Natural Ways to Kill the Effects of a Cold

Natural Ways to Kill the Effects of a Cold

A cold is a messed-up virus caused by certain germs that enter your body. Mostly, you may get this cold from somebody else, or you may simply get it by not properly observing the weather. I can tell you for the fact that nobody likes to have this sickness not even if you get to be chilling at home for a week or two. There’s nothing I hate more than a cold, and every time I get one, all I want to do is get rid of it. Mostly, people usually hate that nastiness that is accumulating in the nose. It can mess you up in many ways. So, today, I’ve managed to come up with a way to suppress or get rid of the effects of a cold.

This will be a mixture of honey, a lemon and ginger. What you will do is, put 3 cups of water in a boiling pot. After that, cut two slices of the lemon and add it to the boiling water then wait for one minute. After that, add a teaspoon of honey into the boiling water then cut a small piece of ginger and put it in the boiling water. Wait until the water boils entirely. After it has finished boiling; you need to take out the pieces of lemon and the piece of ginger. In this, you will have formed the honey concoction. All you’ll need to do is take this every day, and it will kill the effects in one-week maximum. What happens is that the concoction opens your throat and part of your sinuses allowing you to get some air into your system. On the first days, it will stop the coughing. But on the last days, everything will be clear.

Honey works as an anti-bacterial thing which helps as a cough suppressant. This will assist in the clearing of the throat which is the main thing that leads to the clearance of the sinuses. Now, when the throat is clear, you can breathe and get some air into those lungs. The nasty mucus in your throat is very dangerous because of the bacteria it contains. Who knows? You might end up swallowing it, and it can be a real problem for you pal.  Therefore, honey is a vital ingredient in the concoction.

Now, ginger is also important. It’s like honey’s partner in this task. What it does is assist the immune system and, helps in relieving any pain you may have or even cold-induced nausea. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent for the throat. If your throat is inflamed, you will always feel uncomfortable everywhere you go and, nausea is the most annoying thing if you ask me. You will have the worst feeling ever and more importantly, the immune system. This is the most important part because it is what ensures that you are protected against diseases. Therefore, Ginger is another important ingredient. I call it the additional element.

Lemon juice also assists the honey in the clearing of the throat.

Now, it is important to know that your sleeping posture is also very decisive on how fast this remedy will work. You have to sleep in a vertical position, laying on your back. Place your head on a pillow and tilt your neck backward. This will force you to face up. This helps in the clearance of the sinuses by allowing it to flow down to your throat. The concoction will assist in clearing it, and the honey will remove the bacteria making you entirely clear. You will be very comfortable when doing whatever you do. If you have a serious cold, just follow this. It will guide you.