Natural Home Remedies for Baby Teething

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

Your kid is teething when his primary teeth begin to germinate within the gums. The first teeth, also known as primary teeth evict from baby’s gum, this is the first sign of baby teething.

Teething is usually irritating for both mom and toddler. As teeth may sprout with no difficulties, but some may find it very frustrating and problematic. Your kid probably experiences itching in gums, pain, inconsistent feeding sleeplessness, heavy salivating, drowsiness or crankiness as your baby’s first white cap is ready to grow.

When Does Your Toddler Start Teething?

When toddlers become 5- 6 months old, they begin to grow their first tooth. Most of the toddlers develop their first tooth before the time, while some get their first tooth after one year. In few cases, toddlers first tooth is perceptible at the time of birth. Your infant’s teeth begin to grow while he is inside the womb. Baby’s teeth usually visible in any sequence, but their primary teeth start with the bottom two teeth, upper middle two teeth and then they begin to germinate from sides and back.

Symptoms of Baby Teething:

Some toddlers do not face any problem in teething, but some of the babies experience discomfort while teething. The most likely symptoms of baby teething are-

  1. Your kid may probably refuse to chew if the pressure or soreness of their teeth germinating is too strenuous to tolerate.
  2. Your baby usually fuss at night when he feels pain in his mouth because of teething. This is notably habitual for kids to cut their primary tooth while teething.
  3. Teething is a process full of pain. It can probably make your baby awake whole night.
  4. Most of the kids try to bite objects, fingers, and moms to get relieved from the pain and itching under their gums.
  5. The Most common symptom of baby teething is salivating. You may observe that it is required to put a piece of cloth or napkin on your baby regularly to clean baby’s face. You need to apply moisturizer on your skin and baby’s skin as well to prevent from discomfort. Salivating is not threatening if your toddler is coughing or choking due to saliva or spit. You need to place spongy sheets on baby’s bed to hinder rashes.
  6. Babies usually rub their face when they do not feel comfortable or able to bear soreness.
  7. The soreness of the jaw moves to the ear canal. It may cause infection in the ears.
  8. Prior a new teeth sprout, it can cause swelling, redness, and is quite itchy in gums. Most of the time, the gum erupts with the appearing tooth, if you can convince the toddler to open mouth properly.
  9. If your kid feels soreness from teething, it can make your kid cry more and irritable.
  10. Pain, irritation and puffy gums may make feeding painful for your toddler.
  11. While baby teething, you may also observe fever in children under 100 degrees. However, excessive saliva may cause coughing, rashes, and chafing.

What are the Natural Remedies for Baby Teething?

Following are the natural remedies for baby teething-

Reduce Inflammation

Redness, swelling, rashes from teething can restore nerves that source soreness. Decreasing inflammation can relieve your child’s pain.

Moderate Inflammation Diet

Foods like potatoes, flour, yogurt, and cream can source inflammation. Give your child proper fruits, vegetables, pastured meat and healthy fats like eggs, coconut, butter that enhance your toddler’s health and reduce pain, irritation swelling, and redness.

  • You should give plenty of juices and purified mineral water that helps your baby to cure inflammatory disease.
  • Convince your child to drink one glass of juice every morning.
  • Consuming white foods like yogurt, butter, curd, milk help to cure pain in gums and reduce swelling.
  • Try to focus on your toddler’s diet, which would relieve your baby from aches, tiredness, and frustration.

Balance Blood Sugar

Give proteins, healthy fats and whole foods instead of snacks to balance blood sugar. Prepare healthy carbohydrates like glucose, cellulose, lactose, and starch to lower stress and stable blood sugar level. Fruits like pomegranate and beetroot help to make hemoglobin in blood and also contributes to purify the blood.

  • You need to give pomegranate and beetroot juices to your baby for proper circulation of blood in his body.
  • Try to convince him for drinking oral rehydration solution, glucose and other healthy fluids that can enhance the blood sugar in his body.
  • You can also give your baby the combination of honey and milk that may enhance the blood sugar in his body.
  • Give your toddlers proper amount of fluids every day on a timely

Reduce Tension

Convince your toddler to do enough rest, breastfeed properly and consume healthy foods to reduce anxiety or stress.

