bromelain. This softens the lining of the uterus and aids in shedding it. Include pineapple in your regular diet will ensure you have early menstruation.