Mumps outbreak suspected at North Jersey jail as 5 prisoners fall ill

Mumps outbreak suspected at North Jersey jail as 5 prisoners fall ill

On Tuesday, the health officials informed that the test results to confirm if the 5 suspected Bergen County Jail inmates were affected with mumps were still pending, thus resulting in the lockdown of the space.

The Health Department of New Jersey is well aware about 5 suspected cases of mumps at the Bergen County Jail, said Dawn Thomas, a spokeswoman for the health department. The department is currently working along with the local Bergen County health departments on this investigation, Thomas added.

No additional immigration detainees or hail inmates were being permitted to the prison, said Anthony Cureton, the Bergen County Sheriff to the media at a press conference. The authorities were working along with other prisons and courts to house the inmates temporarily. Visits to the inmates were being permitted still but without any direct contact.

For now, the jail is in a complete lockdown position, said the sheriff.

Apart from admitting people having criminal records, the jail also houses the detainees for the officials of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. There were a few conflicting reports related to if the suspected mumps infected inmates were the ones with criminal cases or were immigration detainees.

The cases were observed among ‘general’ inmate population, said James Tedesco, the Bergen County Executive, addressing to these reports.

Notably, mumps is a disease which spreads via direct contact with the saliva or via respiratory droplets. Its common symptoms include swollen jaw, puffy cheeks, headache and fever, as per the CDC.


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