  • Give your baby significant amount of white foods like yogurt, butter, and milk that can contribute to reducing tensions.
  • Healthy fluids like orange juice, papaya juice, and vegetable soups work more efficiently to reduce
  • 8-9 hours of sleep a day is necessary for a baby who usually helps baby to heal irritation.

Strengthen Immune System

Some of the parents have observed fever and cold in the baby while cutting teeth. Boosting immune system can help your baby to stop dealing with a dual illness or sickness.

Continue Breastfeeding

Breastfeed usually contains antibodies that help your toddler fight with viruses, infection and other bacterias. Breastfeed helps to strengthen toddlers immune system.  It also lessens the risk of having an inflammatory disease like swelling, redness, tiredness and several other diseases such as asthma, diarrhea, etc. Toddlers get antibodies and proteins from breastfeeding which assist them to enhance their immune system.

  • Usually, six months of breastfeeding are necessary for a child to get rid of any disease.
  • Breastfeed makes the toddler’s body energetic and active.

Provide Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays a vital role to increase the level of the immune system. Toddlers can take vitamin D liquids to level up their immune system.

  • Consumption of vitamin D products and fluids helps to strengthen the immune system and balance hormones in a child’s body.
  • Vitamin D contains calcium that strengthens muscles and bones of your toddler.
  • Vitamin D is just more than a vitamin. It is a fat-soluble vitamin helps to get rid of various diseases.

Give Probiotics

Give probiotic to your baby which helps to enhance the overall health of your child. Probiotics usually energize your child’s body and make him active as well.

Cold and Pressure

Cold and pressure is an excellent remedy which contributes to insensate the area and reduce pain or discomfort. It provides coolness in toddlers gums and makes baby relieve from severe gum pain and swelling.

Chilled Veggies and Fruits

Chicken Vegetables and fruits are usually the best remedies to overcome baby teething. Frozen vegetables and fruits are very much helpful for babies to get relieved. Consuming chilled vegetables and fruits helps your child to cure teething and pain in his gums.

Cold Spoon

A cold spoon can help baby to relieve from pain in gums. Cold spoon makes your child feel relieved from pain and itching. It usually makes your child happy.

Frozen Clothes

Give your kid washed or frozen clothes to chew them. Frozen and child clothes often reduce pain and itching in the gums. It also helps to reduce irritation and frustration as well.

Natural Teething Biscuits

Artificial chewing biscuits helps to reduce pain. First, freeze those artificial biscuits or objects in the freezer and give them to babies to chew them and feel relieved.

Teething Toys

Soft wooden and fiber toys help out babies to reduce itching, irritation, and frustration. Let them chew wooden and fiber toys to lower the pain in gums.

Silicone Teething Rings

Fiber objects or rings are usually made of safe silicone and plastic. Babies usually enjoy chewing silicon objects and rings as well. These objects also help them to reduce itching.

Wooden Objects or Teethers

Wooden objects are beneficial to babies but make sure they should be waxed or oiled before use. Wooden objects and Teethers usually attract children and also help them to feel relaxed and relieved.

Teething Silicone Necklaces

Natural circuits or amber necklaces are the most valuable objects to reduce the pain and irritation. Remove amber necklaces so that your baby doesn’t chew them.

Herbal Remedies

Mostly the moms are using herbal remedies to treat baby teething pain, sickness, rashes and redness. Herbal remedies like Rosehip, catnip, clove, and chamomile help to reduce the soreness and irritation.

  • Consuming natural herbs help toddlers cure pain very speedily and swelling in their gums.
  • Give the proper amount of herbs to your baby to overcome teething.

This write up gives you all the necessary details for teething in your child. Care and understand the problems your child faces while teething. Help them by following these simple home measures. It will make their teething easier. Enjoy the best feeling of being a parent.